Assembling the 2013 coaching staff (You will like it)

Yes the eagles are failures no matter which way you look at it. Andy Reid will go no matter what because Lurie explicitly told that 8-8 is not good enough. And What do u know? We couldn't even get to 8-8. Anyways Long story short here goes the perfect coaching candidates.

Head Coach: Jon Gruden

-Chip Kelly? Too risky. David Shaw? Doubt that he will leave Stanford. Bruce Arians? I want a younger, energetic coach so I don't want him. Sean Payton? ....Keep Dreaming ain't happening. Yes I know people say that Gruden only won the Superbowl with Tamba with the team the Tony Dungy assembled, but he was able to get the most out out of his players and lead them to win the big one which the Walrus failed to do over the past 14 years. Yes Gruden struggled after assembling his own team but with our team, he won't need to do much. We already have most pieces of the puzzle. This dude is very smart and if you watch MNF he know's what he is talking about. He watched and analyzed so many games that this dude is a freaking genius. Get him and get him now.

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Singletary

- Just watch this press conference of him putting his team above the rest. He wants Team Players.

This dude just flat out knows how to get his guys going. Sure he failed to succeed as a HC but who cares. He breathes and lives defense. He coached the Linebackers all his life churning out Ray Lewis, and Patrick Willis. Two superstar Linebackers. We have that in Demeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks and Singletary will teach them how to hit hard, tackle properly and for the love of god cause a turnover. Jesus christ this defense is allergic to turning the ball over on defense. (The offense is a diff story) He will get his unit ready to play each and every week. You best believe that.

Offensive Coordinator: Norv Turner

Turner's offensive philosophy is grounded in a few simple principles:

a consistent power running game,

an accurate passing game that takes some shots down field.

variety of alignments and an expanded play-action package that feeds off the run game

Tell me You do not want that. We have Bryce Brown and Lesean Mccoy. Our offense needs to be surrounded around the running game and who better than the dude who made Ladanian Tomlinson a hall of famer by abusing him so much in the run game. He is also a terrific QB coach due to him getting Phillip Rivers as a Pro Bowler. The year he was the Chargers o-coordinator, the Chargers were number 2 in rushing. WE GOTTA GET THIS DUDE!

Tell me what ya think my eagles peeps.

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