Eagles Mock Draft 1.0

4-Luke Joeckel(OT).

Big, strong, athletic, basically the New Jason Peters.

Anytime a player of this caliber is available, you've got

to go do it.

Eagles Trade:

DE Trent Cole

Chargers trade:

43rd overall pick

105th Overall pick

(AKA:2nd round and fourth round pick)

Fact is, Cole is a tad bit undersized and getting up there in age. And the Chargers would like the opportunity

to add an explosive player at a position of need.

40th-Matt Elam(SS)

The Eagles badly need Safety help, or anybody not named Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, Elam is touted

as a hard-nosed, physical safety in Florida who delivers vicious hits, and since Florida plays in the

SEC I feel a bit more confident in his profile than I do say in Jarrett's

43rd-Chase Thomas(OLB)

Getting Ryans and Kendricks was a start, but a third linebacker is clearly in order and Chase is the guy

that we're looking for. He's not incredibly fast, but his "nose for the football" means he'll stop the run and make


69th-Desmond Trufant(CB)

Here's a name whose dropping and if he's available here he's the kind of high upside pick the Eagles

need. He's registered 36 tackles on the year, averaging over 3 tackles a game against FBS winning

teams. Even if Washington's been a losing team, this guy's done his part. Of course, at 6'0 he has

safety size, not exactly CB size. So against a tall TE or the Calvin's of the world, he's not

gonna help out.

100th-Landry Jones(QB)

They say scouts have the ability to nitpick more about your game and the longer you stay in college

the more your draft stock will fall. That's certainly the case for Landry Jones, but it's not on the

account of his talent. He has size for the position, he's accurate with the football and he can go

through his reads and progressions. But, when the play breaks down....That's when he forces himself

into bad decisions.

Reading up on him, he seems like a Kevin Kolb-type of QB. Which, as we know is a very good back-up to

have maybe even a Kyle Orton-esque/Alex Smith type starter. With Foles/Jones, we at least have stopgags

until we find The Franchise. No need to make hasty(and payroll-ish) bad decisions.

105th-Gabe Jackson(OG)

Some have expressed optimism that maybe Danny Watkins could succeed as a Guard, rather than a tackle and

maybe he could but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give him competition. At 6-4,320 with 78 knockdowns

this guy is a heavy hitter. He could even move up in the draft, let's hope not. I'd love to get him here.

135th-Ryan Otten(TE)

I said early on in the season(JasonB disagreed), that our wideout options were over-rated. Hey, maybe it

is the way Marty uses them, but Desean's a one-trick pony. Maclin's solid, but nothing special(Doesn't

mean he's not a keeper. He is) and everyone else from Avant to Cooper are simply roleplayers.

Otten at 6'5 runs a solid 4.7 in 40, weighs 245 and he has good hands. This is taking a page out of the

Patriots Playbook for a two-TE System. If we need Celek to help out with the O-Line(hopefully not, after

drafting two Olinemen and our starters returning) then Otten can lineup for us to still give us a TE

Dimension on offense.

166th-Abry Jones(DT)--So, here we are at the 6th/7th round picks. It's here where you take roster

fillers and gambles. And it's a fitting gamble: Cole was a fifth round pick, whose intensity and hunger

let him fulfill his potential. Before getting injured, he was on a monsterous pace with 17 tackles.

Standing at 6'3 and 308 pounds, in a full year last yr he piled up 48 tackles and he has the versatility

to play DE as well.

201st-Aaron Mellette(WR)--I like the kid, I hope he doesn't jump up. At 6-3,218 with a 4.5 40. He either could

be an Avant replacement, or potentially more.

What this draft tried to address: Everything.

Okay, so 4th was rather obvious and we all liked Elam. But as far as me personally, I agree with

Dan. We were small, we were soft and we utterly lacked talent. Chase fulfilled the need for upgrading

size, intensity and clogging the middle of the field. Trufant might be opposite to that, but the hope is

like with Elam and Kendricks, the kid can play. Dawkins wasn't a giant either, but he had a giant heart.

In no way shape or form is that a comparison, but there've been guys in the NFL who've compensated for

their weaknesses to truly become great players in their own right.

Landry Jones is the kind of guy we wanted out of this draft. He has the talent, potential and he's capable of

at least being Foles's back-up. And he has size, mobility and accuracy. There won't be dazzling running

plays from either, but making plays with your arm is a lost art.(Without the turnovers)

Gabe Jackson's a beast, Imagine a line of Jockels/Jackson/Kelce/Peters/Herremans. All of a sudden,

there's size on the O-Line and we won't be pushed back anymore.

Then the final three picks: Otten, Abry and Mellette all have size for their positions and the skillsets

to go with it.

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