The Linc - End of an era


Andy Reid is out in Philly, despite what he built there. | : Mike Tanier Article
It may be hard to remember, but Andy Reid was once a wunderkind coach capable of managing the clock down to the millisecond, his Eagles a team that flew in formation and won games by sweating the small stuff. The Reid era has come to an end.

Reid coaches last game with team that quit on him
On the ring finger of his right hand, as big around as a truck tire and gleaming in the camera lights, Andy Reid wore the Super Bowl ring he won long ago as an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers. It isn't wildly uncommon for Reid to wear the ring, but he doesn't put it on for every game, either. In the past, he has used it as motivation for his team, a prize for the players to behold, but on this day it caught the light defiantly.

Time for Eagles to clean house, starting right now
They made it easy. With their atrocious farewell performance here Sunday, the Eagles removed any doubt about what needs to be done. It starts with the dismissal of Andy Reid, obviously, but it should not end there. If Howie Roseman is going to remain in charge, as it appears, then he should start general managing immediately. Before the close of business Monday, Roseman should cut ties with a handful of the players most closely identified with this horrendous season.

The end of the Andy Reid era: 5 causes
Remember when Michael Vick appeared poised to lead the Eagles on another Super Bowl run? Here’s how the Eagles fell so far so fast

Players praise Reid following final loss
Following their 42-7 blowout loss to the Giants, Eagles players expressed their love and respect for Andy Reid.

Andy Reid's winding journey with Eagles nears end - NFL - Michael Rosenberg -
The Philadelphia Eagles will fire Reid next week. This hasn't been announced or reported; it is just understood. I understand the reasons for it. The Eagles are 4-11 after going 8-8 last year, and in the NFL, that usually gets a man fired. Reid's time has come, and it's hard to fault the Eagles for wanting to try something new. Everybody moves on. Football is not life and death.

Bill O'Brien of Penn State Nittany Lions eyed by NFL teams -- sources - ESPN
As NFL owners and executives revisit the success of college coaches at the pro level, Penn State's Bill O'Brien may be on more short lists than Oregon's Chip Kelly and that would include the Browns and Eagles, according to league sources.

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