Mock Offseason - Final

This is my final off season mock, I'm sure I'll do a few mock drafts and what not again when the draft is closer though. I feel everyone is tired of this season and just wants it to end. Me too.

Head Coach - Chip Kelly - I'm still on this bandwagon, I like the idea of a new ingenious offense being brought to the NFL and it would be cool to see it work. If not, then it can't be worse than throwing the ball 50 times with a patchwork OL and 1 stud running back getting less than 20 carries a game and a RB with a ton of potential needing the garbage carries for experience getting 5 a game. Kelly is a winner, and a competitor of the highest standard, I want that kind of attitude running my team. Failure wont be accepted around him.

Offensive Coordinator - Joe Lombardi - QB coach for the Saints the last few years, that Drew Brees guy has looked pretty good for a bust, too small, from San Diego. I don't credit Lombardi for this, not even half of it, but he has been around a winning standard high powered NFL offense and would be a good compliment to Chip Kellys offense.

Defensive Coordinator - Mike Singletary - Have you ever heard the words soft from a defense connected to him? Ya me either.

Free Agency - I don't think Phi really needs to dive into free agency and go on a huge spending here. I think we may need to grab one or two average to above average names, but nothing 2011 like. Lets go ahead and look at our due to be free agents.

Re-sign - DRC (very cheap only), Akeem Jordan, Jon Dorenbos, Colt Anderson

Don't Re-sign - Daryl Tapp, Derek Landri,

Release - Disastrous Bell, Jamar Chaney, Dion Lewis

Restructure Contracts - Nnamdi Asomugha - Not at all worth the big contract he signed. Has obviously lost a step, or two, but I can see him doing well with one, or two, safeties who know how to do their job and help him.

Free Agent Additions

FS - Dashon Goldson - I don't see 49ers willing to put up what he thinks he is worth, by obviously not signing an extension offered to him this offseason. He's playing under a franchise tag and would require a second to stay in San Francisco, and he's not worth it. That being said, nobody will pay him what he probably thinks he's worth, but I hope we pay a little more than most. Instant upgrade to Nate Allen and has a familiarity with Mike Singletary.

OG - Ryan Lilja - One year, vet type contract. Let him compete with Danny Watkins, Jake Scott for RG spot on our OL. Regardless, whoever looses would be decent depth which is our main need on OL.

Trades - Only one trade, and that's our 4th overall pick to the Bears for their 1st, 2nd and 5th round picks. We have more holes than most want to agree and need the draft picks, as well as the Bears are desperate to protect Jay Cutler. I believe they would be willing to move up and grab the best OT in the draft.

Round 1 - Matt Elam - SS - Florida - Physical, Hard hitting safety. Has massively improved his stock in the draft and with Tommy Lawlor over at Igglesblitz comparing him to weapon x. He has my attention. SS is easily our biggest need, and the best (Kenny Vaccaro) in the draft will not be available by the Bears pick.

Round 2 - Tyler Bray - QB - Tenn - Personally, this is my favorite QB in the draft, he has a bad rep for having an attitude, sense of entitlement, and his stats are bad this year. I blame the stats on a ton of dropped passes and a terrible defense though. I believe in an NFL setting, and the right coaching he can turn it around and be a great starter. Let him compete with Nick Foles for starter.

Round 2 *Bears Pick* - Kyle Long - OT - Oregon - Chip Kellys guy, might be a bit of a reach here, but between rounds 2-4 the OT talent is a bit mushed. Long is a quality OT prospect though, and would compete with Dennis Kelly for backup RT spot, or starter if Toddfather has progressed since being hurt.

Round 3 - The Honeybadger - Everything - LSU Rehab - Dynamic playmaker, can return kicks/punts, special teams ace who loves to strip the ball, great in zone defense and man to man but very small. I think his off the field issues would go away with quality personalities around him (Nnamdi/Demeco) and with a no nonsense defensive coordinator. I have him projected as a slot/dime CB or free safety. The fun a creative defensive coordinator could have with this kid on the roster.

Round 4 - Ryan Otten - TE - San Jose - Competition for Brent Celek. The fumbles, dropped passes, I don't know what his problem is this year.

Round 5 - Sio Moore - OLB - UConn - Play maker LB, good in coverage, great against the run. His production fell off a bit at end of the season so I got him going in the 5th now. Can compete at either side of a 4-3.

Round 5 *Bears Pick* - Marquess Wilson - WR - Wash ST - great red zone target with solid hands. Was projected a 1st rounder until kicked off team and had so many issues. reading rumors he won't even be on some teams draft boards. I think he's worth a shot and a gamble in the 5th round, as high as I personally would value him.

Round 6 - Blaize Foltz - OG - TCU - More depth for OL, We can't keep signing and cutting Vandervelde.

Round 7 - Dan Giordano - DE - Cin - DL Depth, with us cutting Tapp might need some fresh legs on roster/PS.

Round 7 *Colts Pick* - Quinn Sharp - P/K - Oklahoma State - Averages 45 yards a punt, Mat has been terrible this year, and hard to ignore the versatility of Sharp. If Henery ever went down we'd have a decent backup already on team in another position.

So there you have it. Love it or hate it I don't really care. Was fun to write and think up this shit.

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