Eagles Draft Watch: Star Lotulelei

Yeah, it's been a while since I posted one of these, but here is a guy I am giddy about. Star Lotulelei. Before y'all say "Waah" not another DT, please look at him and see what wonders he'd make to our team. For example, look at the effects Ndamukong Suh and especially Gerald McCoy are having on their team. Look at McCoy specifically, he's made a terrible run defense turn into the Number 1 run D in the NFL, and helps mask a terrible pass defense. I think Star is even better than McCoy, and with him and Cox, imagine the 1 on 1's our D-Ends would have.

Star vs USC:

  • 0:06 Star's reaction time there caused the low snap, that will never be seen on the stat books
  • 0:22 AGAIN, caused another fumble, that will not be seen on the stat books!
  • 0:55 That stop shows what Lotulelei would do to our rush defense
  • 1:28 That was a bad jump off the snap, but recovers to stuff Silas Redd in the backfield
  • 1:51 I did not expect Lotulelei had any chance of tackling Marquise Lee, but he did
  • 2:22 He got manhandled there
  • 2:46 Look how he manhandles number 59 and causes the pressure,throwaway, lucky for the Utes pass D
  • 3:03 Gets blocked well by Colin Holmes(78), but comes back to assist on the tackle
  • 3;36 Look at that jump off the snap, he has a quicker reaction time than most defenders in the NFL.
  • 4:00 Got triple teamed there
  • 4:14 Double teamed, should have shown some more effort, but make no mistake, Star works very hard
  • 5;03 Triple teamed, nearly ate the heart out of all of the guys who blocked him
  • 5:12 The way the middle was stuffed, USC was lucky they didn't run over the center
  • 5:37 Star was too aggressive, cost his team 5 yards
  • 6:03 Close up on the Double teams Star Lotulelei has received
  • 6:20 Forced Barkley to get rid of it quick, did anyone LOL at the "OWWUH!" at 6:24?
  • 6:35 One of the rare occurrences Star was completely out of the play
  • 7:14 The refs should have called an illegal hands to the face on Colin Holmes, but what else could he do?
  • 7:27 Look at that burst right there, wow.
  • 8:04 Lotulelei showed immense strength right there

Star vs BYU

  • 0:00 Already a quick burst
  • 0:12 Questionable Hands to face call
  • 0:54 Double teamed out of the play, yet still comes back and makes the third down stop
  • 1:30 Look at the strength of his arms, with one hand he brings down the ball carrier
  • 1:49 Forced another pressure
  • 2:08 This is how having a fast reaction time helps, the tip brings out the punting unit
  • 2:40 Having a quick reaction time helps Star sniff out gimmick, option plays, he would help against San Francisco,Washington and Carolina.
  • 3:01 The ball carrier was too shit scared to say hi to Star, that was vicious.
  • 3:27 that tip was JJ Watt-like
  • 4:35 The combination of speed and power can cause that stuff
  • 4:58 Probably was blocked in the back there
  • 5:06 The BYU O-Lineman could not handle Lotulelei at all
  • 5:23 Forced another pressure,too easy
  • 6:13 A blatant double team on Lotulelei
  • 6:26 Destroys the ball carrier and forced the fumble
  • 6:57 Was double teamed,still forced the tickle for loss
  • 7:10 The only criticism I have on that is that he didn't get the sack
  • 7:45 If he forced that pressure in the NFL, thats picked off
  • 8:34 Forced a pressure that led to an overthrow on a near TD pass
  • 9:44 Did you see that burst on that goal-line stand?
  • 10:24 Guess who blocked the game winning field goal?


  • Size: 10/10 perfect size
  • Athleticism: 10/10
  • Burst: 10/10
  • Reaction Time: 10/10 I want to say 11/10
  • Power: 10/10
  • Maturity: 10/10
  • Finishing Ability(Getting as many sacks on pressures,adjusted for DT's) 8/10
  • Vs the run: 10/10
  • Amount of attention drawn by OLineman: 10/10
  • Effort: 9/10

Graded 97/100 He is the top player coming out of this years draft for sure with little argument.

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