Low Key Coaching Candidates

The Eagles are will start to clean house from top to bottom. The first firing will be as everyone Andy Reid. Then it will be Marty Mornhinweg and Todd Bowles. Marty just does not know how to call plays for this offense, this offense is way to unbalanced. Todd Bowles is doing just flat out terrible. I'd rather have Juan Castillo back then have Bowles as defensive coordinator.

So there are big names connected to the Head Coach vacancy that will be available. People like Chip Kelly, John Gruden just big name guys. I will give you low key candidates for all 3 of the coaching vacancies.

Head Coaches:

Mike Zimmer: Zimmer has this defense playing good the past couple of years. It's ranked 8th in pass defense and 12th in rush defense. Also no one rarely scores on them. He should have gotten a Coaching job after last off season. I think this year he will be considered for several coaching job.

Jay Gruden: The younger Gruden brother has made a name of himself in several football leagues like AFL or UFL. I think he could probably be a better coach than his brother. He had a rookie Quarterback and Wide Receiver and made them one of NFL best Duo just in their rookie year. Dalton and Green are already having a better season than last year.

Gus Bradley: This Seattle defense is a top 5 defense and has really improved from last year. They are ranked in the top 10 in almost all the defensive categories. I'm pretty sure he will be getting a couple interviews for a head coaching job somewhere this off-season.

My Pick: Out of these three candidates i will choose Jay Gruden to become the Head Coach. Because of his success in this league and two other leagues as well.

Offensive Coordinator:

Clyde Christensen: Christensen is the Quarterback coach for the Colts and has done really good with Andrew Luck. Also he was the Offensive Coordinator for a couple years when Peyton Manning was there and he did a pretty good job.

Russ Grimm: Russ is an Hall of Fame Offensive lineman who has several Pro Bowl selection and several Super Bowl victories. He also coached under Bill Cowher and Ken Wisenhunt who are to good coaches. I think he can also be a plus for this offensive line.

Glenn Thomas: Thomas is the Quarterback coach for the Falcons. He joined them when they drafted Matt Ryan and ever since his rookie year Matt Ryan has been a stud. But this year Glenn Thomas was switched to Quarterback coach this year and Ryan's is having the best year of his career.

My Pick: For this coaching spot i couldn't pick between either Russ Grimm or Glenn Thomas.

Defensive Coordinator:

Richard Smith: Smith has a pretty impressive track record. Richard has a pretty good Linebackers in Carolina and i think that their underrated. Smith has had the 6 different Linebackers make the Pro Bowl even our very own Demeco Ryans. Richard Smith was the defensive coordinator for the Texans for awhile. If hired Demeco Ryans will be reunited with his Defensive Coordinator.

Pepper Johnson: Pepper has been a defensive line coach for a couple of years they were really good. But this Pepper was moved to Linebacker Coach and the linebackers are doing pretty good.

Todd Wash: Todd has been a good Line coach for the Seahawks. The line is fast and uses there hands real good. He and Gus Bradley haved worked with an Hall of Fame coach in my opinion Monte Kiffin in Tampa Bay. So he would know how to run a defense.

My Pick: I would pick Todd Wash because i think he will make the defense more aggressive especially the defensive line.

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