Way to early Offseason Mock.

Pretty much in a fit of rage and frustration this year I feel like doing an offseason mock for this year. This is more of a dream scenario and what I want to happen than a reality. I agree this is entirely way to early and if I saw somebody do this I'd probably want to tell them they're fucking retarded too. I honestly can not remember a time when I was this disappointed with the Eagles in my entire lifetime as a fan.

First things first, the coaching situation. We all believe firmly unless Reid runs the table and gets to at least the NFC champion game he won't be back next year. I believe he has about a 1% chance of that actually happens, and truthfully, I have pretty much wanted Reid gone for the last few years. He's a great coach and I love him for all the W's he's put in the win column since he's been here, but enough is enough. I believe most of the coaching staff gets fired, but I'm too lazy to put in the effort to put in safety coaches, OL coaches and what not.

Head Coach - Chip Kelly - Originally I was on the Jon Gruden or Sean Payton kick until last night I read a post by Tommy Lawlor over on that pretty much convinced me I want Chip Kelly more than a high school boy wants to taste a female. He could be a hit or miss, honestly I'm not sure what he brings. I know that watching that Oregon offense and imagining what he could do with the speed we have already would be crazy and exciting. Vick would probably get another year in this scenario. The only assistant coach I would suggest would be to bring in Dawkins as a DB coach.

Offensive Coordinator - Joe Lombardi - Joe Lombardi deserves a promotion, comes from a fantastic offensive background in New Orleans and has been coaching one of the best QBs in the league for a few years now. Think he deserves a shot here.

Defensive Coordinator - Mike Singletary - Notice something that the SF defense and the Vikings LBers have in common? Everyone likes to hit and destroy everyone. Whats the biggest problem with our boys on defense? Stephen A. Smith - "Soft as cottonelle"

Free Agency - I don't think Phi really needs to dive into free agency and go on a huge spending here. I think we may need to grab one or two average to above average names, but nothing 2011 like. Lets go ahead and look at our due to be free agents.

Re-sign - DRC, Akeem Jordan, Jon Dorenbos, King Dunlap, Colt Anderson (RFA)

Don't Re-sign - Daryl Tapp, Derek Landri, Mardy Gilyard, Matt Tennant

Release - Disastrous Bell, Jamar Chaney

Restructure Contracts - Nnamdi Asomugha - Not at all worth the big contract he signed. Has obviously lost a step, or two.

Free Agent Additions -

Dashon Goldson - FS - I'm not ready to give up on Nate Allen, that's not what I'm saying here. But I'm down to bring in some serious competition at the position and Nate can not stay healthy. Nate Allens contract isn't high enough where Allen can get stuck as a backup/situational player and not punish this teams cap either.

Vontaze Burfict - LB - Just kidding ...couldn't help myself here.

Dallas Clark - TE - Has looked very good as a situational player for the Bucs, bring him in kind of like how we did last year with Donald Lee. Just some vet competition for Clay Harbor.

I'd also be willing to bet on the vet offensive linemen or two, no names really come to mind. Just about anybody out there can be better than the depth we've had so far this year.

THE NFL DRAFT - This is where I actually know what I'm talking about for the most part. I watch a lot of college football and re-watch games that have players I "like" as possibilities for the Eagles, and watch whatever "tape" I can find on youtube and where ever as well. No, I don't really consider that tape of players, but most of you call it as such. Now, as we stand we are looking at a top 10 pick, so I will mock us as such. Let's just say for shits n giggles, pick 10 on the dot.

Round 1 - Jake Matthews - OT - Texas A&M - Yes, we tap into THAT bloodline again. Hopefully a dinner isn't involved in this one. Matthews is by far the 2nd best OT in the draft, I don't see Joeckel getting past 5 in any scenerio, he's just too good. Eagles offensive line woes are extremely problematic. I think Danny Watkins was a mistake, we move Todd back to OG, bench Watkins, Matthews to RT. Groom him to be the eventual replacement for Jason Peters at LT.

Round 2 - Eric Reid - SS - LSU - Think there is a good chance Reid falls to the early second round. I had him as a top 15 pick before the year started. Not having the best year, and other prospects like Matt Elam, Kenny Vaccaro, and AJ Jefferson are going up boards pretty quickly. Eagles benefit greatly.

Round 3 - Sio Moore - OLB - UCONN - Mychal Kendricks looks to be fantastic and Demeco Ryans is a monster. Lets get a sleeper Weakside Linebacker now. Akeem Jordon is a fantastic special teamer, but a serviceable starter. Good for injuries for a week or two, but not year long. Sio Moore is an absolute play maker, all over the field. He'll be talked about more closer to the draft I garuntee it.

Round 4 - Marcus Davis - WR - VT - Here's your red zone offense. Fuck off Riley Cooper/Marvin McNutt, good luck comparing to this guy in training camp. 6'4, good not great speed. Here's the key though, uses his height to catch the ball at the highest point.. not his body like Cooper.

Round 5 - James Ferentz - C - Iowa - More OL depth. Dallas Reynolds is not the answer if Kelce should go down for even 5 minutes again...

Round 6 - James Wilson - OG - Florida - More OL Depth. Though I like what I saw from Menkins when he was on the Texans and would like to see him play a bit before I think PHI needs to add more OGs.

Round 7 - Devan Drane - CB - Cincinnati - CB depth, and a great special teamer. We seem to hit gold with the late round draft picks from Cincinatti

Round 7 (from colts)- DC Jefferson - TE - Rutgers - More competition to Clay Harbor, 6'6, a massive redzone target.

So I know there are some key elements most of you won't agree with. I believe Vick deserves another year, he's behind a completely crap OL riddled with injuries and managed to slow down his turnovers quite well. I don't even blame him for the Celek/Drop Pick 6 in the redzone. I think all in all Phi has a pretty dam solid roster, the coaching is just complete shit. Nobody is held accountable, nobody fears for their job or to be benched aside from Vick/Reid. Go ahead Iggles, let the flaming begin.

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