Mid season look at the Eagles cap for 2013 and potential FAs

Hello all.

Back in June, I wrote this piece about the Eagles cap before the season began. Back then things was ALOT different then they are now.

The four most important numbers right now are next years salary cap, Eagles total salary for next year, dead money for next season and the amount of money they can carry over:

All numbers below are from and are for the 2013 season

Total Salary 138.062.037
Salary Cap 121.000.000
Subtotal -17.062.037
-Dead Money 1.058.788
Cap Room -18.120.825

As it can be seen, before any cuts, trades, signings or carryover cap from 2012, the Eagles are $18 mill below the cap. Right now the Eagles have approximately $21.7 mill in cap space for the 2012 season. All of that can be carried over. giving the Eagles around $3.6 mill in cap space before any moves are done.

The Eagles have a slate of some high priced veterans next year where in my opinion 4 of the are not coming back. Its Vick, Bell, Babin and NA. Below can be seen there salary and dead money if cut:

Cap Value Base Salary Proration Other Bonus Dead $ If Cut
Vick 17.900.000 16.500.000 1.400.000 0 7.200.000
Bell 9.600.000 1.000.000 0 8.600.000 0
Babin 4.445.000 4.225.000 200 0 600.000
NA 15.300.000 15.000.000 0 0 4.000.000

Next season, this four player have a collected cap hit of $47 mill, but as it can be seen there is some dead money involved by cutting em, that amounts to around $12 mill for a total saving of $35 mill if we cut all of the above mentioned players. There is only 2 more players who could save us alot of money and that is Jenkins and Patterson. Jenkins would save us $5.5 mill and Patterson would save us $4 mill.

If we do cut the four players named above and carry over the money for this year, we end up with a total of $38.3 mill in cap space.

This leads me to, what can we use all that money for? My first action would be to sign DRC before FA, but atleast franchise tag him. NFP have some early projected franchise tag numbers here and the tag for DRC would be $10.6 mill, which leave us with $27.7 mill left for FA signings.

Here is a list of all potential FAs in 2013, but before we begin to droll over potential FAs to sign. Its a good idea to identify where the biggest wholes on the roster exist. For me the list goes secondary/QB(pending on Foles)/OL/WR.

From the list of potential FAs CBs, the only name outside of DRC I really know anything about is Grimes, but at safety I would love for us to be able to sign Jairus Byrd and I think a safety like him can be had for around 4-5 mill per year. Leaving us at $23 mill

From the QBs, the only guy I would be interested in is Flacco, but I really doubt Baltimore let him go, so the rest is only potential backups.

The list of OLs and expecially OTs next year have great potential with guys like Long, Clady and Vollmer been potential FAs and I would 100% go after one of them to make a very weak OL into one of the best once Peters and Kelce comes back. We could potential have an OL of Peters/Mathis/Kelce/Herramans(or Watkins)/Long. That OL would absolutely bullish other teams DLs in the run game and should pass protect infinity times better than our current OL. I think one of the 3 named above can be had for around 10-11 mill per year, leaving us at around $12 mill in cap space.

At WR I would love to sign Dwayne Bowe because of his size, he would be the perfect complementary WR to Jackson and we would be able to move Maclin to the slot where he should succeed much better. The WR market is pretty thin this year, but the draft have some great potential and we saw last year that teams aint going crazy over top WRs, so I think a guy like Bowe can be had for around $9 mill per year leaving us with 3 mill left. 3 mill is a bit to little left for rookie and unforseen things, but I do think that both Patterson and Jenkins will either recontruct or one of them might even get cut if the new HC wants to clean out.

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