RANT POST: I hate you Andy Reid, Oh great destroyer of our football team.

Let me count the ways.

I hate the early timeouts. After all these years, it has to be your fault. Keeps happening, different QBs, players, coordinators. 3 minutes into the game yesterday and it's still happening, AFTER 13 YEARS!

I hate your mustache. It hurts my hand when I'm trying to slap sense into you in my dreams.

I hate your press conference attitude.

I hate you saying we need to do a better job there and never following through.

I hate that you put football ahead of your family.

I hate that you moved your offensive line coach to defensive coordinator.

I hate that you let the team let Dawkins go. You had the influence to stop that atrocity.

I hate the way you handled the Vick Kolb situation. Don't take that as me wanting Kolb as QB, it wouldn't have made a difference.

I hate when you run the ball in the 3rd and 4th quarter when you are down 2 scores, yet refuse to run it other times when you should.

I hate that you lived off of the great players Ray Rhodes drafted for you.

I hate your drafts. This is the great destroyer. You said that football is won in the trenches. You should know this, being a former offensive lineman. Yet you can't draft a lineman to save your job. You got lucky drafting trent cole in the 5th round. And don't even get me started on the offensive line draft. You drafted Danny Watkins(1st), Julian Vandervelde(5th), Brandon Washington(6th), Mike Mcglynn(4th), Mike Gibson(6th), King Dunlap(7th), Fenuki Tupou(5th), Paul Fanaika(7th), Winston Justice(2nd), Max Jean-Gilles(4th), Shawn Andrews(1st), Trey Darilek(4th) Calvin Armstrong(6th). Then we have Kelce and Herremans. Uh, thats about 2-16. And yet they still let you be part of the draft???? This is also why we have a garbage man starting a game due to injury and covering Jimmy Graham! And why Dallas Reynolds, an undrafted free agent has to start at center when kelce goes down. And why we had to buy cornerbacks from other teams to play for us! Oh yeah, how about an impact linebacker? Kendricks maybe?? one?!? In 13 years?? Oh yeah and don;t forget all those great trade-ups in the first round, McDougle, Bunkley, even Maclin you could argue wasn't worth trading up for. How about Victor Abiamiri(2nd round) trevor laws (2nd round), Daniel teoneshiem(3rd rd), Jaiquan Jarrett(2nd round), Danny Watkins(1st round)(Gee you would think you woulda known if he had a CHRONIC ANKLE PROBLEM before you drafted him, if that is even true).

***This drafting issue has robbed our team of talent, and we could be a basement team for YEARS because of it.***

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