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Ok... so i know all of you are as mad and disappointed as I am. As bad as last season was, this season has been just as bad. Its been highly frustrating and painful to watch. I am of under the mindset that Lurie needs to burn it to the ground and start over. The offense, O-line, defense, and special teams all suck. There are too many players on this team getting paid for underperforming or flat out failing miserably. The front office has faired just as poorly. If I were the owner, I think its past time to start over.

When thinking about this recently, there were so many problems, it was actually easier to name the people I would keep, rather than naming the people that need to go. I have my list of people that I would keep, I would love to hear your thoughts and your lists of who you would keep.

My List:



Lesean McCoy Desean Jackson Brent Celek Jason Peters Jason Kelce Bryce Brown Jason Avant

Nick Foles Evan Mathis

The offense has a couple of marque players that I would have to keep. Shady is a great back in his prime. Amazing! D-Jax is very good in his role. He stretches the field and opposing defenses have to game plan for him. Brent "The Hulk" Celek is a keeper. Isn't the most talented but makes up for it with his grit and hard work. He's dependable (for the most part) and you know what you can expect from him in games. Ditto for Jason Avant. You need these type of "lunch pail" guys on your team. Jason Peters, amazing LT, No explanation needed. Jason Kelce isn't the biggest or strongest but he gets the job done. Hes a fast learner and a heady player. Evan Mathis is an above average LG. Another "lunch pail" guy. Lastly, I keep Bryce and Nick for their potential to become above average pros. Bryce showed just a glimpse of his potential against the Saints. I think he has the potential to be a feature back if given the opportunity. Nick Foles has the potential to be an adequate or better starter in this league. A little too soon to tell with him based on what we've seen thus far but I'm keeping him.

The rest of our current offense I'm indifferent towards, with the exception of Demetress Bell,..he has to go! Clay Harbor hasn't been bad but hasn't stood out as a "must keep" guy to me. I think Todd Heremens has gotten old and lost a step, or lost his motivation. I wouldn't mind seeing if we can get something in trade for him. Jeremy Maclin,.. although I have been a big supporter of his in the past I am giving up. Every year we expect the big break out year, and every year it hasn't happened. Thats not why I want to part ways with him. I think he lacks the physicality and drive to be great and that will forever doom his potential. I was officially done with him last week when I saw Asante Samuel out-muscled him on numerous occasions. Jeremy...for real...Asante is tougher than you?? Pathetic. BYE!!!


Demeco Ryans Brandon Graham Fletcher Cox Cedric Thornton Mychal Kendricks Vinnie Curry Brandon Boykin David Sims Curtis Marsh

Ok, this group was a little tougher for me. I just see too many players on this D that aren't tough and physical enough, have aged and aren't performing well enough or just don't play with enough football inteligence. I've kept a couple players because I would like to see more of what they've got (David Sims, Curtis Marsh, Vinnie Curry) and I've dropped players for not being physical enough (Nate Allen), playing stupid (Kurt Coleman, DRC), or just because (IMHO) they are old and don't have it anymore (Namdi Asomugha, Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins).

Demeco has been very good this year. Not Patrick Willis good but he's been the best MLB we've had in a LONG time. Kendricks is very physically talented but is taking some rookie lumps right now. Ditto for Boykin. Thornton and Cox will hopefully be our starters for a long, long time to come. I believe next year with more experience they will be an awesome tandem in the middle! Brandon Graham is just warming up. I think he'll be solid to very good going forward. And for Sims, Curry and Marsh I would like to see more of them. I know some will say the lack of playing time for Curry and Marsh is an indictment of their abilities, but this coaching staff has shown they're almost completely lost, I'd like to see for myself.

On the D-line I think Babin, Cole and Jenkins all hit a wall with physical age and ability simultaneously. Either that or they all aren't hungry anymore. Either way they aren't getting the job done and I think its time to move on. Ditto Namdi. DRC is a head case. He's totally unpredictable and makes some real bone head plays that you really have to question both his drive and football IQ. Coleman = Ernie Sims in the secondary. He misses going 100 mph,... ALL the time. Nate misses often, and hes WAY TOO SOFT! If I see him get trucked again I may throw the remote through the TV. Football is a man's sport, Nate needs to go write a book or something.


Duce Staley

Hes the only one I keep because I really like the chemistry he seems to have with Shady. Hes a former player and a former Eagle and I think he is respected. Andy,.. of course, needs to go. I was one of his most ardent supporters but no more. He's lost his touch. Even if he hasn't I think its time for a new philosophy and a new direction. Andy, on behalf of Eagles nation I humbly thank you from rescuing our team from the train wreck of the 1990's, but now I'm afraid we need someone else to save us again. Best wishes and bon voyage! Bobby April, Howard Mudd and Jim Washburn thank you for coming to town, but you all have failed in varying degrees and I would like to go in a different direction. Todd Bowles, i haven't seen all that much of you but what I've seen so far sucks. I'm gonna err on the side of getting a fresh start and have you leave as well.


I don't really know too many of these guys but the scouting/personel guys suck. Our drafts have been a recurrent nightmare for DECADES!!! DECADES!! Let me say it again.... DECADES. Who have been the best Eagles draft picks in the last 20 years? You can name probably 6, maybe 10 guys tops from 92' to present that have been great players. That is a horrible ratio. Howies only gotten one draft right out of three. In baseball thats a good average,.. but this is football. Sorry Howie, you have to leave. I want only true "football" guys that have a lot of experience and a proven resume.

To conclude, i know many of you will or won't agree but I think we all universally understand that the status quo is not the way to proceed. I believe we've tried half measures, and "tweaks" too often during the Reid era and I'm ready to start over with this team. I would rather watch a team of rookies loose game like we have and at least have the hope of improvement, rather than watching experienced and overpaid guys play and coach with their heads up their asses. This team's ineptitude from top to bottom has been extremely frustrating. I want to have fun watching my team playing football again!

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