2013 NFL Draft: The Field QBs pt. 1

(Letting you know in advance, this is a very long post which is why I decided to break it into two parts.)

With the Eagles season officially dead in the water (the loss to the Panthers should have killed any last few notions of this team catching fire and winning out and if it didn't, please seek medical attention or a drug rehab center) the off-season doesn't feel like it could come any faster, which is the normal feeling when people are forced to watch a losing team. With the regular season of CFB coming to a close last weekend, most people are gathering the tapes of this years prospects (barring some conference and bowl games) and are at the beginning process of scouting for the draft.

For the most part, it looks like people on this blog are taking an early study on the ideas and prospects that are coming out this year and have an idea of who they wish (Joeckel seems to be the BGN crush for now). The common perception, and rightfully so, is that their are little to no true world beaters in this draft, especially at the QB position. While I do agree with that sentiment, that does not mean that this draft lacks in talent.

The QB position in this draft (ironically the year the Eagles are picking in the top 5) doesn't possess any run away leaders. There is no RGIII, Andrew Luck, or Matt Ryan (yeah, I said it), however, it is not as bleak as it's made out to be. While not top heavy, this draft will likely consist of a myriad of QBs to pick from who have talent in their own right. Should they be first round picks? No, but that doesn't mean they cannot be successful. With the last few drafts, it has been shown you can find talent even at the QB position in middle rounds (Dalton has found more success than all the QBs drafted before him, Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round and has been just as successful as RGIII and Andrew Luck, Kaepernick has been starting to look like he's found his stride a bit).

I'm writing this post to feature some of the unknown QBs of the draft who could possibly find themselves in a good role on an NFL team. Note: I won't feature the likes of Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, or Logan Thomas. I think most people have an idea of Smith and Barkley since those have been the 2 hottest names all season. Wilson has a bit of an unfair disadvantage with his HC being fired and him having to deal with the abhorrent John L. Smith. Logan Thomas is just horrible (like a poor man's Cam Newton horrible).

This is part 1 of a look at a series of 2013 draft eligible QBs: Tyler Bray, Mike Glennon, Aaron Murray, David Fales, Ryan Nassib, Zac Dysert, EJ Manuel and Landry Jones

Tyler Bray (Junior, Tennessee): Many had pegged Bray to be a sure-fire 1st rounder with his physical abilities and high ceiling. In 2012, he was expected to take that next step that would put him in contention with Wilson as the 2nd QB off the board (at the time). However, that is why the game is played on the field. Bray not only did not take the next step many expected, but went on to show many inconsistencies. He didn't have necessarily a bad year (he finished with 34 TDs to 12 INTs), however, those stats are a bit skewed. He only completed 59.4% of his passes all year, but even that stat gets a bit worse when you look deeper into it. Against his SEC rivals, he only completed 55.6% of his passes and had 19 TDs to 10 INTs. While that's not terrible in itself, against his 4 ranked SEC opponents he only completed 54.1% and had 8 TDs and 8 INTs. Bray hit rock bottom when he was benched by his future ex-coach Dooley in the 2nd quarter of the Vanderbilt game, the final game of his junior season. Its not all lost for Bray, however, he could still find his way into the 1st round because teams may fall in love with his physical attributes and gun-slinger style of play.

Vs. Florida

0:17 - Flick of the wrist pass down the field with little effort. Bad decision to throw into double coverage though.

2:31 - Was a great deep pass.

2:46 - Though it was a quick pass and obvious fade, the placement was good. Where only his guy could get it.

3:46 - Beautiful throw over the top of the defender.

Question about how well he handles pressure. 1st pick and near pick at 4:44 came at the expense of pressure.

When he is for sure has faith in someone being open, he stands tall in the pocket and delivers. When he has to be decisive, he either rushes it or makes a bad decision (or in some cases both).

6:04 - Effortless flick of the wrist pass over the defense while throwing off his back foot (this is gonna become quite common).

7:21 - Perfect ball placement.

Doesn't seem to do well with evading pressure. He looks light on his feet, but plays like a statue in the pocket. When he has a defender coming he constantly throws off his back foot.

Does well in going through progression.

Made many passes that could/should have been intercepted (0:18, 1:33, 4:44, 6:39, 10:43).

Vs. NC State

0:17 - That throwing off the back foot attribute is getting way too familiar.

0:33 - Perfect throw, perfect placement, perfect outcome.

1:30 - Perfect throw, etc.

NOTE: When Bray sets his feet, his mechanics and passing prowess are as good as you could as for.

2:10 - Great throw between 3 defenders.

3:32 - Again, sees pressure coming and throws off his back foot.

4:45 - He got lucky. It's only bad if it doesn't work.

5:32 - Back-footed throw. Granted, he completed it, but still. However, good throw under pressure.

6:30 - Put it out in front and its 6.

7:30 - Pressure. Back foot.

7:56 - Though he was sacked, this is what he needs to do a bit more. Buying time is almost never a bad thing. Needs to secure the ball though. Don't wave it around like a flag.

I may have been a bit tough on Bray in this game. But for the most part, he was on point this game. This was one of his better games of the year.

Vs. Georgia

0:30 - BACK FREAKING FOOT. However, it helps when you have natural abilities I suppose. You can get away with it.

0:48 - .....this is getting repetitive.

NOTE: Though I hate the movements and the way he has completed them. The passes have gotten there quick and on point. That first could have been thrown better though.

1:09 - Bad decision. Didn't see the guy sliding underneath, plus WR had 3 jerseys surrounding him. Hell of a pick.

2:02 - Perfect throw. Over the top of corner. Hit WR not only in stride, but in his hands too. WR has to catch that.

2:32 - Bad decision. Corner didn't bite on the fake. WR saved a INT.

Another recurring trend I see with Bray is the number of passes go over his receivers head. Maybe has to do with 6'4"-6'6" frame and arms strength. Not many worms burners though.

3:51 - Great throw to beat the LB. Just snuck it in there and was the right read.

4:19 - Smart. Live to play another down. Don't force it if it's not there.

4:36 - You can see he immediately notices the 3 guys covering 1 player and doesn't hesitate to make the right pass. TD.

5:18 - Don't like that pass. But he got it in.

5:26 - Could have been bad. Should have went with the obvious read and dump it off to the RB. Tried to force it.

6:09 - Great pass. Outside shoulder around the defender.

6:58 - Tried to direct traffic. It wasn't there. Made the right move.

7:07 - Bad pocket presence here. Did well avoiding the first defender, but should have slid left. Slid into defender.

7:20 - Back foot again, but perfect strike.

7:59 - Panicked when he glimpsed the late blitzer. Bad decision to force the pass. Intercepted.

8:43-9:23 Does a pretty good job of buying time for his receivers to get open.

9:40 - If you feel pressure, protect the ball.

Verdict: If you saw some of those passes. you can see what made NFL guys high on Bray. His strong arm, nice touch, quick release, and size are tantalizing. However, because he didn't take that step he was suppose to it leaves many people in doubt about his mental growth as a QB. Potentially, he has a high ceiling with those passing abilities, but can he grow. He didn't last year. Can he play better in big games against better competition? Bray still has first round skills, but has 3rd round intangibles. But for someone those physical attributes will be just too much to say no to. He'll go no later than the 2nd round.

Mike Glennon (Senior, NC State): The best way I describe Glennon would be a richer man's Nick Foles. Personally, I was never sold on Foles because I thought he was a bit of a product of Juron Criner and a great group of pass catchers, but I digress. Glennon took over the NC State QB reigns when Wilson was released from his scholarship. In 2011, he had a quality season posting 31TDs to 12 INTs and the 4th highest passing yards per game in the ACC. This season, he's taking a bit of a step back with issues coming up about his decision making. He's thrown less TDs to date (30) and more INTs (14). However, he's also attempted more passes this year and currently only 3 more QBs in the NCAA have attempted more passes a game.

When looking at Glennon, the obvious first thing you should see is his size. He's reportedly around 6'5" and 230 lbs. Looking at the game tape, I was impressed with his fluidity and mechanics. He looks the part of an NFL QB with his stature and style. Also, there are many positive reports about his leadership on and off the field.

Vs. Miami

0:36 - Bad decision there. Pass may not have been to bad, but he left his receiver out to dry.

0:53 - Beautiful pass to the outside. Intentional throw behind.

1:13 - Dumb mistake. The snap hit him in his hands. Took his eyes off of it. Should have kicked it out of the back of the endzone. No need to take the hit there or let them possibly recover it.

1:46 - Good pass by Glennon.. WR rounded off his route.

2:06 - Shows good decision making. Can't set up the screen. Throws it away.

2:29 - Perfect pass down the sideline to WR. Hits him in stride even though he's interfered with.

3:07 - Sees pressure. Knows RB is uncovered. TD.

3:41 - Expected TE or RB to at least chip block blitzer. Neither happened. Have to hold onto the ball though.

4:07 - You can see here Glennon's size works in his favor. He easily dumps screen pass over DE.

4:54 - Glennon has a strong arm, but short arms this pass. Plus, it should have been more to the inside.

5:35 - Prefect way to throw a slant. Starts to throw it before the break. Sees no one underneath.

5:49 - Wanted the deep ball. Wasn't there. Purposely under threw it. Good, smart throw.

6:25 - Not enough air under that ball. May not have been open at all, however.

6:41 - Bootleg. Strike. TD.

6:55 - Great pass over the zone CB.

7:38 - Great job of eluding pressure and trying to find the man downfield.

8:12 - Eludes pressure. On the move, throws a perfect strike down the field. TD.

9:05 - Gives you an idea of Glennon's arm strength. From his own 30 to the opponent 17. Perfect throw.

9:27 - Looks threw his progressions. Find the open man. TD.

10:14 - Good pass to the man sitting between 2 defenders.

11:00 - Obvious miscommunication between the WR and Glennon. Wouldn't have been a smart pass anyways. There were 2 defenders in the area. Cost them 7 points in the end.

Vs. Florida State University

0:01 - Shows body strength. Defender can't bring him down.

0:55 - Pass a bit high and behind. Needs to put that out front. (WR doesn't look like he's looking though).

1:05 - Good cross the field pass. Receiver slipped.

1:32 - Not sure I would have thrown that pass. But he fit it in there. Maybe tried to exploit match-up and forced PI.

1:56 - Don't agree with that pass. Receiver was never open. Didn't look anywhere else.

2:05 - Very bad decision. Tried to throw between 3 defenders. INT.

3:04 - Not sure I agree with the decision, but perfect throw against perfect coverage.

3:40 - Good job at not being phased by pressure (however, play negated by holding).

4:07 - Bad decision. Defender underneath and up top.

4:20 - Don't like that back foot throw. Good strike under pressure though.

4:29 - Great pass on the move with in coming pressure.

4:59 - Step up in pocket, delivers.

5:08 - Bad decision. Tried to throw it across body. Almost picked off.

5:52 - Lucky that pass was high. Receiver was not open.

Something I like that Glennon is shown is his ability to look off his receivers and smoothly move through his progressions.

6:37 - Another bad decision. Put pass into good place. However, it was still triple coverage and he set his receiver for failure.

6:48 - Good pass to RB underneath. Let him do the work. TD.

7:14 - Back foot again. Underneath pass so he gets away with it.

8:05 - Again, I don't like the throw, but great placement putting it on the receivers back hip to avoid defender.

9:24 - If defender turns around, that would have been another pick.

9:40 - Good job avoiding pressure and moving around in pocket. Throws strike. Extends drive.

10:30 - Needs to put it in front of WR. However, was PI and should have been called.

10:42 - Bad decision. Its 4th down. Go to the sticks no matter what in this situation. There are times to take the check down and times not to. This was not one of them.

11:28 - As you can see on that same 4th down, he missed a possible chance for a TD by taking the checkdown too early.

11:50 - Not a bad back should throw. WR didn't get his head around.

13:18 - Great throw in a pressure situation. 4th down. Pocket collapsed. Had to make the perfect pass there.

14:11 - Terrible decision. Back foot. Across the body. Into coverage. Very luck it wasn't an INT.

14:33 - 4th down. Game winner. TD.

Very Vince Young-like final drive. Made some questionable decisions, but delivered on 4th down each time.

Vs. University of North Carolina

0:06 - Back foot throw. However, completed.

0:30 - Not really much of an option QB (not really an issue though).

0:50 - Not sure if arm was hit, but bad decision anyways. WR had to play defense on that play to prevent an INT.

1:01 - Great job getting it across the field. Arm strength here.

1:24 - Gotta put it out in front so receiver doesn't have to adjust.

1:33 - Great pass to wide open receiver. TD.

2:25 - Great job moving the LB with his eyes. Good pass. WR has to catch that.

2:38 - Run the same exact play. Same result. Same WR drops it.

2:48 - Great pass over 2nd level. Big gain.

3:05 - Great pass. Outside shoulder. Only WR could get it. TD.

3:27 - Check down. Drop.

3:40 - Drop.

4:32 - Great strike to the inside. Over safety. TD.

4:35 - Drops ball while dropping back. Gets sacked. Fumbles again. Just all bad here.

5:27 - Gimmy TD here. Great arm strength though. From his own 9 to the opponent 37.

6:31 - Sees pressure. Keeps composure. Finds WR along the sideline.

6:56 - Dropped pass leads to INT. Wide receiver was open. Not his fault. Did a good job of beating the blitz.

7:38 - Misses potential big play. Overthrew WR in the seam.

7:51 - Again shows arm strength with across the field strike.

8:15 - Good pass just outside of the defenders reach.

8:50 - Unnecessary sack. Gotta get rid of it.

9:06 - Another dropped pass (that's 7 if you're keeping count).

9:13 - Bad decision here. WR had no leverage on the corner. INT.

9:31 - Good job keeping composure in a collapsing pocket. Able to beat blitz with accurate pass.

10:15 - Great pass down field. Perfect placement. TD.

11:53 - Though it was a back footed pass, it was thrown deep and accurate enough. Receiver stopped running.

Verdict: Glennon's biggest question marks, in my opinion, are his inconsistencies and his decision making. When he makes a mistake, its a forcing mistake. However, I do like his composure and his ability to bounce back. For instance, that drive against FSU where he missed the possible open TD, he came back on and marched back down the field. I do also question his ability to function in high pressure situations (other than that FSU game). He can look great in some games, but just as bad in other games (Vandy and Virginia). Plus he's not much for mobility.

With all that being said, I do think he is one of the more Pro-Ready QBs in this draft. There is no throw he struggles to make and the raves about his leadership give me a bit of confidence in him. He has pretty good pocket presence and definitely passes the eye test for QB specs. I do think he suffered a bit with the loss of 3 of his senior pass catchers from last year as well as losing his starting RB. The HC being fired kind of says something. I would not be surprised to possibly see his name start to appear more in the pre-draft process and because of his specs, its not out of the realm of possibility that he could find himself in the 1st round (especially with the idea of the QBs in this draft), but I think he could be taken somewhere in the mid to lower 2nd. I can't see him going later.

Aaron Murray (Junior, Georgia): SEC fans know Murray quite well. He's enjoyed quite a successful career in wake of Stafford's departure to the NFL. Murray doesn't quite have the physical specs that Stafford has, but has statistically been the better passer. Murray's stature (between 6'0"-6'1") will be a constant red flag to teams, but as recent history has shown, it is possible for short QBs to find success in the NFL (Russell Wilson, Michael Vick, Drew Brees). Murray currently boasts the best QB rating in the NCAA right now (end of the regular season) at a stellar 177.15. He has a career 3.1:1 TD to INT ratio as and only averages 1 INT per 36.7 attempts. For a guy who averages 355 passes per year, that equates to only 9.7 INTs per year compared to 1 TD per 12 attempts and 29.6 TDs a year (on 355 pass per year average). Those are very good numbers.

Murray isn't quite as well known for his array of throws like a few of the other big armed QBs in this draft, however, is just as accurate if not more than many of them. He is best when asked to manage an offense with an array of weapons and is deadly in the short passing games.

Vs. Buffalo

0:12 - Missed a wide open TD downfield. Not bad arm strength on this throw though.

0:28 - Good job of escaping pocket. Resets his feet and throws a strike downfield.

0:40 - Same play. Think he got a bit lucky. Happened to have two receivers in the area.

1:41 - Again, over throws receiver in the endzone. Seems to have good arm strength, but bad down field accuracy.

1:49 - Think his short stature worked against him here. Player was open. Missed the throw over the defender.

1:55 - Not a bad pass. Obvious height difference and tried to exploit it. CB made a great play at the last moment.

2:42 - Good pass. Right in hands. Looks like the receiver had to stutter step for a split second to let the ball catch up. TD.

3:07 - Should have thrown it away. Could have avoided sack. Unnecessary.

3:32 - Got happy feet in the pocket here. Not a fluid throw on the run.

4:18 - Perfect pass. Right in receiver's hands. Maybe he doesn't have deep accuracy issues.

4:40 - Held onto the ball too long. Have to get rid of it. Was forced a bit.

5:30 - Good play to just fall on it. Live to play another down.

5:45 - Tight pass right over defender. Good placement and touch.

6:25 - Good pass. WR ran too deep and dropped pass. Not Murray's fault.

6:30 - Great placement. Great throw. TD.

Saw quite a bit of screens here. I counted 7 including 6 WR screens.

Vs. Vanderbilt

0:23 - Not much of a runner (not that I'm that concerned).

0:28 - Sort of left his RB out to dry. Obviously covered. Big loss.

1:04 - The ball got there and it was a good pass, but it didn't get there with much zip or velocity.

1:28 - Good job throwing the ball short so the WR could get in front and box out the defender. TD.

1:44 - Great ball over the 2nd level of the defense.

Has ability to throw deep balls, but gets a lot of help from short passing offense (many short passes thrown).

2:50 - Not a bad ball. CB made a good play ripping it away.

2:59 - Just out of the reach of the receiver. Game of inches.

3:10 - Good pass on the move. Player has to catch that.

4:33 - Good play. Didn't force it.

4:55 - Good throw to the right man. However, think defender screwed up just as bad. Good job finding second option though as you saw he wanted the TE.

5:20 - Buys time. Directs traffic. Finds the open receiver. Good play.

Vs. Tennessee

0:01 - Good throw to the back shoulder. WR needs to catch that.

0:12 - Ball was tipped a little, but got there. A bit of luck of his side.

0:58 - Tipped ball so I can't fault him. Defender didn't look like he had to reach high. Size issue?

1:30 - Good throw to the outside and short so receiver could adjust away from defender.

1:53 - Should have thrown it inside. Would have been a sure TD.

2:00 - Went to the right guy underneath. Let WR do the rest. TD.

2:25 - He knew he was gonna get sacked. Has to protect the ball there.

3:05 - Bad pass. Good play by WR to fight for the ball there.

3:37 - Good pass on the run. TE was wide open though.

4:18 - Defender gave a big cushion. Murray exploited it. TD.

4:30 - Perfect strike to WR coming out of right. TD.

4:57 - Catches defense sleeping because of penalty. Back shoulder throw. TD.

Verdict: Its a bit tough to determine Murray's real abilities because a lot of these players are wide opens. While Murray's decision making is above average, his arm seems only average. I'm not sure he can make all the NFL throws because hardly do I ever see him having to do it. He is great when throwing short and intermediate, but downfield he misses just as much as he hits (if not more). Now, I can't doubt the boy is smart. He is very good with the ball and knows when his guys are going to be open. He is good at selling fakes and his mechanics are actually very good. His issues are his physical abilities and his size.Only 1 time this season has he thrown multiple interceptions in a game. I could see him being a 3rd round draft pick. I would say lower, but I give all the QBs in this draft a bit of a curve. It wouldn't surprise me though to see him go in the 4th or even possibly lower. I don't think he can make the throws that Russell Wilson could make coming out, but I think he can develop that ability. He would be best sitting 2-3 years behind a vet before taking the field.

David Fales (Junior, San Jose State): I'll be honest. I didn't know about Fales till about the last week of the season when I read his name randomly about possibly entering the draft. I saw his game against the Louisiana Tech and I was pleased. The reason Fales goes a bit unnoticed is because he is new to the bunch. After spending the last two seasons at a JUCO, he decided to take his talents back to the FBS (after seeing no action at Nevada in 2009). Fales is gonna be looked down upon for the obvious reason that he doesn't play in a very competitive conference, but the JUCO star's numbers are too polarizing to ignore. He currently ranks 1st in the NCAA with a 72.1% completion rate, 3rd in the country with a 170.92 passer rating, and tied for 8th with 31 TDs all on a total 408 pass attempts. His build is average for what you would look at in a QB (6'2"-6'3" and 230 lbs) and he very good about not turning the ball over (only 9 INTs). Those are good numbers for a 1st year player no matter where you play.

0:45 - Great throw on the run. Fit it right in a place only where his WR had a chance for it.

1:14 - Good pass. Receiver dropped it.

1:33 - Great pass deep over the CB to WR. Receiver dropped potential TD.

1:55 - Not a good decision, but great pass. Barely fit it in there. Quite a few different colored jerseys there.

2:57 - Good job of buying time and keeping his eyes down the field. Complete pass.

3:17 - Tackle should have had block, but still held onto the ball a bit too long as well.

3:50 - Back footed throw, but he was bumped. Good pass under pressure.

4:10 - Good job scrambling and keeping eyes downfield. Finds receiver along sideline.

4:37 - Bad pass. Double coverage. Almost picked off.

5:05 - Ok throw, better adjustment by WR.

5:18 - Vintage Michael Vick like escaping.

5:39 - Mistake by RB.

6:03 - Looked like a miss PI. But Fales arm strength didn't look good there.

6:13 - Great strike in collapsing pocket. 1st down.

6:40 - Good pass into window, but threw it a bit behind.

7:00 - Perfect pass. TD.

7:29 - RB should have seen blitzer. But Fales should have pointed it out.

8:33 - Missed throw badly.

9:10 - Would have picked up the 1st down anyways, but WR needs to make that catch.

9:28 - Nice placement of the ball.

9:48 - Bad pass there. Could have been picked off.

10:10 - Bad pass. Tried to force it. INT. Game over.

Vs. Colorado St.

0:26 - Perfect pass over CB and into WR. TD.

0:42 - Great deep pass. Looks like the WR had to stutter step to let the ball catch up to him. From his own 12 to the opponent 39 in the air.

1:39 - Not a bad decision. Coverage was good. Fales put it in the only place he could.

2:09 - Great touch over the hands of the LB and in the TEs hands.

2:20 - Tight fit. Looked like it could have been bad, but good throw.

2:30 - Over throws WR. Looks like the WR may have had half a step. Pass maybe could have been a bit more inside to get away from the defender.

2:43 - Great throw under pressure. Gets hit, but still able to deliver the ball.

3:00 - Again makes throw under pressure. Safe short pass.

Like Aaron Murray, seems to benefit a lot from the short game. Isn't asked to make too many difficult passes. Many high percentage throws.

5: 33 - Though it was double coverage, it wasn't a bad throw. Placement wasn't bad, defender makes a good play.

6:30 - I would have preferred him put it over the top, but can't complain. TD.

8:07 - Needs to remember the clock is ticking.

8:40 - Perfect throw. Right in stride. TD.

Vs. Brigham Young

0:30 - Perfect strike down the field. TD.

1:00 - Good decision, but ball was thrown behind and to the outside. WR had to adjust.

1:33 - Against pass was a bit behind, however, it was another good decision.

2:03 - Not bad. Gives his guy a chance to go get it. Can't fault him.

2:28 - Wide open across the middle. TD.

2:45 - Kept his eyes downfield before scrambling.

3:40 - Threw route before WR was even turned around. Like the confidence. TD.

4:18 - Bad pass. Didn't see spy sitting over the middle. Could have been picked off.

4:27 - Noticed the corner blitz. Knew his guy would be open. Delivered a good pass. Smart move.

4:48 - Bad, bad play. WR was covered over and under. Let ball sit in the air. If he wanted to throw that, it should have been more to towards the sideline. Instead INT.

6:28 - Great throw over defender's head.

8:29 - Bad decision. Wasn't on the same page with receiver. Double coverage. Almost picked off.

Verdict: I'm honestly not sure what to think about Fales. He has good intangibles and the basic things you ask for a QB, but again that "Who did he play?" issue comes into focus. Also, he has good, but not great arm strength. I'm not sure he can make all the NFL passes needed consistenly. He is a great decision maker, though. He has good NFL size and has the necessary traits you'd want at least from an average QB. The question is, does he declare? This is a tough question to answer because he may draw a lot of hype as a "JUCO player who still has lots of room to grow", but he could also go back and become more of a household name in his second season. If he came out this year I honestly wouldn't know where to project him. Not enough tape and only one season of success, but this is this draft where he could go higher than normal. I'm not the only person who's conflicted on the guy as Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation's Mocking The Draft is just as indifferent.

This was part one of two in the 2013 NFL Draft: The Field QBs. If you took the time to go from beginning to end on all prospects and statements made by me, I appreciate you taking the time. As you'll notice I didn't critique every throw made in these videos as I felt that that would be a bit redundant given the amount of short passes, easy completions, or copious incompletions that could happen to any QB. Also, this post is already quite verbose and I wished to only focus on more important throws and decisions made. Thank you for your time and hope this gets your mind thinking outside of the box of the McShay's and Kiper's train of thought.

Next Post: Ryan Nassib, Zac Dysert, Landry Jones, and EJ Manuel.

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