Mock Offseason - Youre going to hate it

Start at the top... Andy Reid. I think he is a big fat stubborn jerk but I still (kinda) love the guy. Either way his time here in Philly is done. He needs a new classroom. The classroom needs a new voice. After this disaster of a season I just dont see anyway that he is able to reel everybody back in and get them on the same page. I assume he will take a year off football and then return to his doing thing somewhere else... consistently leading teams to B+/A- seasons but never being able to make that final step. The eagles they move on and bring Chip Kelly in to take the reins.


First Round

Drafting top 5 in the 2013 draft... aka the wrong place at the wrong time. If a franchise QB was there he would be the pick. I just dont see any of these QBs being described as franchise QBs, even on their best days. Many are intrigued by the group of LTs ( Joeckl, Matthews, Lewan) but Im just not ready to go there just yet. Call me crazy but I have faith that Peters can return to form and that Herremans is still a fringe level probowler on the right side.

If you arent going to use the pick on QB or on the line that means you have to go defense. At the top of the draft there is a glut of athletic DE/LB hybrids (Jones, Mingo, Montgomery, Jordan) but no one I am ready to select that high. I would love for their to be a true, elite secondary prospect but I just dont see one (sorry Millner + Elam). That leaves me with the D-line... a group that was thought to be one of the elite in the league is now picking top 3 and bringing Star Lotulelei in to pair with Fletcher Cox (hopefully forming the fundamental base of our new defense).

Second Round

The second round excites me. Watching the end of the first round and trying to figure out which prospects drop down to us on day 2 will, arguably, be more exciting than watching our first pick (which should be known days if not weeks before the draft). The three players I am going to be watching closely are Kenny Vacarro S/Texas, Matt Elam S/Florida, Barrett Jones C/Alabama and Tyler Eifert TE/Notre Dame. I like Kelce but how does he fit outside of that Mudd scheme. Is Watkins done?? Is Jake Scott or anyone else on the roster a long term fix a potential short term band aid?? Jones is versatile enough to answer any of those questions from center to either guard spot and hopefully still available ~35.

Eifert was probably my favorite of the bunch and the hardest to pass up but after spending all that dough on Bowe I just couldnt put that much more resources into the receiving corps. Its not that I dislike Celek, I love him, its just that i dont think he has the explosiveness I am looking for. With that being said I think he would be amazzzing as a TE2.

Third Round

The third round is where I start to struggle when it comes to making accurate projections as far as who is still going to be available and who is good value. A couple of players that I would be interested in that I have seen mocked in this general area...

Kyle Long LT/Oregon - A player with that type of lineage from a major program like Oregon... how could it go wrong??

Bacarri Rambo S/Georgia - Who doesnt want an eagles jersey that says Rambo on the back?? Captain Munnerlyn, Major Nelson... Safeties from the SEC with crazy names can ball. Its just that simple.

Robert Lester S/Alabama - Given the option I cant believe I would ever choose a Bob over a Bacarri but then again I thought this kid was projected much higher than the 3rd round so what the hell

No matter who we use our third round pick on I will, in a way, feel bad for them. They have worked this way for their whole life and being drafted to play in the NFL is one hell of an achievement. Unfortunately no one will be talking about this achievement because everyone in the league is talking about how the eagles traded their 2013 2nd round draft pick for an early third round pick and selected Tyrann Mathieu ATH/LSU. Next years second is a steep price to pay but with confidence that next years pick is going to be in the late, late part of that second round (somewhere >55) the move for this pick in the early 60s is made.

Free Agency


We all saw how the last free agency spending spree went... poorly. You want to know what I think the biggest problem was?? We didnt spend enough :) Not really but anyone who didnt like us spending that much money that offseason is going to haaaate this offseason. First target... Dwayne Bowe. The most important part of this move is to remember that hes coming in to play NEXT to Jeremy Maclin, NOT to replace Maclin. Maclin is a stud and I really think he is going to bring his game to the next level moving in to the slot. Djax, Maclin, Bowe instantly become the best group of WRs in the league (eat your heart out NYG).

I cant answer who my next signing is until I see how the JPeters rehab is going. If its going poorly or there are any other setbacks then Jake Long is called in to move into his spot immediately. If there are smaller questions about his performance than Branden Albert is called in. If Peters is looking like his oldself no (big money) Olineman are signed and the fate of the season is (more or less) rested on his achilles.


Assuming we dont have to spend any $$$ on the oline (and we restructure the Vick and Aso deals) we should still have some cash to spend on the secondary, which is a very good thing for two reasons. One because there is a lot of talent in this free agent class and two because our secondary, specifically our safeties, might have the been worst part of a very, verrrrry bad team.

First question is DRC... this is is the move that is going to make or break this offseason. If we resign him to a big money deal and he shits the bed then we're screwed. Let him walk and watch him finally put it all together, possibly even more screwed. We already have to replace one CB with Aso leaving (or agreeing to a majorly reduced role) which is hard enough, I dont see us trying to replace two so I say we resign DRC and then sign Aqib Talib to play the opposite side (or possibly even Sean Smith CB/Miami). Fits the mold the former coaches put together of looking for bigger, taller, more physical CBs to go up against the newer generation of monster WRs.

We are already half way through a scrooge mcduck size money vault and havent even addressed the teams biggest weakness... safety. Jarius Byrd is the popular name floating around but I just dont see it. I would loooove to see Moore from Atlanta or Delmas from Detroit but I dont see how those teams let either player walk away. That leaves us with Laron Landry. He didnt set the world on fire with New York but he proved that he can stay on the field for 16 games (we hope) and that he is over his past achilles problems. He will never be a great coverage guy but he can flyyy and he can bring the hammer down. I also think he can bring some attitude to a lifeless defense that is about to lose their little barking chihuahua (Kurt Coleman... the more I think about it Laron Landry is basically Kurt Coleman if that Captain America super soldier potion was real and given to him).

Call me crazy but Im one of the few people who would actually take Kurt Coleman over Nate Allen. I think Nate Allen is basically KC but plus 2 inches and minus the heart. I hope Kurt Coleman could stay with the team and take over Colt Anderson's spot as special teams maven but not sure how realistic that is. Nate Allen stays with the starting squad (assuming he isnt replaced in the draft) because there are only so many moves you can make in an offseason.


WR1 - Bowe

WR2 - DJax

WR Slot - Maclin

TE - Celek

LT - JPeters

LG - Ironman

C - Kelce/Jones

RG - Jones/Watkins

RT - Herremans

QB - Vick

HB - McCoy/Brown

RE - Cox

NT - Star

LE - Jenks/Patterson


ILB - Ryans/McClain

LOLB - Kendricks


LCB - Talib

FS - Allen/Mathieu

SS - Laron Landry

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