Way off topic update

Six months ago I posted this-

Now for the update if you'd like to take the time to read...

A soldier’s Christmas story,

I’m going to rewind the clock. The year is 2010 it’s December and, he had just recently been selected for a high profile mission taking him to Afghanistan. He had been looking for months to find a mission or state that was deploying because, the bills were mounting and since he had come home from his 3rd tour he wasn’t able to find a job where he made enough money to keep the household going without the credit cards rising balance. Facing sure financial collapse of his family if he didn’t do something soon he did what he knew how to do but, right now it is Christmas time and, he’s with the family he loves dearly. They open presents spend the entire day together and his wife and he enjoy the company of their counterpart. A few months later he left.

His thoughts were never far from home and, before he had gone he and his wife had come up with a plan to make sure he would never have to say goodbye again. He would give her his GI bill so she could go to school. By the time his tour of duty was over they would have saved enough money to feel comfortable about a worst case scenario event and, with his wife’s new education she would be able to get a job so that when he came home he could go to school so that they both could earn a decent salary. They came up with what in his eyes was a surefire plan to get to the type of life they wanted, would and, could only achieve together.

Over the next year he had traveled a large portion of the world where he found himself in 3 continents but, for now it is Christmas time 2011 he’s in Afghanistan, she’s in school and, the bills are paid. He speaks to all of his friends about how proud of her he is and, how they had faced some tough times but, he knew what he had always told her “At the end of the day &, no matter what happens, we’ve got each other”. He would think of his kids opening the presents his wife sipping a glass of wine as he was cleaning the snow off of his truck in the freezing weather. He thought, as he often about the lesson he was teaching his sons about responsibility and to ALAWYS put your family first.

The month is now March, the end of his tour is fast approaching but, while everyone thought of getting home to their families the only thing in his mind was his family’s financial future. He had made more money over the last year than in any year of his life very little money was saved, hardly enough to keep the house afloat for a month, his wife wouldn’t graduate from her school for another 6 months &, the company he worked for before he deployed had gone out of business. To make the situation worse she wouldn’t be able to even start looking for a job until she handled the 4 months of legally required things she needed to do. So he contacted many of the civilian contractors until he found a job that would bring him back to Afghanistan making a ridiculously high salary. He did what he had to do and, less than a month after coming home, he went back.

Six weeks later his brother in law told him a man was living in his home. He was crushed. He begged her for the truth until she screamed into the phone “I don’t want to be married anymore!” In a desperate attempt to save his family he quit his job and flew home. He walked into his home knowing that if she had seen him she would know that there was still love there and, with that love they would be able to work through their issues. She called the police, told them that he was suicidal, dangers to the children yes the same children he had fathered, raised and, he had sacrificed so much for. The police escorted him off the property and despite his begging the police wouldn’t remove the man who was now living with his wife, his children, in the home that he had used his VA benefits to buy, eating the food, and drinking the beer that his money had bought. She than filed a restraining order against him after taking all the money out of the joint bank accounts leaving him with nothing, not allowing him to see his children, used the money he put into the bank to buy the unemployed drug addict (Who has since died from an overdose) gifts to give to his children to build a relationship with and, told her family and friends that she was “Hoping he would kill himself when he heard the news” so that she would collect the SGLI life insurance he had.

He would later find out that his loving wife had been planning this since January 2011 (18 months). Cheated on him with at least 4 men and, the finances had been siphoned off the entire deployment to the tune of over 3,000 a month cash withdrawn from the bank at 200-300 dollar increments and, used his power of attorney to shift all of the marital debit into his name and stopped paying on it to destroy his credit while, moving all marital assets to her name including the home that she refinanced and put her name on the mortgage and deed so he couldn’t even go home.

Now as Christmas 2012 is fast approaching. The soldier sits alone; his mind still on his family knowing that he has spent his entire adult life fighting in two different wars is now entering his third. The battlefield is one that is unfamiliar with but, he’s fighting none the less. For his children’s sake he will continue to fight until they are under his roof once again.

I guess the moral of this story is to enjoy this moment with your family. You never know if it’s going to be the last you spend together. I also hope that some of you are able to find use for it by knowing that you should never allow your spouse to have all power over you, never not have a bank account without their name on it with some money in their so that you can survive when something like this happens or, just use it to pull yourself out of a depression by saying to yourself “At least I’m not that guy.”

Merry Christmas to you & yours,

The Sgt.
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