Detailed Offseason...thoughts?

A lot of thought went into this so please hear me out. Thanks

First and foremost, I'll cover the organization and its coaches. I think we stick with Roseman. The dude can really work the salary cap and bring in quality players. We truly do have talented players which is why it is hard for me to get mad at McCoy for saying things like..."we could dominate" and things of that nature. They really could dominate and I am willing to put the blame on injuries as well as the scheme. I think this is where we make the change and after reading mock offseason after mock offseason its obvious that we all want a new coaching staff. Let's get into that.

At head coach, I think we could very well go with Brian Billick. He has won a Super Bowl in this millenium and has had some great teams with another bird squad, the Baltimore Ravens. He is a strong candidate who has been expressing interest in coaching again. I like Billick as the Eagles coach because of his great connections. I think he could bring in some great coaches that he has worked with before. This cohesiveness should help us turn some things around.

At defensive coordinator, I think Billick would bring in Rex Ryan. He's obviously the head coach for the Jets right now but I think his time as a head coach will be over after this season. Ryan was the d-coordinator for the Ravens under Billick. The two were very successful and had a strong defense for years. Mark Kriegel, an analyst for the NFL Network, found that between 2005 and 2012, during his tenure with both the Ravens and Jets, Ryan's defenses have never been ranked lower than sixth overall in the NFL and have allowed an average of 281 yards per game from scrimmage, second to Dick LeBeau's 277.4 yards per game. This website has a detailed insight on Ryan's defensive scheme

At offensive coordinator, Billick reels in Joe Lombardi. Lombardi is currently the Quarterbacks coach for the New Orleans Saints. He got that job in 2009 and has had it ever since. His connection to Billick comes via Sean Payton who worked under John Fassell with the Giants. Fassell was Billick's offensive coordinator for three years in Baltimore. Lombardi is a younger guy but I like what he has done in such a short career thus far. I think Billick gives him a shot and Lombardi doesn't disappoint. Lombardi is a great guy who knows how to win and loves doing so. He played two sports at Air Force. And he also has won a Super Bowl (Saints as coach).

I think Washburn, Mudd, and April lose their spots as well. They were great coaches. Key word being "were". The game is evolving and these old farts just haven't accommodated.

In the draft I think we can cover some major needs with ease.

In the first round, I can see us taking OT Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M. I tried hard to think of another guy I'd like the Eagles to take since everyone seems to be hyping this guy on this blog...but he really is a great fit. He fills a major need and would allow Herremans to move back inside.

In the second round I'd love to see TJ McDonald, the safety from USC, still on the board. McDonald is a big dude who loves to hit. However, he is a lot less stiff in coverage than the monster he replaced at USC, Taylor Mays. McDonald has the potential to be an NFL star just like his dad, Tim. The Eagles may have to trade up a few picks to get McDonald, and I think they do it if necessary.

In the third round, Michael Buchanan is an appealing pick. He is a defensive end for Illinois at the moment but looks to be like a potential starter at linebacker in a scheme like Rex Ryan's.

After both the college and professional seasons are over, I'll have a better idea of where and when people will go and offer a 7 round draft prediction but that three round mock should do us justice for now.

I think the Eagles restructure Vick's deal but keep him as a starter. I think the Eagles try and restructure Babin's deal then try and trade him for a late round pick in either this year's draft or next year's (in a perfect world a veteran FS with range...but this world is far from perfect so assume a draft pick instead). I think Nnamdi restructures his deal a bit but stays with the team. I think his style will fit well with Ryan's scheme and he'll start to play more and more like a star (not Oaklandesque but solid).


QB- Vick gets this. The media will hype up the battle between Foles and Vick, but Vick will have this job the entire time. The season should go a lot better with a healthy/more talented line in front of him.

RB- McCoy obviously. Dude's a boss and his numbers should jump back up to last year's production. Bryce Brown continues to dabble and impress. I haven't seen the Saints play very much this year. But I'd like to see Lombardi try and get McCoy and Brown on the field together at some points. Both can catch the ball (not as well as Sproles, but they are definitely willing and able receivers).

FB- Havili is a very talented player and I think he sticks with the Eagles another year.

WR- Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Cooper...these guys are very talented. It all starts with the O-line. When they're healthy, everything clicks. Give these four another year. I also think Damaris Johnson continues to work his way onto the field.

TE- Celek, Harbor

O-Line: Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, Joeckel best offensive line we've had in years. Hopefully our new offensive line coach can help Watkins develop. I still have a lot of faith in Watkins.

D-Line: Cole, Cox, Thornton....with Graham dabbling in from time to time. Cole is small but should be able to hold his own and then some. Thornton has really been impressing me lately. Cox is small but interior linemen seem to be shrinking as years go on anyways. The need for 330 pound NTs are decreasing.

Linebackers: SOLB- Buchanan, WOLB-Graham, SILB-Ryans, WILB- Kendricks I don't want to hear anything about Ryans not being able to succeed in Ryan's scheme. It oftentimes looks like a 4-3 anyways and I have a lot of faith that he can be very successful in this scheme.

CBs: Asomugha and DRC with Boykin as nickel corner. These guys are great players. Don't question it. Just trust Ryan will set them up to do their thing.

Safeties: FS should be a competition. I'd love to see a veteran come in and take this spot. Hopefully a guy with solid range. If not, I think Allen keeps the job. At SS, McDonald should win the job easily and produce like we hoped Jarrett would.

Kicker: Henery is a great kicker. He stays obviously

Punter: free agent. No doubt about it.

LS: a position player. Either a rookie or a veteran. We can't be wasting a roster spot on Dorenbos anymore. He's a great guy but it just can't be done anymore.

I would be very confident if these changes actually happened. What do you guys think?

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