Future Eagles Watch: Ryan Nassib

Yes I admit it, I was planning to show Dee Milliner, I'm not lying. But I don't know why, I want to look at Ryan Nassib, who has confused me for the past two years, is he a potential big-time QB or a whimper? In my opinion, before looking at some of his performances, the jury is still out.

Nassib vs Rutgers:

Stats: Loss 23-15 25/42 356 1 TD 2 INT

Nassib vs USC:

Stats: 30/46 322 2 TD 2 INT Loss 42-29

Nassib vs Louisville

Win 45-26 15-23 246 3TD 0INT

The Overlook:

Looking at the first two tapes, you see Syracuse lose, but Nassib does put on a show in a win versus formerly undefeated, formerly number 9 team in the nation Louisville. Remember one thing, Nassib has a weak supporting cast around him yet still manages to take this team to a 6-5 record with a fairly tough schedule. Syracuse would probably be around 2-10,1-11 without him under center.

Ryan Nassib has shown some incredible flashes of being a superstar QB. I mean, he seems to be a mix of Andrew Luck and Tom Brady sometimes in terms of throwing motion, and no I am not over-exaggerating, he could become one of those given the right teaching, he has flaws. His motion is similar to Brady's, especially in the red zone.

If you tell me their throwing motions aren't close, you have to be kidding yourself. The only difference you could point out is that Ryan Nassib's non throwing hand is facing slightly away from his body, whereas, Brady's non-throwing arm is covering part of his jersey shoulder. Like Brady, Nassib doesn't need to step up much to throw.Actually, I think Nassib releases the ball quicker than Brady. But of course, Nassib isn't Brady. Where do the weaknesses in his game separate himself from a top 5 pick?

This QB has the arm to play in the NFL, but it seems that the velocity isn't always there on the intermediate-deep throws. I think I may know why. Nassib's plant foot seems to leave the ground, which doesn't really affect the distance, but can affect the speed of the throw. Look at the first play of the Louisville game, where Nassib throws a deep bomb to the wideout,-complete, but underthrown and should have been a TD. If you look at Nassib right after the throw, his right foot is off the ground. If the bottom of his toes at least grazed the ground, the arm of Nassib would snap with a higher speed, the ball would travel 3-5 yards faster with zip. Against USC, it's even more frequent.You could argue Andrew Luck had this problem at Stanford, but the plant foot leaving the ground happens far after the throw, so that doesn't affect him. This issue for Nassib can be fixed with a good Quarterbacks coach,even though he has a great developer at Syracuse . But lets see what the Eagles would do with their next OC, a QB friendly one like Joe Lombardi would be perfect for Nassib should he come here.

Jitters, jitters, what jitters? It's tough to notice, but I've seen this happen to Ryan Nassib over and over again. Jitters look like very quick pump fakes or too quick feet movement. These things telegraph's throws to defenders because jitters faced at a certain direction will likely be thrown at that direction and defenders don't bite on these. However Ryan Nassib has a quick release, so it's not as big as a problem unless he had a 0.50 second long release like a Jason Campbell or Tim Tebow. No I'm not saying Nassib's a scared QB, it's saying he isn't always patient. It's a sign Nassib occasionally is desperate to get rid of the football even when not under pressure. All he needs to do is relax sometimes. As long as it takes the QB less than 3 seconds to throw on 75% of passes, he's fine. On long developing throws, Nassib needs to remember that some of the long developing plays takes his patience and calm. If you still don't understand what I'm saying, look at 1:33 of the Louisville tape, where Nassib throws an incomplete pass, but there'd be a defensive penalty. If you look at Nassib's left foot, it jumps up and down 6-7 times. Even though it didn't affect the outcome of the play there, it would on some other plays.

But a lot of these jitters, or mini-pump fakes, feet movement actually help this guy. When he pump fakes the ball once or twice, it tricks the safety, I've seen even the cameraman get tricked sometimes sometimes. He isn't the type of Quarterback who stares down his receivers, he can control a safety with his eyes, a key plus. Obviously, pump faking 5 or 6 times gives away the location of a throw. However, if Nassib can turn a double coverage into a single coverage using the power of his eyes and the occasional pump fake much more often, his play would dramatically improve.

Nassib's response to minor pressure situations(Pocket Awareness) needs to improve. What I'm talking about is rolling out of the pocket and stepping up, or taking a step back. Usually Nassib reacts very late when under pressure and is then sacked. He is mobile, but should know when a D-Lineman is coming to eat him. Also when Nassib is taking a step to avoid pressure, he loses too much balance, but throws well off the back foot.

Okay, lets look at some more of his positives. If you look at the Louisville tape again, at 2:10 Nassib throws a beauty to the receiver in stride. The sideline throw to a receiver with stride, is one way a Quarterback can improve a mediocre team. The very next throw, a simple screen pass, Nassib throws it with perfect timing, and gives the receiver a momentum stride,which means the receiver doesn't have to stop to the catch, and doesn't have to hustle too much for it. This is how a Quarterback helps account for YAC on a screen, and Nassib constantly executes this to perfection.

Timing his throws is a key strength of this QB, it seems he knows at the exact millisecond to throw the ball. BIG PLUS.

The Play Action Pass: Whoever Ryan Nassib is drafted by, he will drastically improve the teams rushing attack and play action fake should he start. As a result of good QB coaching, Nassib keeps his head towards the running back, sticks it in his gut, coyly takes the ball out at that tiny little moment of time where the fake actually tricks the defense.

Nassib's leadership role and charisma plays a key role in the success of Syracuse this year, where would they be without Ryan Nassib? His stats would be even better if his receivers didn't drop the amount of passes they do. Against Rutgers, his receivers dropped SEVEN PASSES, and yet wasn't far off from victory.

Arm Strength is there for Nassib, but again the velocity control and footwork at times needs to improve.

Great Coaching has led to Nassib's development. Syracuse Head Coach Doug Marrone formerly was the offensive coordinator of the Saints from 2006-2008. His Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach Nathaniel Hackett used to be in the NFL.

Stats: 267/240 63.6% 3619 YDS 24 TD/9 INT.


  • Arm Strength/Velocity: 8/10
  • Accuracy: 9/10
  • Leadership 10/10
  • Maturity 10/10
  • Ability to master every throw on route tree:8/10
  • Release Time/Fluidity: 9/10
  • Footwork 8/10
  • Decision Making: 9/10
  • Mobility: 8/10
  • Impact On Team: 10/10

Graded: 89/100 (High 2nd Round Draft Pick)

For reference: 95+ is top 5 pick 90-94 is 1st rd 85-89-2nd 80-84 3rd and so forth.

If Foles doesn't work out, should the Eagles take a look at him in? This guy has jumped from my fifth QB to the third best QB coming out after looking at him.And he may soon be chasing Matt Barkley as well. Ryan Nassib is probably the greatest Syracuse Quarterback since that other guy 12 years ago.

Some may say Zac Dysert from Miami(Ohio) is a better QB. Even though he is more talented, he doesn't add much more wins to his team than Nassib, does. Plus he is very very very raw.

The upside of this guy is through the roof. It's even better that his weaknesses are very teachable. It's very possible his weaknesses may still exist at the pro level and still succeed.

The unique strengths combined with teachable weaknesses is the epitome of a sleeper player. I'm starting to like him over Aaron Murray, when a couple of months ago, I've barely heard of Nassib.

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