The Linc - Eagles fire... someone

Rich Schultz

News & notes from around the web for November 21st

Eagles fire senior VP of communications
The Eagles fired their senior vice president of communications, Rob Zeiger, on Tuesday, a source close to the situation said.

What Jobs Will Be Better than Birds'?
It's way too early to obsess over an Eagles coaching search that isn't even going to start for a couple of months yet, but hey, what else do we have to think about?

DL Production: Cole Gets Shut Out - Birds 24/7
We know the Eagles are not looking forward to facing Griffin for years to come. I’m guessing they’re not going to enjoy going up against left tackle Trent Williams either. Williams held Trent Cole to no sacks and no hurries. Cole has a total of seven hurries in the last four games. He doesn’t have a sack since Week 3 against the Cardinals.

Eagles Film Study: Evaluating D-Line
The Eagles, tied for the league’s third-fewest sacks with 16, had just two Sunday at Washington. Here's our review of the D-line's performance.

Philadelphia Eagles: Ron Jaworski questions Birds culture - The Times Herald
"It appears to me to be the way things are going in Philly right now the thing is probably going to be blown up and it’s going to go in a new direction," Jaworski said. "The first thing you look at is do you have a young quarterback that a coaching staff can evaluate and say this will be our starter for the next 10 years."

Philadelphia Eagles Notebook: Brian Dawkins is first recipient of Jim Johnson Courage Award - The Times Herald
On a spiritualistic level Brian Dawkins and the late Jim Johnson were reunited Tuesday night. Dawkins became the first recipient of the Jim Johnson Courage Award at the 51st Bert Bell Memorial Award Dinner.

Harrisburg's Le'sean Mccoy of the Philadelphia Eagles is giving away turkeys - WPMT
Harrisburg's own Le’sean "Shady" Mccoy, star running back of the Philadelphia Eagles will be hosting the 2nd annual "Turkey Giveaway" at "The Villa" Sneaker Store in Harrisburg at 333 market St. Harrisburg pa 17101 from 5pm-7pm. Four years since the beginning of the financial and economic crisis, hunger remains a concern for many families. Jobs are scarce, ages are low, and food insecurity is high. For the 2nd year in a row LeSean has teamed up with The Villa of harrisburg PA to help food preparation for this coming holiday a little easier by providing 250 free turkeys.

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