Perfect Eagles off season to make up for this shit of a season

First clean house, a pretty obvious move that needs to be done.

Good bye Marty, Andy, Mudd, and washburn. Todd bowles will be gone to, but I actually think he could be a good coordinator but new guy, will probably want to pick his defensive coordinator.

New coaches

Head coach

I watched a lot of collage and pro football this season and I think three guys stand out as good choices. Ray Horton of the Cardinals, Chip Kelly and Brain Shaw Stanford.

Of the three Shaw I believe would be perfect. He took over for Jim Harbaugh when he left and he helped keep Stanford ranked in the BCS even with Luck gone. He seems like the right fit to help this team get back to the ways good hard nosed eagle football which I haven't seen in a couple seasons. He will get us back to Philly roots by emphasizing good defense, and a controlled style of offense who will take shots some time instead of going for it all the time. He will use Shady and Brown like we should have used this season. Plus it seems that Stanford already runs a similar pro offense and defense that would fit this team well.

Defensive Coordinator Mike Singletary

For defense of Coordinator its time to bring in a guy with some fire. These players are playing with no heart. Mike Singletarry will change that mentality right away. And if they don't start playing with some heart I bet you Mike wont let them play. Just look at the wonders he did with Vernon Davis. The talent is there and I think Mike can get the players to play up to their talent.

Offensive Coordinator joe lombardi

I think He can do wonders for this team. He could really bring the potential out of Nick Foles. He helped Drew alot. Also I think he would really put an emphasis on getting the ball into a potentially great two headed monster in Shady and Brown. Havili is an underrated FB when used properlly (ex. Gaints Game) he can really help the run game.

Shaw will probably bring in who he likes for offensive and defensive line. But the wide nine needs to go.

Free agents

We need to target a safety (probably Goldson, and an o-line preferably tackle. This year there seems to be a lot of good tackles hitting the market and we have good amount of cap space.

We then need to trade, release Babin, and also let Cullen Jenkins.

nnamdi asomugha needs to restructure his contract, or we need to trade or cut him.

VIck I believe is gone. Doesn't fit Shaw or Peterson type of QB


First round probably picks from 5-9 depending on how season goes.

First- manti te'o, this guy can play, hes a great leader, emotionally and physically leaves it all on the field. This guy can help Mike turn this defense around. He would give us a great front seven, who in my mind really make or break a great defense which I believe we are good enough to do.

Second - O linemen best on the board. What happened this season can never happen again. I don't know how the o linemen live with them self when they watch the tape of their QB getting his shit tossed.

Third zach ertz Celek has been a major disappointment. It seems when ever we have momentum Celek tips a ball right into the other teams hand. I believe Celek and Ertz would make a great TE combo. Ertz is big 6-6 and he is a great blocker and catcher. Just watch his last game against Oregon enough said.

rest of the draft oline d line and secondary help

opening day line up

QB Nick Foles

RB Shady

WR Desean Maclin Cooper

TE Ertz Celek

O line Peters, Mathis, Kelce Hermans or Watkins who ever wins the the guard position, free agent signing for tackle

D line- Cole, Paterson Cox Graham

LB Manti Demeco, Kendricks

CB DRC, who ever steps up

Safety- Goldson, Allen

I think something similar to this line up could really compete for a playoff spot.

This was my first post so let me know what you thought. What you agreed on or disagreed.

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