Philadelphia Eagles Mock Offseason(and feel free to mock me if it sucks)

Philadelphia Eagles Mock-Offseason:

HC:Josh McDaniels(Patriots Offensive Coordinator)

The fallout in Denver, occurred because McDaniels was

given way too much power and traded just about anything

remotely resembling talent in Denver. McDaniels won't

be given such power here in Philadelphia, so one has

to look at his coaching and for a while, the dude had

a pretty dynamic offense in Denver, including beating

his mentor Belichick.

DC:Bob Diaco(Same Position, Notre Dame)

From Virginia, to Cincinnati to Notre Dame, Bob's preached hard hitting, disicipline and aggressiveness

and its resulted in constantly producing top-50 defenses and defense wins championships right?

OC:Joe Lombardi(QB Coach, Saints)

No, Sean Payton probably won't be walking through that

door but why not a highly qualified QB coach whose

also been a HC in college and was a TE? I'd have to

place decent bets, that he'll be able to fully capitalize

around the skillsets of Desean, Maclin and McCoy.

Safety coach: Brian Dawkins(Legendary Eagle)

This job is yours for the taking Dawk, we need

these safeties to learn how to freaking hit.

I won't address every coaching position, so lets get

on with the draft.

First Round:

Manti Te'O(LB, Notre Dame)

There've been some rumblings around our nest that because

Te'O is a MLB, he wouldn't fit. My answer:He's talented

and he can hit. It doesn't matter where we slot him,

strong weakside linebacker, weakside or the middle. Dude

can make plays, that's all I care for.

Second Round:

Matt Elam(SS,Florida)

Like Kendricks before in last year's draft, don't

sleep on Elam due to his size, he has speed, athleticism

quickness and football smarts.

**Eagles Trade**

Eagles trade: DE Jason Babin

Jets trade:3rd round pick

The Jets lack a pass rush, actually, they lack a whole lot of everything. We'd probably have

to pick up a bit of the tab. But this is actually better than cutting him, why? Because we'll get

talent back for it, that's why.

Third Round:

Gabe Jackson(OG, Mississipi State)

6-4,320, speed, size, athleticism, he'd be able to open up the running lanes of Shady/Brown.

Third round(Jets pick):

Jordan Reed(TE, Florida)

At 6-3, with explosive catching and playmaking ability. Jordan Reed allows us to have the kind of

two-man TE Game the Patriots use with Gronk and Aaron.

**Eagles trade**

Eagles trade:4th round draft pick

Jacksonville Jaguars trade:QB Blaine Gabbert.

It's been a flop for the Jaguars, a miserable, unbelievable flop of epic proportions. Blaine has

been put in a terrible position from the start and now, the Jaguars are probably looking at one of Geno,

Barkley and if they like them, Blaine becomes expendable.

So, why am I doing this? Because, let's not forget

Blaine played at Missou, he has experience with a spread offense. I think, giving Blaine a new change of scenery

and hopefully a better O-Line/reciever targets, will bring the best out of him.

Fifth Round:

Mario Benavides(C,Louisville)

You know, I'll concur with Howard Mudd. There's no reason to have to give up size to have speed,

you can have both and that's what Benavides provides. At 6-4,290, he'll be a great addition to the

O-Line. Reportedly lacks power, but that's where our earlier pick Jackson comes in.

Sixth round:

Aaron Mellette(WR, Elon)

And if you don't know where Elon is, that's okay, neither do I. But kid's a big, strong, physical

WR and between him and McNutt, I wanna see one of them step up.

Seventh Round(Our pick):

Kyle Long(OT,Oregon)

Unlike with the Casey Matthews debacle, A: There is no lockout. B: He's a project, hence he won't

hit the field and C: Since we suck, value picks are imperative. Not only that but his size

at 6-7, 312 is intriquing.

Seventh Round(Undisclosed Colts Pick):

Quinn Sharp(K, OSU)

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of bringing in retreads, whether it's McBlair or Sav Rocca from

a few years ago, but it's about time to get a solid punting prospect.

I rather like my draft, but that's just me, we drafted two blue-chip O-linemen that can at least compete.

And Kyle Long, as a project that you can stash on your practice squad is something I think will prove

to be very valuable.

Instead of flat-out cutting Jason Babin, I decided to put his dead money to good use. A Two-TE system will

do good for blocking, and for outlet passes when the O-Line inevitably collapses.

I think taking a gamble on Blaine Gabbert is another Ruben Amaro JR.-esque move, rather than draft some

unknown prospect, get a prospect who at least has NFL/College experience, and was rather highly rated.

If we're lucky, we can revive the former top-10 draft pick in him.

Now it goes without saying, we're probably going to cut a lot of people, restructure contracts and end

up with a bunch of salary cap once again. I'm of the motto of: Let's use FA to improve what we couldn't

improve upon in the draft.

Brandon Albert(OT,KC)

The big name is Jake Long, if I were a hypothetical Eagles GM, I want Long's skill without too much of a

hefty payday. Enter in Albert, a blue-chip LT in his own right. And we'll probably have to pay similar

dollars, but if we save say four or five million dollars more, we can add another blue-chip guy at a

position of need. In other words, we can improve this hapless football team.

Jairus Byrd(FS, Buffalo)

You know, like this guy? Young? Check. Fills a position of need? Check.


Nnamdi Asomugha(No longer a top CB and his age is prohibitive for the contract, but if we can find

middle ground, he and DRC would be brilliant together for the next couple of years)


DRC.(DRC's inconsistency plagued him this year. We'll compensate him for sure, but we'll be saving

some unexpected dollars)

Howie Roseman did some good work by re-signing most, if not all of the crucial, relevant birds on the

roster. It saved a boat load of money for signing complimentary players to add some glue to the tape.

Although, I'm just going to sign one more player to complete my off-season.

Derek Cox(JAX)--

Another Blue-chip guy, he'll complete the transformation of our defense. Now that the Safeties and

Cornerbacks match the play of our Linebackers, the defense couldn't be more studded.

Our O-Line should be elite if Peters comes back healthy along with Kelce: Peters-Albert-Kelce-Herremans-Mathis

I like what I was able to theoretically do, with Jordan Reed/Brent Celek at TE. McCoy should come back

healthy, with Byrce Brown being a solid tailback. One of McNutt or Mellette developing into

a Todd Pinkston or a Freddie Mitchell-type wideout would be what I was looking for.

One might argue that my plans contradict themselves: On one end, I'm drafting for need, signing players

at other needs. And yet, on opening day, my QB's figure to be: Nick Foles, Blaine Gabbert. What gives?

One, does Vick restructure his contract for the good of the team? Especially if Andy's gone? Two: Even

if he did, we're basically once again banking on 6 games from 2010. I'd rather bank on a younger,

cheaper talent with upside.

Secondly, whether either one pans out, both are system QB's that have the theoretical potential to

do two things: Step up and throw(and make reads). That's what I want in the NFL.

This Eagles team is deeper now, so deep we might not see the O-Line talent we drafted on the hypothetical

roster I propose. Instead, they'll massively upgrade our pathetic special teams which can't block for

nothing and it'll allow Damaris Johnson to get pre-season reps next year, get more comfortable in the

role and demonstrate his explosive speed without being scared.

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