Where oh where has our Eagles pride gone?

Warning! Truth hurts, so this post may cause excrutiating pain to eagles fans and staff! If pain does not subside, please watch several hours of Dawkins, Westbrook, and Trotter.

This just in. The Eagles are bad, folks. Really bad. Last year's start of 4-8 was glossed over by a 4 game winning streak. Defense was leveling out. Offensive line was playing well. 2012 appeared to be poised to extend that winning streak to carry the eagles into the playoffs.

Suffice it to say that we derailed. And I'm not going to go into a sermonic diatribe of the myriad of things that were wrong, broke, or was mishandled to get us here.

None of us have enough time to read that novel. But there is one common thread that runs between the fans, the players, and the coaches. One little element that is so obvious that it is staring us in the face.

Check out the recent interviews of Brian Dawkins, or Jeremiah Trotter. It's clear to them. The eagles have a reputation for being soft, and very beatable. It's no longer a game now, folks. Eagles have their very manhood being questioned by the teams that they are playing. And what is the response? Nothing. As far as I can make out, the eagles have lost whatever pride they had gained over the years of winning under Andy Reid. This team seems to be, based on the uninspired efforts on the playing field, to be working their 9-5 shift and wondering whether they need to stop for bread and milk on the way home after the game.

Win or lose, the one thing fans could count on from Brian Dawkins was his willingness to put so much pride into wearing the eagles uniform. Here's his direct quote on the soft eagles: "If you even hint to me that you talking like I'm soft, "Dawkins warned "I would go ahead and tell my wife Connie 'Listen, I'm not saying it's going to happen, but more than likely this week there's going to be a fine or something. I'm just letting you know.' Because that's how pissed off I would be" "So don't even hint towards that when it comes to playing defense with me or any of the guys I played with. Because we gonna to take that to the football field and there's going to be some questions answered." (per a radio interview on 97.5 with Mike Missanelli)

That's what endeared this man to our fans. He said what we wanted to hear. He got angry when we got angry.

Contrast that to the comment from DRC on the same topic: "Everybody looks at us as a pretty defense," Rodgers-Cromartie said, according to Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. "They’re just big guys with big talent that don’t really want to hit nobody."

Granted that quotes are selected due to their impact. But say what? the league thinks our team is soft and nobody is acting angry about it except our retired players?

Is it any wonder the fans are booing? Is it any wonder fans are actually rooting for hated Dallas to beat our team (to speed up the end to our season so it stops hurting so much?)

Somehow, somewhere, someone on this eagles team needs to snap out of this depression and play "PI$$ED OFF!". And they need to interview the same way.
The fans can't rally behind a team that lays down for dead so nicely every sunday. Don't ask us to do that. Don't get pi$$ed off at the fans for being angry. Get Pi$$ed off. ANd then suit up, and try playing in that uniform with a little more pride in what it stands for.

A team is not all about the payroll nor all about the coaching scheme. I think the key ingredient missing in my team (yes, you are still MY team!) is pride. Find it. The eagle is not an NFL doormat.
IF you can't find the pride to stop this losing streak, the new head coach and coaching staff will find players who can.
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