The Plan, A New Beginning

Hey Guys,

Im not going to get started on this season. In my eyes it is over and I am planning for rebuilding next year.

Head Coach: Chip Kelly

Why Chip Kelly? His offense will only work in college, right? Don't you need like 3 quarter backs?

Guys, this is a football coach. He will know how to use our speed to the advantage. The Ducks have the fastest team in the NFL on both sides of the ball, and are able to dominate using their speed in combination with their effective game planning. There is Payton (unlikely), Gruden (annoying, and Lurie doesn't like him), and maybe Bill Cowher (too old fashioned). What we need is a culture change. Kelly can utilize McCoy the best out of all the three and can build the team around him. I would love to be a fan of a team revolutionizing the game.

Offensive Coach: His guy

Marty get the fuck out

Defensive Coach: Todd Bowles

With an offseason and upgraded roster, I feel Todd Bowles can make our defense "functional" again. He is definetly one of the top defensive coordinator prospects in the NFL (before this). If not, then let Kelly choose.

Our Main Objectives

  • WR
  • QB
  • OL
  • DB
  • D-Line

Trades/Cuts/Resigned: Maclin traded for 2nd round pick Babin for 3rd round pick Vick released Nnamdi restructured DRC resigned Landri traded for 3rd Round Pick Cooper released (if he doesn't show anything this season) Tapp released
Draft: 1st Pick: Manti Te'o LB- solidify our defense with another powerful run stopper and coverage linebacker Early

2nd Pick: Terrence WIlliam WR- Very good frame and uses his body to his advantage

2nd Pick: Matt Elam- We can use another safety and Matt Elam is excellent against the run and good against the pass.

3rd Pick: Gabe Jackson G- Good feet, can block to the second level. Good height and weight. 3rd Pick: Lane Johnson- OT- Long Arms, good technique

3rd/4th Pick: Datone Jones DE- hybrid and huge frame. Good Motor (LOLOLOL) 4th Pick: Blidi Wreh WIlson- CB
From here I'm not sure how it will play out

Free Agency: HUGE PLAY FOR OT JAKE LONG HUGE PLAY FOR WR DWAYNE BOWE: a great compliment to Jackson, can train Terrence Williams rest can be decided by Chip


Final Roster

QB: Foles, ____, Edwards

RB: McCoy, Brown, Lewis

WR: Bowe, Jackson, WIlliams, D. Johnson, ______

TE: Celek, Harbor

OG: Mathis, Watkins, Johnson, ______

OT: Peters, Long, Dunlap, Kelly

C: Kelce, Reynolds

DB: DRC, Marsh, Nnamdi, Boykin, Blidi Wreh WIlson SS: Nate Allen, Matt Elam, Kurt Coleman, David Sims, Anderson

LB: Manti Te'o, MECOOO, Kendricks DE: Curry, Graham, Cole, Hunt

DT: Cox, Thornton, Jenkins, _____

rest are the same. Im not sure about Foles. I can only decide after seeing him start. And Kelly has to make sure he matches his game plan. Thanks Andy for all the great seasons, but its time.

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