Mock Off-Season of Change

Everyone else is doing it, so I will too..

It's time to clean house, so the entire staff is fired. There may be cases made for positional coaches, but that's up to the new regime. Big Red and the three other honchos are out the door.

For the Head Coach I'm picking:

Head Coach: Chip Kelly

That's my argument for Chip. He's one of the brightest, freshest minds in football today and we need to do what it takes to bring him in here. His offense will be adjusted because he knows what he's doing, and we'll finally join the new wave of NFL offense with his up-tempo no-huddle system.

Offensive Coordinator: -

Chip's an offensive coach, he's bringing his own guy in, or someone who will help transition his offense for NFL usage.

Defensive Coordinator: -

There's two trains to take here, someone with experience (even HC experience), or an up-and-comer. Someone like Rex Ryan or Ron Rivera may come available or former HC such as Singletary or Raheem Morris, or you can nab a younger mind like Kris Richard, Rocky Seto, or Winston Moss. It's really up to Kelly and Roseman. Would prefer a 4-3 for our current personnel.

Roster Moves:

There's a lot of people I'd like to get away from, but many of them will have their contract's expire or be expectantly cut due to back-loading (Cole will be here for 2 years). Guys most want gone, such as Cooper or Hunt, are both very cheap and only have a year left. There's only so much wheeling and dealing that can be done so it won't be extravagant year one.

Cuts/Not Re-signed:

Vick- Too much money, love his heart but he's done and is part of the regime change.

Nnamdi- Is he as bad as we like to think? No. Is he worth $15 mil per year? No. During a rebuilding year? Hell no.

Bell- Obvious cut here, didn't pan out, flat out atrocious.

Polk- Not a scheme fit, already have a bigger RB in Brown

Dunlap- Not re-signed

Tapp- Not re-signed

Landri- Not re-signed, I think we make the effort but will be outbid.

Jordan and Anderson- Decided on by the next staff based on ST evaluations.


Babin- 4th Round pick- Not going to speculate partner (maybe DET?) but there will be use for his services and hopefully he finishes the season with some meaningless sacks to keep his value up.

Maclin- 2nd Round pick- I think he has potential, but he's somewhere in between his haters and his devotees. He's not a bad WR, but he's never distinguished himself. There's still talent there and with the light contract to take on in addition to the potential to re-sign him I think we can get good value back in return.

Jenkins- 4th Round pick- I really like him, but good DL are a luxury and we can get good value in exchange for him.


DRC- After cutting Nnamdi he's a good investment. He's said that he would accept the tag so hopefully we can transfer that willingness into an extension.

Dorenbos- Having a quality snapper is obviously important.


1-OT, Taylor Lewan- Future starter at T, depends where they feel Peters and Herremans are at. Could go BPA here.

2a- QB, Ryan Nassib- Can't pass on a Franchise QB, and Nassib will be taken this highly on draft day. May have to trade up in 2nd to get him. Very mobile, great arm, good fit for Kelly. Take him regardless of Foles play.

2b- S, Matt Elam- Need a starter opposite of steady Nate Allen. We need more of a Batman to Allen's Robin. Elam is a playmaker. Could justify any number of Safeties here.

3- WR, Ryan Swope- Plays a mean slot WR at A&M, and should transition well here. He's a younger version of Avant who can actually get YAC.

4a- TE, Jordan Reed- Athletic, big TE with speed to fit a Kelly offense.

4b- DT, Jordan Hill- A good reserve DT with starting potential.

4c- WLB, Jonathon Brown- A fast LB, he's growing in coverage and has playmaking ability behind the LOS.

5- CB, Top Available

6- C/G, Top Available

7- BPA

-I could see Kelly finding a way to nab Kenjon Barner in the middle rounds, but I would hope not at the cost of addressing other positions.

Free Agency:

Depth Issues will be addressed, such as CB, Oline, WR.

Possible Targets:

Dwayne Bowe- Big bodied WR to compliment Desean on the outside

Depth Chart:

A rough draft roster would look like:

QB- Foles/Nassib/Edwards

HB- McCoy/Brown/Lewis

FB- Havili

WR- Jackson/Cooper/Avant/Swope/Johnson

TE- Celek/Reed/Harbor

T- Peters/Herremans/Lewan/FA

G- Mathis/Watkins/Kelly/Draft-FA

C- Kelce/Draft-FA


DE- Cole/Graham/Hunt/Curry

DT- Cox/Patterson/Thornton/Hill

OLB- Kendricks/Brown/Jordan/Chaney

ILB- Ryans/Matthews

CB- DRC/Marsh/Boykin/CB/FA

S- Allen/Elam/Coleman/Anderson

K- Henery

P- McBriar/FA

LS- Dorenobs

The next draft would probably feature more OL, DL, CB, WR. If not re-signed, I could see us putting up a bidding war for Percy Harvin to be a great fit for Kelly's system.

This is a rebuilding process, but with good strategic moves we won't be stuck in mediocrity for too long.

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