Nick Foles "Not good enough to win" in debut


The Eagles rookie QB made a frank assessment of his NFL debut

Nick Foles probably didn't expect his NFL debut to come quite like this. After 9 games standing on the sideline holding a clipboard, Foles was pressed into action for the first time in his career when Michael Vick went down with a concussion in the 2nd quarter.

Foles got the team off to a bright start in the second half, but his fortunes turned with the rest of the team as the half wore on. Foles ended up throwing a pick 6 and dropping a fumble that Dallas recovered in the end zone. In his own words, Foles says his performance wasn't good enough.

"Not good enough to win," he said. "I made some mistakes. I can't turn the ball over and that's the most important thing to win games. You can't turn the ball over. I turned it over twice and they ended up being touchdowns and I can't do that."

Of course, for a rookie making his debut all you can ask is that he learns from mistakes, which he says he has.

"That's a learning experience. I'm going to learn from it and get better. We'll get back to work and that's something I've got to get better at. Can't have that."

Specifically on the interception, Foles says he knows the pass wasn't where it was supposed to be.

"You know, it just goes back to I have to be accurate with the ball. I've got to get DeSean an accurate ball. I didn't do that and they intercepted it and returned it and you know, it's really as simple as that. I've got to be more accurate. That's on me. As a quarterback, that's on me. I've got to be accurate and get one of our playmakers the ball and make a play."

There's no doubt that it's tough for any QB to come in off the bench after not playing, probably doubly so for a rookie. However, Foles says he knows that's part of the job.

"Hey, it's my job. I mean my job is to go out there and if something happens to Mike like tonight, I have to be ready. I have to be ready to win the game. I didn't get the job done tonight, but I always have a 24-hour rule with dealing with games and looking at film and you know the emotions of it because it's an emotional game. You want to win every game. You want to fight every game. And it's back to work."

Whether Foles gets another shot at it next week is very much up in the air. Andy Reid did say after the game that Vick had a concussion, but didn't elaborate on the severity. If Vick passes all the concussion protocols and is cleared by an independent specialist, he could play Sunday against the Redskins.

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