My Perfect Mock Offseason 2013

As an Eagles fan this season has far disappointed me to where I'm resorting to not wanting to watch their games. It pains me to see the teams lack of discipline and their inability to get it done on sundays. While Eagles fans' point of views differ on whether the season is over or not, I'm making this mock offseason so we can further evaluate the options our team can take. Ok, lets get this started.

HC: Chip Kelly.

I know what you are all thinking as to why I didn't pick Jon Gruden. Well, I don't want ANYBODY that has ties to Reid. All of Reid's assistants turned head coaches have a combined record of 124-150. That number is mediocre a best and even though Gruden was never his assistant he still is related to Reid back in his Mike Holmgren days. Chip Kelly is new breath of fresh air that is well needed that works a productive no huddle offense.

OC: Mike Shanahan.

While this man is heavily scrutinzed for coaching the Redskins, we always forget that he holds up two Superbowl rings on his fingers and is responsible for coaching Jon Elway and Shannon Sharpe. He mostly known for his offense turning "nobody" running backs into Pro bowlers. This means the eagle would run the ball a lot more with Shady and still develop backs like Chris Polk and Bryce Brown.*Note* In '98 his team set a record for most points scored in the 1st quarter.(That's a clear sign.)

DC: Mike Singletary.

Under Mike Singletary teams can't seem to win. They are hopeless. While he can't form an offense to save his life he does help discover defensive talent more specifically linebacker. He drafted Patrick Willis and turned him into the second coming of Ray Lewis.

Key Change.

Move Dunlap to defense.

While this transition sounds almost as dumb as signing him, it is much more reasonable when consider the facts. This behemoth of a man is 6'9" and 330 lbs. He is to big for our quarterback to throw slants at. This makes him an ideal DT because he can get penetration and bat down a pass. In 2011 he blocked a FG by single handedly getting threw the line. This little project would give Cedric Thornton a little competition while still allowing us to keep him on the roster for emergency O-Line help.

Cut Players.

Riley Cooper

Danny Watkins

Demetress Bell

Clay Harbor

Dion Lewis

*These players wouldn't make it in the new system*


Jason Babin to Detroit- I this trade we would get a 4th round pick and they would get someone to play opposite of Avril. Babin is one trick poney who has lately not done that well.

Jeremy Maclin to Miami- I love J-Mac as much as the next guy but his inability to stay on the field and stay cosistent is why he needs to go to Miami. Miami needs recievers desperately and in return we would get another 4th round pick.

Free Agency

Jake Long OT- Imagine him and Jason Peters on the ends and Herremans being able to go back to guard.

Henry Melton DT- HIs quickness and penetration skills would cause havoc in the NFC East.

Dashon Goldson S- He would easily be an upgrade over our safeties because of his reputation as a hard hitter.

2013 Draft-

1st Rd: Keenan Allen WR

2nd Rd: Jonathan Cooper G

3rd Rd: Xavier Rhodes CB

4th Rd: Joseph Fauria

4th Rd: Logan Thomas QB

4th Rd: Da'Rick Rogers WR

5th Rd: Denard Robinson QB/RB/WR

6th and 7th rounder trade for next year.

Logan Thomas was added for competition and Denard was added for wildcat wishbone possibility.

What do you think Eagles fans yay or nay.

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