Is Nick Foles the Answer? I don't think so....

In order to answer this question, we need to look at some of his games, Nick Foles vs USC 2011,Oklahoma State 2011 and the Patriots in preseason. I only put one preseason game and two college games because the college games better determine Foles.

To be able to properly measure Foles accuracy, I created 4 ways to determine the accuracy of the pass.

  1. MPH- Does he throw the ball at the right speed? If the ball gets to the receiver had a dizzying speed, it may be overthrown. Too slow? Then it's a wobbling duck.
  2. Ball is over 8 feet ABOVE the line of scrimmage: Not a huge factor, but if Foles throws a 20 yard pass down the field, but the ball is lower than 8 feet above the ground, the chances of a pass being tipped and picked off is high.
  3. Does he keep the receiver at the same speed on the way to the ball,or does he have to slow down for it?
  4. Is the pass practically catchable?

For each one of those criteria he meets per catch, Foles gets a point, but not all criteria is necessary for each throw.Anything under 60% is bad,60-65 is average, 66-74 is good, and anything over 75% is great...Only the higher tier of QB's achieve this.

C=Catch TD=Touchdown I=Incomplete INT=Pick

Nick Foles vs USC:

  1. C 1/1
  2. INC(Throwaway)
  3. C 3/3
  4. INC 3/3
  5. INC 0/3
  6. INC 0/2
  7. INC 1/2
  8. C 2/3
  9. C 1/3
  10. INC 0/3
  11. INT 1/4
  12. C 3/4
  13. C 3/3
  14. INT 1/4
  15. C 3/3
  16. C 2/2
  17. INC 2/3
  18. C 4/4
  19. C 3/3
  20. C 0/4
  21. TD 3/4
  22. TD 2/4
  23. C 3/3
  24. C 1/3(Nice Play)
  25. C 3/3
  26. C 2/3
  27. C 2/3
  28. C 2/4
  29. C 1/4
  30. C 3/3
  31. C 3/4
  32. C 2/2
  33. TD 2/4
  34. C 3/3
  35. C 2/2
  36. C 3/3
  37. C 2/3
  38. C 3/3
  39. INC 2/4
  40. C 2/3
  41. C 2/3
  42. TD 4/4
  43. C 2/3
  44. C 1/3
  45. C 2/3
  46. C 1/3
  47. INC 1/4
  48. C 2/3
  49. C 2/3
  50. INC 2/3
  51. C 2/3
  52. C 2/2
  53. TD 4/4

Overall, He went 41/53 425 YDS 4 TDS and two bonehead INT'S. Fole's accuracy score was 103/169 or 61%(Bare Average). His game didn't really wow me except for 2 of the touchdown passes, including the last one. Most of the throws were just confidence builders, short screens, short passes. His interceptions were both on terrible throws, multiple passes of his were way behind the receivers and somehow caught. He killed long gains on multiple short passes. Twice he overthrew screen passes that could have resulted in big gains. His long delivery made it easier for defenders to sniff out the play. One thing Nick Foles did exceptionally well was on the play-action passes. He really wasn't under much pressure, but when he was, he couldn't escape. He does step up and shift out of minor pressure situations which I really liked. However, if he started, Foles would experience at least 4 major pressure situations, Micheal Vick usually avoids 2 or 3 of them. I don't think Foles would avoid any .

Nick Foles vs Oklahoma State:

  1. C 3/3
  2. C 3/3
  3. C 2/3
  4. C 3/4
  5. INC 0/3
  6. C 1/3
  7. C 2/3
  8. INC 0/2
  9. INC(Throwaway)
  10. C 3/3
  11. INC 1/2
  12. C 2/3
  13. C 1/2
  14. C 2/3
  15. C 3/4
  16. C 2/2
  17. C 2/3
  18. C 2/2
  19. INC 2/3
  20. C 2/2
  21. C 4/4
  22. C 3/3
  23. C 2/3
  24. C 2/2
  25. C 2/2
  26. INC 4/4
  27. INC 2/4
  28. C 2/3
  29. C 2/2
  30. INC 0/3
  31. C 1/1
  32. C 3/3
  33. C 2/3
  34. C 2/3
  35. INC 0/2
  36. C 2/4
  37. C 2/4
  38. C 3/4
  39. C 2/4
  40. INC 3/4
  41. INC 1/3
  42. C 2/3
  43. C 2/3
  44. TD 4/4
  45. C 2/2
  46. C 1/3
  47. C 2/2
  48. INC 4/4
  49. C 2/3
  50. C 2/3

103/144 71.5%

37/51 398 YDS 1 TD 0 INTS . Yeah, they got crushed, and since Arizona lost in both of these videos, you may think I'm putting up a negative bias against Foles. Well, his record was 15-18 in his career and went 4-8 in 2011, so these weren't his only losses. Plus, I'm only including his clips from USC and Oklahoma State because they are the big boys of CFB. Every team he faces in the NFL except for a couple teams are the big boys. Nick Foles did have a great stat sheet game, but didn't take over the game, which I wanted him to do. Most of his passes were dink and dunk,and he didn't really master some of them. Again, he was only facing major pressure twice, and took one sack without even fighting. He did well again in minor pressure situations

Preseason Game Number two Foles vs Pats:(Video at Bottom)

  1. C 2/2
  2. C 2/2
  3. INC 1/3
  4. INC 0/4
  5. C 2/3
  6. INC 0/3
  7. C 1/3
  8. C 2/3
  9. INC 0/4
  10. TD 3/3
  11. INC 1/3
  12. INC 1/3
  13. INC throwaway
  14. C 4/4
  15. C 2/3
  16. INT 1/4
  17. INC 2/4
  18. C 2/3
  19. C 2/2
  20. C 3/4
  21. C 2/4
  22. C 3/3
  23. TD 2/3
  24. INC Throwaway
  25. C 3/3
  26. C 2/3
  27. C 3/3
  28. C 2/3
  29. C 2/3
  30. C 2/3

Nick Fole's is a a rookie in one of his first experiences. But the same problems are repeating. He was better under pressure, but still didn't impress me. Once he tossed away a ball towards two defenders(Nearly picked off)when he was about to get sacked. He also sometimes seemed to notice pressure when it wasn't there, yes it seems to be a rookie mistake, but he's done it with Arizona. He had a pick and another near INT, both were on underthrows. His TD to Damaris Johnson against Pittsburgh and his 40+ yard gain to Desean Jackson against the Pats were also underthrown. Whenever I used to see Arizona in 2010 and 2011, he lost long TD passes and many gained INT's by underthrowing deep passes. When passes thrown 40 yards down the field were caught, usually the wideout would slow down for the ball and catch it into his lap instead of his shoulder. I'm starting to think Nick Foles doesn't have as big a cannon as many seem to say. He doesn't seem to lead his receiver to the ball a lot. One thing he does way better than Micheal Vick is perfectly executing the play action pass, well enough to confuse many defensive backs.

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