2013 Mock Offseason

This season is not over yet but it;s not looking so pretty with 3 of our Offensive Line starters out for the rest of the year. I'm one of the few Eagles fan out there that thinks we still have a chance to make a run. But if the Eagles lose this week against the Cowgirls i will through those hopes away. I think if the Eagles dont come back , i believe Lurie will fire his long time friend Andy Reid and the coordinators even Todd Bowles. I know he just got the job but i think he's to much of a player coach. This defense does not need a friend as a coach they need a guy who is going to get in their faces and set them straight. Someone who is going to show them to be aggressive and not little bitches.

Headcoach: Jon Gruden

There has been rumors that started yesterday that Gruden will like to come to Philly if Reid is fired. I have no problem with this he knows the game and knows when to call players out when they need to step up. That will mean no more "I need to put the players in a better situation" bullshit that we have had been hearing for the past years. Jon won a SuperBowl with the Buccaneers back in 2003 with an offense that was ok. Just imagine what he can do with these offensive weapons we have here.

Offensive Coordinator: Joe Lombardi

A couple of days ago MacJack12 picked Joe lombardi as the new offensive Coordinator and i completely agree with him. After becoming the Quarterback Coach Drew Brees has been of or maybe the best quarterback in the league. Lombardi is a very intelligent guy so if he can make Drew Brees an Elite QB maybe he can do the same with Nick Foles or whoever our QB will be next year.

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Singletary

He's not a good Head Coach but he's a pretty good coordinator. He will want players that will give it their all and that will want to win as he said in his rant with the Niners. Mike will be in his players face when they do something wrong. He did a Great job in molding Patrick Willis as the League best Linebacker. So he can make this Linebacker Core real good. Also he like aggressive players so he would teach them to be aggressive and not soft they are labeled around the league. He's worked with a 4-3 so he knows what he will be doing.

Players Released:

Michael Vick: I think is time to move on Reid will be gone so that means Vick goes as well. Even though that this year struggle is not all on Vick I still think he has to go.

Demetress Bell: Bell is the worst signing Reid has had since Stacey Andrews. So much was expected from him to replace Peters. Last Offseason he was named the best O-Lineman in free agency, he certainly hasnt played like it.

Brandon Hughes: I think we should have let hughes go during last Offseason and kept Cliff Harris. Whenever he is on the field all he does is cause penalties.

Darryl Tapp: Tapp is good and he loves it here in Philly but i think will leave because he will want to go to another team where he can possibly start.

Derek Landri: Last season Landri was one of our best lineman. This year it's more like the opposite I even forgot that he's on the team. He's not doing nothing at all so i believe he will be gone after this year.

Dion Lewis: He was looking mighty good in training Camp but after that not so well. Lewis doesnt even dress out on game day.

Danny Watkins: He's 28 years old and this is his second year, what was Andy thinking of drafting a 27 year old. Watkins. I never like the pick and he has been struggling so he has to go.


Jason Babin to Carolina Panthers for a 4th Round Pick. Babin has been awful, he can't play against the run a t all and he's also biting on play action which is hurting us.

Eagles trade a 4th Round to the Colts for Linebacker Pat Angerer. Angerer is in the same situation Demeco Ryans was in when he was in Houston. Pat is a lat out stud in a 4-3 defense just like Ryans, but since the Colts switched to a 3-4 he can't play in that defense. Two years playing in a 4-3 he racked up 236 tackles, this year in 3-4 only 7 tackles.Yea he has been injured this season but he has played in 4 straight games and he had no more than 3 tackles in any of those games. Right now he's a 3rd stringer so i think the Colts would have no problem making this trade. So to me this will make a whole bunch of sense to trade for Pat Angerer.


King Dunlap: King is a pretty good back up. He's reliable and can play anywhere on the Line.

Colt Anderson: This is a no brainer Colt is the best Special Teams player in the league. The Eagles will be foolish to let him walk away.

Akeem Jordan: Jordan is also a very good special teams player but also a pretty good Linebacker. He's an ok starter but i will rather have him as a back up.

Jon Dorenbos: He's our long snapper and no need to get some young guy when we have a veteran.

Dominque Rodgers- Cromartie: This guy is a lock down corner he's very good ,fast and uses his hands alot. The Eagles can sign him for pretty Cheap and we have the money to resign him for a good deal for both sides.

Nnamdi Asomugha: When we signed Nnamdi he was the second best Cornerback in the league. He hasnt showed it so i think we should restructure his contract. If he doesnt want to restructure then we need to release him. He's due to make 15 million next year i believe we should drop that number to 7 or 8 million.

Free Agent Signings:

Jairus Byrd: He's one of the most underrated Safety in the league in my opinion. He's always the ball if he's not picking it off then he's knocking it lose. Byrd is a very good physical tackler and won't shy away from no playing.

Chase Daniel: He will be brought in to compete with Trent Edwards for the back up spots. Daniels will have an advantage out of all the QB's because he knows Joe Lombardi well. So he will be a perfect back since Lombardi will be the Offensive coordinator.

Ted Ginn Jr.: Will be brought in to do one thing and one thing only Kick Return. Ginn is the best Returner in the league. He will make our Kick Return so much better and we won't struggle no more.

Jeremy Trueblood: Trueblood will be brought in to back up the Tackles if Dunlap can't get the job done as the back up.


1st Round: Jake Mathews, OL, Texas A&M

The best thing mathews has in his skill set is his quickness and athlectism. He has a good burst out of his stance and and has good movement for his feet. With his good feet movement that allows him to move to the second level and block some linebackers. Mathews has great intelligence and good instincts. Jake Mathews is good at opening holes for his running backs to cruse through.

2nd Round: Ezekiel Ansah, DL, BYU

Ansah has anything you want in DE long arms, flexible hips, quick first step and speed. He went to BYU in to be on the Track and Field team and then he tried out for football and made it. So you know he's fast if he did Track. The only bad thing about him is that he's a little Raw just like Jason Pierre Paul was when he came to the draft. Even though he's raw i would take him in the 2nd round because he has the ability to be just like JPP and has that same body feature like JPP.

3rd Round: Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia

Bacarri is a good tough run defender and he is a good cover safety who can play anywhere on the field. Rambo ha good pass and run instincts to make a play in the game. He jumps routes and has a good burst to close gaps between him and Receivers. Bacarri Rambo would probably go in the secound but just because his past i think Teams will pass on him. Also a reason he could drop is because this Safety class is so deep with so much talent.

4th Round: Tyrann Mathieu ,CB, N/A

Tyrann Mathieu could be the First Cornerback taken if he didn't get kick of the LSU team and arrested. A reason why he would drop so far is because his pas and also because he doesn't go to a school this year. He's an aggressive Corner who is a physical hitter and plays bigger than he is. Tyrann is very good at stripping the ball away from the player. He's a good cover corner who doesn't get beat and doesn't allow separation. Mathieu will be a perfect Slot Corner. Tyrann Mathieu would challenge Brandon Boykin at the Slot Position.

5th Round: Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M

Ryan has the perfect size for a slot receiver in the NFL. He's a good route runner and has sticky hands. People thought he was going to struggle because Tannehil left but he is starting from the same spot last year. He's not afraid to go across the middle to take a hit even if he knows it is coming. In tonight's Alabama game he looked at the safety and he saw he was coming turn back to the QB caught the ball and took the hit.

6th Round: Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA

Joseph is a big bodied guy standing at 6'7 and weighing 255. He has a good athletic ability, nice quickness, good hands also he has decent Route Running. His Blocking is ok he does need to improve in that. He does most of his damage in the Red Zone where he is a real good threat. That's what the Eagles need because Celek is never open in the Red Zone. Fauria will competing with Clay Harbor for the back up tight end spot.

7th Round: Jackson Rice, P, Oregon

Rice has big body which means he has a strong leg. Rice has an accurate leg. He would be brought in to challenge Mcbriar for the starting job at punter.

Depth Chart:

Quarterback: Nick Foles, Trent Edwards, Chase Daniels

Running Back: Lesean McCoy, Bryce Brown, Chris Polk

Fullback: Stanley Havili

Wide Receivers: Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Ted Ginn Jr., Ryan Swope

Tight End: Brent Celek, Joseph Fauria

Left Tackle: Jason Peters, King Dunlap

Left Guard: Evan Mathis, Julian Vandervelde

Center: Jason Kelce, Dallas Reynolds

Right Guard: Todd Herremans, Julian Vandervelde

Right Tackle: Jake Mathews, Jeremy Trueblood

Left DE: Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Ezekiel Ansah

Left DT: Cullen Jenkins, Cedric Thorton

Right DT: Fletcher Cox, Mike Patterson

Right DE: Trent Cole, Phillip Hunt

Will: Mychal Kendricks, Akeem Jordan

Mike: Demeco Ryans, Casey Mathews

Sam: Pat Angerer, Jamar Chaney

Cornerback: Asomugha, DRC, Matheui, Boykin, Marsh

Safety: Jairus Byrd, Bacarri Rambo, Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Colt Anderson

Kicker: Alex Henery

Punter: Jackson Rice

LS: Jon Dorenbos

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