Are there shades of Green between the Negadelphians and the Kool-Aid Drinkers?

I have read it in several places so far this week; it doesn't have to be an "only black or white" discussion with this team. And everyone who has typed this in respect to this team is absolutely correct. There are positions in between both extremist views and I advise for some of you to try to find them immediately.

The Kool Aid drinkers point to the 3-2 record and Vick's 4 4th quarter game leading drives so far this year (3 of which were held up by the defense), against some pretty heavy competition no less, as the main reason to stop the "sky is falling routine." And you know what, they are correct. 3-2 and atop the NFC East after 5 games is a good thing. Especially given FatMan's track record with winning a lot more then losing in the second half of the previous seasons.

The Negadelphians* will tell you that the only reason we aren't 1-4 is because a rookie UDFA LB in his 1st career game let a somewhat difficult but completely make-able, victory securing INT slide between his hands the play before we scored to take the lead in CLE and a bad play call and even worse play execution by a 2 time SB winning QB in NY forced their veteran K to attempt a 54 yd FG instead of a pretty make-able and victory securing 44 yd FG. And you know what, they are correct as well. A not-too-far-from happening 1-4 and seemingly right where we were last year would be practically catastrophic to this organization, had those 2 players made a play when they were in a position to do so.

* (and in the interest of full disclosure, I am more a part of this camp than the other, not that I necessarily want to be, it is just that I am hard-wired to see the glass as half empty but I am trying everyday to work on seeing the other side of things.)

So, is it possible to have both viewpoints at the same time? Not only is it possible, but I feel it is highly recommended. Let's see if I can do a good job of proving this after the jump.

Re Vick. Might as well talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat.

Any Eagles fan that tells you that they don't want to win with Vick is an Eagles fan that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. (My mom is this way, and that comes down to the fact that he abused dogs in his past and she won't get past it. His past behavior, in her opinion, transcends anything he can do on the field to propel the Eagles to a SB victory, and there is no way to change her mind or make her believe that he has paid the debt that society deemed worthy of his trangression.) We, as Eagles fans, should be more concerned with winning then who is responsible for the winning.

Winning is ultimately all that matters, right? Right, and I could care less who the QB is when that (finally) happens. If it is Vick, great. If it is Foles, that is great too. It could be literally anyone, even Tony fucking Romo, and I would be happier than a pig rolling around in cowshit if that QB brings a SB victory with them and the accompanying parade down Broad Street. (On second thought, maybe not Romo. Nah, it could even be Romo)

The issue with Vick is that he plays so far below what he is capable of at times that it leads (some of) us to forgo any rational belief that he is capable of winning a SB. He has all the talent in the world, but for some reason he is still fighting tendencies of his that lead to poor results (example - his fumbles. They are absolutely correctable, he just has to admit that they are a problem and learn how to prevent them, which based on his latest comments has yet to happen. For proof of this, look at one of the world's worst human beings and notorious fumbler Tiki Barber. He fumbled a lot, and then worked on it, and all of a sudden he stopped fumbling all the time)

What compounds the problem with Vick is that his mistakes are so seemingly correctable that the fact that they haven't been corrected by now only adds to the irrational belief that he can't do it. The truth is that if Trent Dilfer can win a SB, then Vick can too. What makes this true is that SBs are won by the entire team. Having a great defense (we are getting there) and a great running back (we are there, whether or not FatMan and his Minionwheg knows this is a valid question, but I digress) and Vick at QB is absolutely a formula that can win a SB. Assuming Vick relies on his teammates and doesn't try to win the damn thing all by himself. The NY game is evidence of him doing just that; staying within himself and not trying to do too much on his own.

So, let me ask; Is there something wrong with being simultaneously upset with his occasional poor play and costly turnovers (especially when they are careless fumbles or throws forced into double or triple coverage) early in the game while also being happy that he has done enough to put the Eagles in a position to win the game late in 4 out of 5 games so far?

No, there isn't. Not only is there nothing wrong with feeling this way, I would tell you that it is wrong to feel 100% one way or the other. (And if you disagree, please try to win me over, or others who may feel the same way, in the comments section as to how a fan should only feel one way or the other)

Let's try another one; FatMan and his coaching tendencies.

I'm not going to beat a dead horse here, I am going to get right to the center of this figurative tootsie pop; Why is it not okay to be happy with the fact that he has consistently fielded a squad that wins more then it loses, year after year with only a few exceptions, and competes till the end of the year but upset with the fact that he has only won 1 of 5 NFCCGs and lost in his 1 SB appearance and seemingly can't put it all together in the biggest games of the seasons, when it matters the most?

It is absolutely okay to feel this way.

My long-winded point is that it is okay to be happy with the end results while also being concerned with how those results came to be. Because that is where I am right now.

I had planned on going on and on about this, but there isn't any reason. The fact is that intelligent human beings, those of us who are not prejudiced to one view or another or at least have somewhat of an open mind to entertaining the idea that their opinion maybe be incorrect or ignorant, should be able to see both sides of the proverbial coin. It is okay to have an opinion. It is admirable and advisable to have an informed opinion. It is even good to express those opinions (assuming it is done in a respectable manner).

What I can no longer condone is for people to see just one side of the argument while also being incapable of considering the other side.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got some entertainment value out of it and if nothing else (besides satisfying my vanity by seeing my words on the interwebtuals), it may start some interesting conversations about the shades of green between being an ecto eagles-green Kool Aid drinker and an all out Negadelphian who can and will complain no matter what.

Time is yours BGN. Reddgie.

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