Eagles vs Steelers: The game in GIFs

Joe Sargent - Getty Images

As we have each week so far this season, we recap Sunday's game though the use of GIFs

Through the use of GIFs we look back at the good and bad of Sunday's 16-14 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We were all happy to see the real referees back to work, but now that they're here we're all realizing that they make bad calls too. Or in the case of Ike Taylor's "coverage" on DeSean Jackson, bad non-calls.


Taylor wraps his arms around Jackson and holds his arms all before the ball gets there. It's textbook pass interference and as you see the Eagles would have had first and goal as a result.

Taylor probably decided tackling Jackson was his best shot at covering after this happened earlier in the game.


That was a great route run by Jackson and not unlike the one he used on a TD against the Giants.

Every week brings us new highlights of LeSean McCoy doing something ridiculous. On his TD catch, Vick found him in the flat with only Larry Foote in his way. Suffice to say, Foote never had a chance.


In the 4th quarter the Eagles called McCoy's number on a critical 4th and 1 from their own 30. When McCoy got the ball he found Lawrence Timmons, who had terrorized them all day, in his path. But again, Timmons stood no chance.


That was a tremendous 2nd effort by McCoy there. That play was dead in the water and he saved it through sheer force of will... and athleticism.

Before we get to the Vick lowlights, his TD pass in the 4th quarter was a big time play. Not only does he make the right read and put an accurate throw on Celek, he did so knowing he was going to take a big hit. And usually we get on Vick for that, but in the 4th quarter on a go ahead TD pass is where you take those hits. you save up the ticky tack stuff early in the game so you can stand in for these shots at big moments.


Onto the lowlights. The fumble on the first drive was a killer. The Eagles marched straight down the field and could have scored, which would have changed the whole complexion of the game. And I've hear some people get on Andy Reid for the playcall here, but that doesn't make sense to me. The QB draw is a perfectly good call in this situation and actually it worked pretty well. The blocking was good and it would have put them on the one inch line. These QB draws have worked with Vick plenty of time before. He just didn't hold onto the ball.


Remember the gif above when we saw poor Larry Foote get undressed by LeSean McCoy? Well, turnabout is fair play.


Rookie LB Mychal Kendricks has been fantastic so far and he's only going to get better, but it's really hard to tackle a good back in the open field. Pro Bowlers make those plays. Kendricks is still a good LB, but these are the plays he'll have to make to be considered one of the best one day.

On a lighter note, as the Steelers were driving for what would be game winning FG, Kurt Coleman made a TD saving tackle, during which he happened to pull off the Steelers' shoe. He then proceeded to fire the shoe to the Steelers' sideline.


You can see one Steeler point to get the ref's attention, but Coleman wasn't being a dick. Brown couldn't put his shoe back on as the clock was running. He was supposed to get it off the field and he did.

Still funny to watch though.

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