Michael Vick has "no explanation" for turnovers

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Michael Vick couldn't explain what was wrong today in a game where he fumbled three times and lost two

After Michael Vick played a clean game against the Giants last week, we'd hoped he may have turned a corner in the turnovers department. But after 2 lost fumbles today (and 2 not), the same old questions about his ball security returned and Vick had no answers.

"I wish I could tell you, but I don't have an explanation," he said.

The scary thing is that he's right. He didn't make an bad decisions throwing the ball. His fumbles weren't the result of him holding onto the ball too long or being careless. He wasn't running down the field with the ball in one hand like he's about to throw like he sometimes does. No, on both fumbles he anticipated contact and secured the ball.

He just didn't hold onto it.

"I wish I could take the fumble back on the goal line, but you can't," he said. "Ultimately, I think we put ourselves in position to win this game and we didn't win. That's how it goes in the NFL. You wish you could have some plays back. There are plenty of plays I wish I could have back through the course of the season, but I can't. I've got to do a better job of protecting the football."

Problem is, how can do a better job protecting the ball than he did today? He did everything right and yet still wasn't capable of holding onto it. Other than not running, what else can do? And if he's not running, what's the point?

"This one is gonna burn for a minute," he said. "I've never really had a problem fumbling the football. It was just one of those days. Everything happens for a reason. It was meant to be."

Whether or not he's had a problem with fumbles before is a matter of opinion I guess, but he's right in that he's never had this much of a problem. Vick has been charged with 5 fumbles in 5 games so far. That's more than he's had in all but 2 entire seasons. And those were only 6 & 7 fumbles. So he's far beyond any rate he's ever fumbled before.

Now, its also worth noting that he was charged with a fumble this year that really was on Bryce Brown, but taking away one fumble doesn't really fundamentally change the issue. He's clearly putting the ball on the ground too much. And actually, while Bryce Brown fumble may have been bad luck, he had very good luck with fumbles today. One clear fumble was called back when a replay showed that a Steeler lightly brushed his foot as he was diving down. By the letter of the law he was down by contact, but for all practical purposes it was a fumble. Later, Danny Watkins would recover one of his fumbles.

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