The Funeral

If you ask me it's fitting that the Eagles decided to wear black to their coach's funeral.

You're welcome for the opening joke.

As for the state of the Eagles from my point of view, the word of the day is: Fight, or lack thereof.

For the first time in 13 years it looks as if the team actually quit on Reid. We have had some bad games in the past with Reid but this one has to take the cake and in my opinion is the day the Reid Era died. It's a sad thing honestly that all the great things during his tenure have led to this. Everything he built from 1999-2008 is now gone over the past 4 years because of terrible drafting (which is the biggest reason we are getting beat now) and questionable decisions have finally caught up to him.

The drafts as I mentioned have been awful and because of them we have zero depth along the offensive line which is the biggest weakness of this team. If I had to rank the problems with the eagles in order I would do it as so:

1. Andy Reid - He chooses the players, he chooses the coaches, he chooses everything.

2. The offensive line - no explanation needed, when your QB is getting hit 15 times a game and your All-Pro RB is averaging 3 yards a carry your offensive line sucks.

3. The Defensive line - I don't care how good your CB's are if they have to cover ANY WR (no matter how good he is) for more than 4 seconds you are going to get beaten the majority of the time.

4. The play calling/coaching on all fronts - abandoning the run when they shouldn't, continuing to think Jason Peters is on the outside and we can run stretch run plays, continuing to drop Mike Vick back 7 yards and attempting deep passes (which they didn't do yesterday for once - and he still got killed)

5. Mike Vick - Some people may put him higher - I do not. Has he played great? No. He is part of the problem but the majority of his problems in my mind is the fact his offensive line is horrendous. You could see it on the last eagles drive yesterday he was happy feeting expecting to be hit because of how bad they have been. I don't care who the QB is if you get hit 15 times a game in the pocket it's going to not only wear on you physically but mentally. Those hits start to get in your head as you are expecting the pressure to be their even if it isn't because you can't trust that offensive line that the quarterback so desperately needs.

More on Mike Vick - I honestly feel bad for the guy. I really do. He is 6' 200 pounds (must be weighing him when he is soaking wet) and has taken a beating out there. Not once has he thrown his offensive line under the bus or yelled at them (like Peyton, Eli, Brady, etc. would have done). Not once has he complained about the play calling decisions. He just picks himself up and keeps giving it everything he has. If I could relate him to another player it would be Allen Iverson. Tough as nails, plays with heart, makes some boneheaded plays, but is trying to overcome a team around him that just really isn't that good.

I think this is the end of the Reid era - I don't think it will happen during the season but this is it. This team has quit on Reid two times (2006 and in Seattle last year) and it has now from the looks of it done it again -- thats 2 times in past year, which is unacceptable.

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