The 2013 Election:

Okay, I've always been a Reid/Vick fan, but at the end of this season we will have an election for possibly a new president(Coach) of the Philadelphia Eagles and a new president of the Philadelphia Eagles offense(Quarterbacks)

Candidates for the President(Coach) of the Philadelphia Eagles:

1. The Incumbent party: COACHING PARTY 1

Sandy Reid

Thoughts: Unless he leads us to a rapid turnaround into deep into the playoffs, I think he may need to go, but I do feel for him....

2.The Former Legendary Coach Party:(SB party) COACHING PARTY 2

  1. Bill Cowher
  2. Brian Billick
  3. John Gruden

Thoughts: Happy Halloween everyone!!! It's already doubtful any of these coaches come back, and even if any one of them do, I think lets stay away from Chucky,Cowher or Billick. No coach in the NFL has EVER won a Superbowl with two different teams, and it's no coincidence. Sometimes there is a right time to retire for these armchair coaches and so much time off won't turn a loser into a dynasty.

3. The Assistant Coach Party(The AC party): COACHING PARTY 3

  1. Perry Fewell
  2. Rob Chudzinski
  3. Winston Moss
  4. Bill O'Brien
  5. Dave Toub
  6. Darren Perry
  7. Mike Zimmer

And the list goes on and on, this is always the best way to find a gem. One guy to look out for is in my mind, a budding offensive mastermind, Carolina Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski. He was the quiet architect of a Panthers offense that made Cam Newton have a stellar year. There are also others I haven't listed up there.
4. The College Party: COACHING PARTY 4

  1. Chip Kelly
  2. Nick Saban

John Harbaugh is the perfect example of a college coach turning pro successfully. Not paying attention to Nick Saban, but Chip Kelly, on an Eagles offense that can be compared to the speed of the Oregon Ducks could be a match made in heaven!
Candidates for the President(QB) of the Philadelphia Eagles offense:
1. The Incumbent Party: QB PARTY 1
1.Micheal Vick:
Ditto with what I said about Andy Reid.
2. The Free Agent Party QB PARTY 2

  1. Joe Flacco
  2. Matt Shaub
  3. Matt Moore

Highly doubt Shaub or Flacco become free agents, if they do......
3. The Draft Party QB PARTY 3
1.Matt Barkley/Geno Smith party(unlikely)

2.Tyler Bray

3.Aaron Murray

4.Logan Thomas

5.Landry Jones

6.EJ Manuel

I don't trust Vick nor Foles next year so these players are who I'll be keeping three eyes on throughout the year. I really like Aaron Murray,even though he gets knocked for his height a lot. But there are advantages to that. Shorter QB's have quick releases and defensive backs have trouble reading short QB's eyes, aka Drew Brees, Mike Vick and Aaron Murray.

4. The Nick Foles party QB PARTY 4

I see BGN is in love with Paul Bunyan. Yes he has a cannon for an arm and is huge, but Nick Foles is a Green Giant in terms of mobility and isn't that accurate.

So who do you want to be the commander in chiefs of this NFL team for the 2013 season?

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