Theme of the Bye Week: Sacrifice. Also Boredom.

Okay, so one of these two themes might not sound like they fit, but I'm gonna need you guys to bear with me on this one.

Alright, so. Sacrifice. Um. Yeah. Well, to start, we damn sure sacrificed a week of watching our birds get a chance at redeeming the last two screw-ups. At the same time, we were also probably spared third straight one.

In all seriousness, the bye week is a time where Andy Reid pretty much makes his guys take a week off from football. In most cases, that is. Some players stay in the area and do their thing, but most of them just head back home to see their families. The coaches, meanwhile, get some much needed work done.

This bye week has an aura of giving something up. What that something is exactly, I can't really say. It's somewhere along the lines of not being able to watch my favorite team play, and watching the teams I hate creep by with another W under their belt. The Giants saved their asses from an 0-3 record in the NFC East with a win at home. It might not be a huge lead, but the champs *gag* are still in first. The Cowboys *gag again*, on the other hand, kept their chances of relativity in the playoff picture alive with a win on the road. This is something I did not want to witness after already having suffered through two 2011-esque losses to the Steelers and Lions.

However, sitting through that may have its upside. The undefeated post-bye week streak of Reid has a chance to reach an unprecedented 14-0 mark.

That's what scares the living piss out of me.

After a 3-3 start, a new approach to the bye week (firing Juan Castillo not withstanding) would've been nice to see considering the team could be where the Atlanta Falcons are if things went a little differently here and there. Reid has been through worse though, despite popular opinion, and his approach has been perfect so far.

Okay first off, something has happened multiple times this season, as I knew it would. Dig up some information on a winning streak the Eagles have against a team, or a losing streak an opposing team has coming into Philly, and this team will find some ungodly way to laugh in its face, fart in its general direction a few times, and cause aforementioned streak to end in heart-shattering fashion. The same goes for game statistics.

I keep rehashing this because when Detroit came to town, they hadn't won in Philly since 1986. In Pittsburgh, the Steelers' hadn't gotten that many turnovers up until Michael Pick (thanks for the pun, internet) walked into Heinz Field and changed all that. It's getting to the point where I'm half a second away from duct-taping the parts of my screen that show the statistics during the game -- scoreboard aside -- just so I don't have to cringe each time I see one.

Second, I hate trash-talking. With a passion. I haven't legitimately talked smack with other fans since the 2009 season. Yeah, the team was hot and on a roll with Vick in 2010 and won a lot of big games, but I never said a word about how Vick would make the Redskins his bitch, or how our defense would shut Peyton Manning up in Philly. Y'know what I DID do before those games? I prayed to God we wouldn't be humiliated and that Vick's hot streak wouldn't come to an end that particular week. You know what I've done this year and what I did in 2011? Those exact same things. All this season I've seen fans on Facebook posting either pictures of an actual eagle dwarfing a cardinal, or the cowardly lion in Detroit garb. I know, fans will be fans, and talking shit (excuse my French for this post, but I'm sick of cliches) is going to happen regardless. Still, I don't think it's good karma. Never have. You can't seriously think that your team is going to do something amazing, if they've done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prove that they can! What sense does that make?! If we were 5-1 right now, I still wouldn't be saying anything heading into this game versus Atlanta! Not unless each of those wins came by 10 points or more! I bring this up primarily because all week the players have said that Atlanta is going to be a good test to see what they can do. That's not necessarily cockiness, but it sure as hell is nerve-wracking to me. Not to mention the recycled 13-0 statistic everyone keeps bringing up this week.

My point is, I don't want all of this to be for nothing. To be frank, I don't want the streak to end. Not in a terrible fashion, anyway. The Eagles could play their best football of the year against the Falcons, but if they still lose, there's going to be no such thing as "upsides" the following week. If the Eagles felt that their must-win game was against the Lions, they've got another thing coming.

I already know I'm going to get backlash for this (if anyone bothers to read it, that is) but if we were to lose at home against the Falcons, I'd accept it. I'd...sacrifice (gosh, I'm so darn clever) the Reid Streak on one condition, and one condition alone. A spot in the playoffs, playing their best football, finally doing what they believed they could since the beginning of last season.

And yes, I'm paranoid that that last paragraph will come back to bite me in the ass somehow.

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