The Linc - Big Ratings For Eagles Vs Giants

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

The Eagles and Giants pulled in the biggest Sunday Night Football ratings in 16 years. Was it because Sofia Vergara was at the game?

Eagles-Giants Pulls In Big Ratings | Birds 24/7
Sunday night’s Eagles-Giants tilt pulled in the highest overnight rating for a Week 4 NFL primetime game in 16 years, according to an NBC Sports press release.

LeSean McCoy Used To Say His Last Name While Juking People In Practice
So says Andrew Taglianetti, a senior defensive back at the University of Pittsburgh and a former college teammate of McCoy's. Yesterday, Taglianetti shared a fascinating bit of information from his time spent on McCoy's team:

April vows Eagles' special teams will improve
The Eagles' special teams have been poor through the first four games of the season, but special teams coach Bobby April is confident they can -- and will -- improve.

Domo's Eagles-Giants Day-After Dissection
Reviewing the Eagles’ 19-17 win over the Giants while wondering how a team with a minus-5 turnover ratio that has been outscored 83-66 and has a quarterback with a 72.7 passer rating can possibly be 3-1

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles still court controversy at 3-1 -
Unfair as it often is, everything the Philadelphia Eagles do these days seems to be coated with a thick layer of cynicism. Win three games? Not by enough points. Too many turnovers. Too little balance. On Sunday, though, the Eagles might have finally managed to win a game few could criticize.

Merrill Reese's Calls of Lawrence Tynes' Field Goal Attempts are Awesome - Crossing Broad
Merrill Reese felt... exactly how you felt when he learned that Andy Reid called timeout before Lawrence Tynes and his legbia (that’s a hybrid of leg and la... never mind, you get it) missed their first of two game-winning field goal attempts.

Bucs Cheat Redskins: How Headset Cheating Is Hurting The NFL - Bucs Nation
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheated the Washington Redskins with headset 'malfunctions', yet still came up short. This practice hurts the NFL, though, yet it's not being addressed in any way. Will the NFL ever find a way to fix this?

Sam Donnellon: Play of Eagles' d-line worthy of a nickname
The Eagles' defensive front is quickly defining the personality of this 3-1 team.

NFL - Philadelphia Eagles don't give up - ESPN
We know that the Eagles aren't going to quit. They won't be intimidated by a situation. They might make mistakes but they also will make plays, because their quarterback fears nothing. Not a player, a defense or a situation. Vick might make a mistake, but it won't be because the moment overcomes him.

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