Andy Reid Happy To Find A Rhythm On Offense

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Eagles made some adjustments at halftime, including using their fullback... and it worked!

The Eagles had trouble moving the ball anywhere in the first half. Vick was under serious pressure when they tried to throw and LeSean McCoy was bottled up when they tried to run. In fact, McCoy had just 2 net rushing yards by the end of the 2nd quarter.

The Eagles first four possessions ended in punts. But then, just at the end of the half things started working and the balance between the run and pass certainly looked like one of the causes. Andy Reid agreed.

"One of the positives was that I thought we found a rhythm offensively," Reid said today. "We were able to get ourselves in rhythm that second half. We had a mix of run and pass, play pass."

In the second half of the game, LeSean McCoy just took over and gouged the Giants for 121 yards. A big reason for that was the ability of the Eagles offensive line to open up holes for McCoy to cut back into.

"The o-line, I thought, did a nice job of adjusting," said Reid. "[Offensive line coach] Howard [Mudd] and [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] did a nice job of making adjustments coming out that second half. We had a number of runs that we have in our game plan sheet, and the early ones, for one reason or another, weren't working. They made the necessary adjustments to get different runs in or change the blocking assignments to get the other ones."

The result was that after opening the game 4 drives that ended in punts, the Eagles would end each of their final 5 possessions with a score. Granted, they were mostly field goals, but points are points and it was evidence that the team could at least move the ball.

And after playing the Giants pretty much even in terms of time of possession in the first, the Eagles dominated the ball in the 2nd half holding the ball for about 19 minutes to the Giants 11.

While the running game and adjustments made to help that were important, it was also evident that the Eagles decided to do what they could to blunt the Giants rush and help out Michael Vick. They way they double chipped the Giants defensive ends with backs and TEs was particularly effective.

One obvious thing they did as well was use a fullback. Last week against the Cardinals, Stanley Havili was in on just 19% of the Eagles offensive snaps (12 total). This week he played 41% (28 snaps). Only 6 of those came in the first half. So clearly, one of the adjustments was to get the FB in the game. If your QB is getting hit by free rushers and your RB can't find a hole... give them an extra blocker in the backfield!

Novel idea right?

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