Can Micheal Vick revert to his 2010 self?

30 total TD's in 12 games. Just 10 total turnovers. That year has not been repeated by Vick. How can this change?

Lets compare Vick's splits from 2010 to 2012:

1. Pass attempts per game by quarter:

1st: 2010: 6.5 2011-2012: 8.2

2nd: 2010: 9.2 2011-2012: 11.1

3rd: 2010: 7 2011-2012: 8

4th: 2010: 8.3 2011-2012: 7.3

TOTAL: 2010: 30.8 2011-2012: 34.6

2. Total TD's per game:

2010: 2.5 2011-2012: 1.5

3. Total TO's per game:

2010: 0.83 2011-2012: 1.7

4. Accuracy on length of throw:

2010 2011 2012

Behind LOS-10 YDS: 72% 68% 64%

11-20 YDS: 55% 58% 59%

21-30 YDS: 40% 33% 42%

31+ YDS: 40% 35% 23%

5. Completion % to receivers

2010 2011 2012

D Jackson 48% 56% 55%

J Maclin 63% 65% 56%

L McCoy 87% 70% 78%

B Celek 54% 65% 59%

J Avant 67% 64% 80%

What Happened?

Well, shit happened, thats what happened. Mike Vick's turnover numbers per game rose up, touchdown numbers went down, and win percentage fell from 73% to 53.

How can Vick revert to 2010 form?

1. 1st Quarter Confidence Treatment.

Unfortunenately, this treatment occurs with rookie QB's and struggling veterans. This is the latter. Mike Vick throws 2 more times in the 1st quarter now than he did in 2010. This is something Marty Mornigwheg and Andy Reid have to change. Let's not throw three times on the first drive of the game on the first three plays. If Reid and Mornigwheg can't do that, lets build a confidence building strategy for Micheal Vick. Short passes, screen passes to Shady, etc. We remember RG3 starting out 10/10 in his career versus the Saints. 8 out of the 10 passes were screens or short shots. That is an extreme example of a confidence builder technique, I'm not saying we should be that extreme, but our offense should be in that vicinity.

2. The Lebron James of Philly(LBJ) (Lesean,Brent and Jason).

A potential security blanket trio can be key for a struggling QB. Jason Avant has 16 catches in 20 attempts. 25 out of 32 for McCoy. Talk about reliable. Brent Celek also is having a great year. They have accounted for 40% of Micheal Vick's total attempts. 50% will be much better in my opinion.

3. Lower the attempts per game from 34.6 to 29-30ish

That would be 40 fewer attempts from here on out. Take those away by having comfortabler(if that's a word) leads, Lesean McCoy is only on pace for 290 carries, another 25 carries won't hurt him since he doesn't take as much punishment than some other backs, and maybe 2-3 more end arounds, 10-12 more Bryce Brown carries.

uh, if only Marty Morninghweg or Reid at least looked at this.

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