Taking Stock of Where we Are.

The morning after a loss is the worst. You wake up and go to work or class with a sick feeling in your stomach. You think that anybody who is happy that their team won deserves to be punched in the face, specifically smug Giants fans. You can't go to ESPN, NFL, or SI because you know the "analysts" will be talking about how bad we are. You also realize that we have to endure this loss for another two weeks because of our bye.

If you weren't thinking about these things or just forgot, sorry for bringing you down. I feel most of you are like me, 50-80% of our mood depends on how the Eagles are doing. I guess for the "older" crowd, you have more to worry about than a football game. But as a guy in his 20s , football feels pretty important to me.

So here we are at 3-3. Not really a bad record, not really a good record. The optimist in me is saying "Relax 3-3 doesn't mean we are going to suck the remaining of the season." Whereas the Eagle fan in me is saying: "Shit 3-3, we might as well be 1-5 because we look like ass. Fire everybody from Reid to the guy who plays Swoop!"

For the most part the optimist in me wins out. I think the main thing everybody needs to remember is that we still have 10 games left, and nobody is really standing out. Every team this year has some Achilles heel. To me the NFL this year has turned into a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Teams that are supposed to win games are losing them and vice versa.

So where do the Eagles stand in all this? Well our game is defined by three aspects (and feel free to disagree in the comment section below.):

1.) Michael Vick- I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not a Vick fan and I think our first draft pick has to be QB, but I give credit where credit is due. Yes he has turned the ball over an ungodly amount of times. But people who want Foles to start are not thinking straight. Vick has the ability to make plays out of nothing. We saw a bit of that against the Lions. I think Vick's biggest knock is that he wants to make plays, he wants to be the hero. Because of that, he won't let go of the ball until its too late. I don't trust Foles behind this O-Line. Foles has made some plays against garbage D in the preseason. Whoop-de-doo. You seriously think a 3rd round rookie who is not mobile, will do anything with our O-Line? The kid has a chance to succeed and I want him too, but its too early to be jumping on that ship. Switching your signal callers show's the team that you don't have faith in your leaders. Not a good sign

2.) Our O-Line

Two words Hot Garbage. Our O-Line is more porous than SpongeBob. I don't know what happened to Dallas, but he shit the bed in this game. I really hope they put Steve Vallos in the next game. But I don't think he will be much better. While we are at it put Dunlap in, he may be average at best, but at least he's had experience with this team and hopefully won't be blown up as much as Bell.

3.) Our D

To me this is the most frustrating aspect of our game. Mainly because, our D plays so well at the beginning of games and then decides to relax near the end. The reason why I thought 2012 is going to be different from 2011 is the fact our D was playing smashmouth. They were deflecting passes and stopping runs. Lately they seem to be out of place and soft. I don't know if its the play calling or the players themselves, but something has to be done. Same with the lack of sacks. I'm not saying lets get 54 sacks again, because that didn't really get us anywhere last year. I'm saying we should at least be getting 1-2 sacks a game. We are getting penetration but somehow we are not closing. Also STOP BITING ON PLAY ACTION KURT, ITS EMBARRASSING. I do think the D will turn it around. We have too much talent on this D for us not to do well.

I usually don't like to make predictions because:

a.) I'm not an expert

b.) Anything can happen

But realistically looking at our schedule I think we are looking at 10-6 being our ceiling, (Losses to Saints, Bengals, Redskins) Again I could be surprised. Maybe Reid makes adjustments during the bye and we come out firing on all cylinders. The season is not over yet and we can still turn this into a positive season. Remember a dominant regular season does not mean a ring. See 2011 Packers and 2007 Pats.

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