Nuggets from another weird start to the NFL season

The NFL is always unusual. Here's 25 wacky NFL facts that scratch my head:

1. Home teams have a combined record of 39-23(Entering today's MNF game), which is a 63% winning percentage

2. Teams at home with a dome/retractable roof have a 14-4 record

3. All three 4-0 teams have a rectractable roof/dome home stadium

4. Excluding the Browns, the combined record of all teams that faced the Eagles so far(not including the Eagles

games) is 8-1

5. The combined records of Matt Stafford,Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady is 5-11

6. New Orleans is 0-4, adding to the curse of the team hosting the Super Bowl

7. There is an error in the Packers and Seahawks records

8.You may already know this, but the Eagles combined margin of victory in three wins is 4.

9. Only 5 of last years 12 playoff teams have a winning record.

10. I know this is early, but something is wrong if Kevin Kolb has a better QB rating than Drew Brees

11. Kevin Kolb has more wins than Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Matt Stafford COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!

12. Dallas and Philly have a combined average of 32.2 PPG. Washington by itself has 30.8. I don't care if RG3 is there, that's weird.

13. Houston and Seattle COMBINED have given up 28.5 PPG. Washington by itself gave up 30.8 points. Back to life,back to reality.

14. Arizona is undefeated

15. New Orleans is winless

16. Tim Tebow should be the starting Left Tackle for the New York Jets

17. The Cowboys are still overrated(Just saw the Tillman pick 6).

18. The combined record of Stafford,Brady,P Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers in weeks 2 and 3 is................................ 0-10!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Mike Vick has a game winning drive in 100% of their victories this years, which I think is amazing....

20. In their last two games against the Bills, the Patriots have scored 94 points in the second half of their games.WOW.

21. Detroit is the first team in NFL history to give up a KO and PR return TD in consecutive weeks.

22. Dallas of all teams, has the worst scoring offense in the NFL, averaging 15.7 PPG, are playing a clunker versus the Bears.

23. Jay Cutler, who was expected by many to throw near 40 TD's, so far has just 3 TD passes and 6 INT's.

24. The NFC West is the winningest division in football, going 11-5 combined

25. The NFC South is the worst division in football, going 6-10 combined, 2-10 combined excluding the Falcons.

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