The offense made some good adjustments, but we're going to need more going forward

Here's what I saw:

1. It's pretty clear Andy put a leash on Vick, ESPECIALLY in the red zone where we saw almost all running plays. Inside the 10 yard line we saw 0 passing plays. I commend the adjustments and Vick for taking better care of the football, but we can't keep kicking FGs when we're that close. The offense only has 1 TD in the past 8 quarters and quite frankly, that's a huge concern due to the top heavy of top ranked defenses in the NFC.

2. In one of my predictions in pre-season I said I thought McCoy was going to have a more pedestrian year, mainly due to not having Peters and a resurgence of other play makers like Jackson. As a runner, he really needs to go N to S and to stop dancing. The difference between 2 and 7 and 2nd and 12 is a big one. He had a nice game overall, but he needs to stop dancing, it's what he did his rookie year, but eventually transcended it last year. Why he reverted back to it is befuddling.

3. Hopefully the O-line gets better as the season continues. It was really really bad in the first half. Props to Vick for not getting flustered and forcing mistakes.

4. Another one of my predictions was that Jackson is going to have a great year. I truly think he is our best WR despite the fact he's way undersized and his entire game is built on speed. What happened to Maclin?

5. One of my last predictions that unfortunately seems to be coming true is that SS was going to be a weak link in this defense. I like Kurt Coleman but he doesn't have the elite athletic ability to make up for mistakes. When he bites on play action, it was an immediate easy pass and catch for the Giants. He's a nice player, but it's a position I would love to upgrade.

6. Nate Allen should be nominated for the pro bowl. He might not because he doesn't have sexy stats. But teams aren't even throwing his way, and the 3 times I saw him targeted he had the play VERY well covered. As I said before, he won't crush anyone, he's no Dawkins, but in a pass happy league, he just needs to cover well. And he does it, very well.

7. Nnamdi continues to get beaten and I don't know if he's not in sync with the safeties or vice versa, but there's blown coverages in multiple games now that are hurting us.

8. The defensive line needs to get more pressure. To be honest, I think Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham are being the most disruptive. They don't have the stats to back it up, but look at the tape, Cox is continually pushing back centers and guards and Graham is using his quickness to force throws. A little disappointed with Trent Cole's and Babin's production so far, especially Babin.

9. I wonder what the Giants saw in the second half that made the offense go from anemic to moving the ball pretty easy. Thankfully DRC made that pick, that's probably the play of the game right there.

10. Lastly, for the life of me I can't put a finger on how good this team really is. They played 2 games where they looked like a JV squad, and then they played two playoff contenders really well. Will the real Eagles please stand up?

Going forward, we need to score more points if we want to make a SB run. Hopefully our defensive line can start catching fire as well and really make this defensive one of the most feared in the league.

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