Some changes I'd like to see moving forward.

Alright guys, I know it's been a while and I truly apologize but I've just been really busy between school, working 2 jobs and trying to catch sleep between the 3 while somehow balancing a little bit of a social life. I just haven't had time to post here and while I watched all the games I was happy to see our D finally do something late in the season.

Now in this post I'm going to go over some of the changes I'd like to see, some players I'd like for us to bring in (via Draft and FA) and some other random bits.

Coaching Change at DC:

Don't get me wrong, I like Castillo, late in the season it seemed like he got the hang of it... But there is a man out there who essentially won an organization a Superbowl because of his Defensive genius, that man is Spagnuolo a.k.a Spags. Spags is a great defensive coach and I know that with him he'll push to improve any weak area's we have such as Linebacker, look at what he did once he took over the Rams HC vacancy, he went out and got himself a MLB he trusts and can work with and built the D around him. Spags will realize he needs to bring in better Linebackers if he's going to have a good defense in Philly. (assuming of coarse he's brought in)

The second thing that would have to happen if we bring in Spags is to see if Washburn's going to remain the DL coach, this honestly is 50-50 in my eyes, I think Spags is smart enough and creative enough to fuse his system with the wide-9 and make it effective.. But I can also see Spags wanting to get somebody who runs a 2-gap scheme and bringing them in.

Free Agency:

Keep in mind here I'm not saying to go sign these guys, or even that we need them.. I can just see the Eagles having an interest in them and the player potentially fitting into this Team.

  1. Le'ron McClain, FB/RB, KC- McClain's a big back who is mostly used as a fullback. Not saying that Schmitt isn't capable but McClain would most likely be a big upgrade and in the system we run it'd give McCoy even more room to run.
  2. Curtis Lofton, MLB, ATL- Whether the Eagles sign Spags or not they need to look to upgrade the LB position. Lofton is a tackling machine and makes plays consistantly, I remember watching the Falcons numerous times this year and Curtis stood out quite a bit. It'll be hard to pry him away from Atlanta but it'd probably be worth it so we can devote a pick in the draft to another area... Like one of the other LB positions.
  3. Dan Connor, LB, CAR- Once again with the LB's. Connor isn't going to be some crazy productive LB but he's a solid option as a starter and great depth. Carolina won't want to pay him to much to be the 4th guys on the Depth chart so if we like him it should be easy to pull him away from there and see how he fits.
Once again this isn't going to be 100% accurate, this isn't going to make everybody happy.. But this is how I'd like to see our Draft play out IF WE DON'T MOVE.
  1. Round 1 (#15)- Johnathan Martin, OT, Stanford.. Martin was a very solid player for Stanford and would make an excellent blindside RT. I'd love for the Eagles to pick him up at #15 or even trade up for him and then we'll just plug him in at RT, move Herremans back to LG and watch our OL excel even more.
  2. Round 2 (#46)- Danny Trevathan, LB, Kentucky.. Danny is a special LB who lead the SEC in tackles the last 2 seasons. I don't know why he wouldn't be a first round talent but hey if we can snag him up and put him anywhere in our LB core we'd have an instant upgrade. The kids a thumper also, which is something we've been missing.
  3. Round 2 (#51)- Chase Minnifield, CB/KR, Virginia.. Chase has NFL blood in him and he himself can play. He's more of a developmental CB but in a few years he'll be a solid contributor. I highly doubt Asante will be here next season and with Nnamdi being on the wrong side of 30 we need to bring in some young guys to groom.
  4. Round 3 (#77)- Sean Spence, OLB, Miami.. What's this? Another LB? Spence was highly productive in College and with our coaching staff needing to upgrade that position and in a hurry getting a guy like Spence in the 3rd round would be fantastic.
  5. Round 4- T.Y. Hilton, WR/KR, Florida International.. This kid set records at his school, I've seen him play a few times in person and he's a big dude with speed. Adding him to the Eagles WR core would be great whether or not we retain Jackson.
  6. Round 5- Winston Guy, Safety, Kentucky.. Where Trevathan was the heart of the Kentucky defense, Guy was the soul. This man saved plenty of wins and was just everywhere. He'll be a steal at some point during the draft.
Alright guys, I'd write more but I'm running out of time. I'll check back sometime either tonight or tomorrow.
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