Back to the early 2000s for Dallas?

Some of you were following football yet, but let me give you an idea of what kind of talent Dallas had back then.

Quincy Carter at QB (Mediocre QB at best who had potential but ultimately squandered it to a cocaine addiction... A Cowboy with a cocaine addiction? I know, shocker!...

Quincy was relieved after a few short years and replaced with old time veteran Vinny Testeverede. Vinny wasn't even that great as a youngster, but the Cowboys were desparate.

Running backs? Troy Hambrick... Their wideouts were talented, but yet very troubled (shocking I know) Terry Glenn and Antonio Bryant.

The ony talent they had was on their O-line..Flozell Adams, Andre Gurode, Larry Allen, etc... All fantastic players back then and Larry Allen is a sure fire HOF-er. The guy could bench 700 lbs and was one of the meanest players in the game.

Their defense featured a bunch of no name guys except Roy Williams who really was only a big hitter and had to be masked in coverage. Greg Ellis was also on the team by then.

Let's just say this, until Jerry Jones made the sage decision of hiring Bill Parcells, they were terrible... Parcells installed a 3-4 defense and brought on a lot of talent, and even built quite an offense with a lot of play makers. Thank God Jerruh chose TO over keeping Parcells.

Fast forward to 2011:

Terrance Newman? Bradie James? Keith Brooking? Stick a freaking fork in these guys! Anthony Spencer!??

Is there really a legit defender on that team outside of maybe 4-5 guys? You got Ware, Sean Lee, Jay Ratliff (who's better days are likely behind him at this point as evidenced by David Baas owning him pretty easily).

Are there any young guys on this team who are poised to fill these holes?

How about the offense? Obviously, the line is terrible, Romo continues to be the guy who shows flashes of brilliance followed by deadly game changing mistakes.

Dez Bryant? Remember when I said let's hold off before we crown this kid a top WR in the NFC East (probably not). Well, I'm going to say it again, let's wait before he shows us he can consistently be a dominating wide out in the league. He has the talent, but like DeSean he straight up disappears for long stretches. Jerry said he would never pass up on a Randy Moss again due to attitude, unfortunately, Dez is no Randy talent wise, but like Randy his head is going to be his major limiting factor in this league. And for the love of God Dez, quit buying hundreds of thousands of dollars of bling. You're still on your rookie contract for crying out loud.

Miles Austin? Physical tools all over the place, but when I watched the Giants porous secondary blanket him, I had to wonder if his success early on was a bit of a fluke.

Offensive line? Is offensive. I won't even touch it, but thank you Jerry for waiting way too long to address it. Thank God we didn't pay Doug Free big money or that would've likely fanned more of the nightmare team flames. Though, Tyron Smith looks legit over at RT.

Now someone fact check me. The Cowboys will be in cap hell next year as well, correct?

Here's my early 2012 prediction: Cowboys will be dead last in the division next year. There's too many holes on this team that can be fixed in one year.

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