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QUARTERBACK: We have Vick here probably the rest of his career. Vick had a disappointing season compared to his first year as the Eagles' starter. The most overlooked reason for this could be the lost of Doug Peterson. You can't blame it on the offensive line, who actually was a plus for us this year. I still expect a better season overall from him in 2012. Mike Kafka will probably be moved up to 2nd string, and I think that's a good idea. Vince Young's contract is up, and he might be better holding a clipboard for Raiders or another team just not my team. I think drafting a QB in the late rounds would be a great idea.

6th : Darron Thomas,Oregon, QB – He has good size,a quick release and is fairly accurate. I think he could a steal in this draft, and maybe steal the back-up job from Kafka halfway through the year. Great size at 6'3 and a great quarterback to sit and learn from.

RUNNINGBACK: LeSean McCoy is amazing, and I will just leave it at that. Moving on, I gotta say, I REALLY like Dion Lewis as McCoy's backup. They share a similar style, but Lewis being more of the Westbrook type while Shady being more comparable to Gale Sayers than Barry Sanders . Lewis needs to work on blocking and hit the weight room this off-season, but I see him getting some more reps next year. I would like to see another one-two running back tandem like Westbrook and Buckhalter. Ronnie Brown goes, the Eagles obviously tried to trade him, So looking for a suitable back up in free agency or another late pick in the draft might not be a bad idea,if Lewis doesn't pan out. But for now, I think Dion Lewis will get more reps,and there could be something special in that kid.

4th :Chris Rainey, Florida, HB/WR/KR/PR- Speed, agility, makes guys miss, solid receiver out of the backfield, nearly impossible to bring down when he gets a full head of steam, quick, elusive in the open field, upside as a punt/kick returner

FULLBACK: Ever since Leonard Weaver had his career ending injury Owen Schmitt has been the manning this position. I was a fan of his coming out of West Virginia,but he doesn't bring that something special to the position as well as the team. I forget at times that he is even on the field, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. We need a fullback out there making plays. I feel that the Eagles should address this position by drafting the versatile Orson Charles in the 2nd round. We haven't really been in need of a fullback due to Schmitt's consistent play. Orson Charles would give the Eagles a versatile player that could line up at TE or FB and hurt you at either position. This is position the Eagles could feel comfortable with, but they should at the least try find depth for the position in some way.

2nd: Orson Charles, Georgia, TE/FB- Charles is a great red-zone target and his speed can create mismatches with opposing linebackers. He has soft hands and is very durable.

OFFENSIVE LINE: This group was much by far the most improved group on the team and maybe the NFL. This either says Juan Castillo is either horrible O-Line coach or Howard Mudd is that great of a coach. This group has to be one of the only pluses of the season. McCoy's All-Pro and first Pro-Bowl season is proof that they were obviously much better from last year's line. I think the key for this part of the offense is finding more depth for the line and making sure you have an apprentice picking Howard the Duck, I meant Howard Mudd's coaching mind. We should add some depth, I never want to see King Dunlap playing guard again. They should be just as good, if not better, next season.

Senio Selemete, Washington,OG/OT: Selemete is a gifted athlete with good range, can bend and possesses natural anchor strength. Displays the ability to keep his pad level down from a two point stance in the run game and drops his base well into contact.

TIGHT END: Okay, so Brent Celek had a great year this and at that same time our line was much improved. It's no coincidence. In 2009, he had 971 yards on 76 receptions. Then after last season with a horrible o-line he had 42 catches for only 511 yeards. Hmmm...... insert Howard Mudd, Celek has 811 on 62 catches. He's made plays like Brent Celek , and is every bit the tight end we need. His backup Clay Harbor has made a play here and there and is still young and making a few mistakes, but he is capable backup. I think they draft Orson Charles as a tight end/fullback just to make sure they have this position locked up

2nd Round- Orson Charles, Georgia, TE/FB-see above

WIDE RECEIVER: DeSean Jackson's will be back next year. . Jeremy Maclin is emerging as that steady 1# receiver we need. Jason Avant is over-rated, and so is Chad Hall and Riley Cooper. I do believe that Riley does deserve more opportunities though. I did like Chad Hall's Lincoln Leap and think he should be given another chance at a roster spot next season. Alot of talk has been made about the Mardy Gilyard signing. He is slow and over-rated,but he has kickoff experience, so we'll see what he can bring to the table. I do think they should bring back DeAndre Brown for another shot. I think a late round pick or UDFAs should be brought in just for competition. I like Aldarius Johnson.


DEFENSIVE LINE: This is another area we shouldn't have to worry about. Trent Cole has been and we continue to be constant threat on his side of the field. Trevor Laws should be released, if nobody signs him bring him back to compete for a roster spot. Cullen Jenkins has been amzing all year. Jason Babin will be a pro bowler again . He just gets the quarterback, flat out and that's what we needed on the opposite side of Cole for a few years now. The back-ups Brandon Graham, Derk Landri, and Juqua Parker. Hopefully Brandon Graham's injury is fully healed. Juqua Parker is getting old. Derek Landri is Thor. Cedric Thornton will be given another chance, but I still feel maybe bring in another end or tackle or two in free agency or draft again. I like Jacquies Smith from Mizzouri in the 6th or Jake Bequette from Arkansas in 5th at DE and Eddie Brown from Texas A& M as a UDFA

6th :Jacquies Smith, Mizzouri, DE- Smith is a talented player with good quickness and athletic ability. He combines his physical skills with a non-stop motor that helps him pursue and attack. You know the Eagles love those high motor guys.

5th :Jake Bequette, Arkansas, DE- Bequette is a quick defensive end and he is fundamentally sound at finishing the job when he gets to the quarterback. He is not a naturally elite athlete

UDFA:Eddie Brown, Texas A&M, DT- Brown is a strong and extremely quick d-lineman that played in a stout 3-4 defense. He has been described as a bowling ball.

LINEBACKER: Outside of Brian Rolle, the rest of the Eagles linebackers are horrible. We don't have a single promising linebacker outside of Rolle. I hear people talk about Casey Matthews being promising but merely because of him being a student of the game and having less than ideal athleticism , I don't see him being anything more than a solid linebacker. We do have some solid linebackers in Jamar Chaney and Akeem Jordan.Chaney should continue getting some reps again after having and up and down season. Linebacker without a doubt is a need. I think Luke Kuechly from BC would be a perfect at 15th if he's still there,but I just don't see the eagles drafting him. I do see them drafting someone like Sean Spence from Miami in 3rd.

1st :Luke Kuechky , Boston College, MLB-Constantly around the ball between the tackles, flows through traffic easily and steps into gaps instead of waiting for the play to pass the line of scrimmage. Tracks the ball to either sideline, though he needs the angle to make plays against quicker ballcarriers. Anchors against strong backs with lowered pads, stops them in their track when filling a gap. Does not have elite size to stand up to NFL-caliber lineman inside, but regularly rips off blocks with strong hands and can make plays even if initially knocked backwards a couple of yards.

3rd :Sean Spence, Miami, OLB-Makes a lot of plays againt the run due to his instincts and athleticism. Shows surprising explosiveness in his upper body, which combined with his natural leverage advantage make him a tougher block for offensive linemen than he appears. Would rather elude blockers, however, and does so well, zipping through holes to often trip up ball-carriers before they've built their momentum. Very good chase linebacker. Possesses good timed speed and good balance to keep his feet while wading through the trash. Takes good angles in pursuit

CORNERBACK: I believe we are set at this position. Honestly I don't want to see Asante Samuel go, but he could bring in enticing offers, but I still think he's an incredible cornerback. Asante and Nnamdi Asomugha are both still considered shutdown corners. We also have another great press corner in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. These guys are incredible. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie played great everytime he was named starter. I really love what this kid can do. I just don't think they can play together. So Asante, I'm sorry goodbye. As for the rest of the crew, Joselio Hanson is a mediocre slot corner. Curtis Marsh is still in development. Trevard Lindley is back.

SAFETY: Nate Allen, I have a feeling will be a impact safety. I don't believe like a Brian Dawkins impact safety, but a poor man's Ed Reed type. I watched him play in college, and this kid is always around the ball. He has a lot of potential, but his injury sure doesn't help. Kurt Coleman showed up half the time and the other half he was just as bad as Jarrad page. If you didn't remember he did get benched before Page did. However, once he got his starting job back he showed up with 3 picks but he only finished the season with 4. I wanted to see Jaiquawn Jarrett get more time. I mean he was playing behing Kurt Coleman, that worries me. His brand of play has been outlawed these days and if he doesn't have the skills necessary to beat out Kurt Coleman? We definitely should add depth here in the draft. There really isn't much here, but we should add someone like Markelle Martin.

2nd -Markelle Martin- FS/SS – Oklahoma St: Martin has a well-rounded, do-it-all style of play that puts him all over the field. His athleticism is often in display --playing center field as a ball hawk. He's talented enough to drop down as the eighth man in the box

-SPECIAL TEAMS: Most of these guys were rookies but didn't play like it. I do believe we lost a few games because Alex Henery didn't have the range that Akers had, but Henerey missed a few enough to lose us the 49er game. Other than that, I was glad to see that he broke the rookie accuracy record. Colt Anderson tore his ACL against the Seahawks so that doesn't look good for our special teams. I remember life without Colt. It wasn't pretty. Just hope we draft someone like Chris Rainey in the 4th round. He can return kicks and wouldn't make a bad change of pace to McCoy.

4th -Chris Rainey, Florida, HB/WR/KR/PR- Speed, agility, makes guys miss, solid receiver out of the backfield, nearly impossible to bring down when he gets a full head of steam, quick, elusive in the open field, upside as a punt/kick returner

-COACHING: Andy Reid is still our head coach. I'm happy about only because there is nobody better out there right now. He turned a physical Raven's like defense and turned it into a finese group of complainers. I mean, Juan Castillo' is a good person from what I hear but a bad coach. Our offensive line was never a big plus. It was either mediocre or horrible. I couldn't believe that they were saying he was one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL. Washburn and Mudd should both have an assistant learning everything about there system. Juan Castillo should be learning from Howard Mudd or someone with a great defensive mind. Johnnie Lynn was been fired. I honestly think that that might not be a terrible decision. I hear that Spags won't come to Philly with Washburn's Wide 9. I hate to say it but if came down to it. I would choose Washburn. He is the reason main reason Mudd is here. So if its a great O-line and D-line or just a great D, sorry Spagnuola. If it was me, I would still demote Castillo. I would hire Tom Bradley as Linebackers Coach, and then try to coax Norm Parker out of retirement.

2012 MOCK Draft

1.15: Luke Kuechly LB

2.14: Markelle Martin, SS/FS

2.19: Orson Charles, TE/FB

3.13:Sean Spence, OLB

4.4 (from TB):Chris Rainey,RB/WR/KR/PR

4.19:Senio Selemete,OG/OT:

5.18: Jake Bequette, DE

6.17: Jacquies Smith,DE

6.25 (from DEN) : Keshawn Martin,WR

6.31 (from NE):Darron Thomas,QB

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