The Defining Play....

As my screen name would indicate, I do not live in Philadelphia. I was born there, have family there, and grew up there for the first 10 years of my life. Many of you know that. So although that may help validate my fanship, it does absolutely nothing for me on Gameday when the Eagles aren't on the National Schedule.

So what does one do when he moves from his convenient downtown Baltimore location that has Sunday ticket in every bar, on every block?

He embraces county life, finishes off a man cave, gets DirecTV, and then invites the other county dwelling Eagles fans over every week to watch our beloved birds, eat too much food, and drink too much beer.

So anyway, I'll get to my point. Every week I would have a few guys over. Some brought their typical Negadelphian views. Some spewed nonsensically and seemed to not really have a clue. Some of my dads friends that we here even made a few comments that made me feel like the jersey they were wearing was a gift from their wives and they had never actually seen a football game before. And then there was my father and I. Pretty rational. Strong Eagles knowledge. Pretty realistic. Always a fun time here; different people every other week...

But no matter how different all of these guys knowledge base was, there seemed to be one catch phrase that caught on like wildfire in my basement....

"Well that play right there sums up our season....."

The play could have been a long TD pass from Vick, a run for 0 yards by McCoy, a missed tackle by Mathews, or an INT by Asante. There was no rhyme or reason. It was a spur of the moment, emotional outcry that someone seemed to make every Sunday. It was sometimes good, other times bad. But it was always in direct relation to how we were playing that game, or maybe even more in that quarter depending on who said it....

And it got me thinking. What was the play that you would pick that would define our season? In such an up and down season, I figure that there are so many ways that this can go. So many plays that can be labeled this way, and could be done rightfully so with proper explanation.

So after a decent bit of thought.....I know my 2011 Philadelphia Eagles Defining Play.

Ronnie Brown. Run/Pass option from the 2 yard line. Ball fumbled, recovered by SF.

The reason I chose this play:

  • Miserable Play Call by the Coaches.
  • Miserable Execution by the Line, Ronnie Brown, Celek, Maclin, Jackso......Ok Yea...Miserable by the entire offense.
  • A turnover.
  • Ronnie Brown was one of the exciting off-season acquisition. I think its fitting that he was a key component to my"defining" play.
  • It happened so close to the end zone. Happening at the 50 or so wouldnt have felt as demoralizing. But on the 2 yard line? Yea...crushing.
  • It happened against a really good team. Another team we probably could have beaten, and probably would have beaten if we had just scored 7 on this drive. I think its fitting that the very same team we could have/should have beaten enjoyed a 1st round playoff bye and is now playing a home game for the NFC Championship.
  • It had nothing to do with the Defense. I am absolutely not an apologist for the way our Defense played this year. But at the same time, our offense turned the ball over entirely too much to ignore.
  • And this last reason isnt really a reason. Just kind of a question about that play that I had. How was that not an incomplete pass? If the ball even looks slightly like a pass when a QB has the ball throwing arm touched, its Tuck Ruled. I watched the replay a bunch. RB never gets to the line of scrimmage, it appears his arm is moving forward, and it appears that the ball moves forward and isnt caught by anyone. It hits the ground, and then recovered by the D. This is far from a plea to remove blame from any of the above parties. I just think it adds a nice complexity to the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles Defining Play.
I am happy with my play choice. Especially after re-reading all of the points I put together. (Didnt even sound that good in my head.) But I would love to hear some of your thoughts. After a rollercoaster of a year, I am sure that there will be plenty of plays you guys pick out.... Maybe instead, I should just invite everyone over to my basement and we can drink beer and share our Defining Play of 2011. But I digress.....I saw that there were over 13million hits on this site last year. So if even a small percentage of you actually take me up on that offer, I will be buying entirely too much beer....
So what is your defining play for 2011?
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