BGN end-of-year stats!

Topline 2011 stats:

  • BGN pageviews increased by 66% from 8.2 million in 2010 to 13.6 million in 2011. It was the 2nd highest trafficked SB Nation football blog, behind only Arrowhead Pride (Chiefs).
  • Six different front page writers combined to bring you 1,687 front page posts in 2011, a significant increase versus the 1,135 in 2010.
  • 489 BGN members wrote a combined 1,432 Fanposts last year. That's slightly down versus 2010 (1,717). What the hell, guys? Step it up!
  • 368 BGN members published a total of 2,021 Fanshots in 2011, an increase versus 2010 (1,850). Great job here. Some SB Nations use the fanshot section heavily, while others barely utilize it at all. I'm glad that BGN uses it heavily. It's actually the first place I look when I go to BGN, because I'm 100% certain that if there is any relevant breaking news, somebody is going to post it there.
Front Page

  • Holy crap! 1,324 posts, Jason? For real? That's over 3.6 posts per day, just a ridiculous total.
  • I almost forgot about Tommy Lawlor staying with us for a few weeks while he set up his new website after IgglesBlog retired. It took us weeks to clean up the empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans and pudding cups after he left.
  • New guy Sumith (Route36) almost won the BGN Writer Pick contest, but was edged out by Jason in the final week. He joined the front page team after one of his fanposts was promoted to the front page, and subsequently linked to by ESPN.
  • Bob came in last in said BGN Writer Pick contest for the second straight year. Yay!
  • Mr. electric chipped in, helping people decide who to start/sit in fantasy football.
  • That hack Jimmy was churning them out up until around May, when he launched his own NFC East blog. Contributions have since been sporadic, but I think he plans on ramping it up here a little in the offseason.
2010 Front Page Writers
JasonB 828
Bob Q 164
JimmyK 143
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
2011 Front Page Writers
JasonB 1,324
JimmyK 213
Bob Q 115
Mr.electric10 14
Route36 13
Tommy Lawlor 8
Fan Posts

  • MidwesternEaglesfan churned out the most fanposts in 2011, with 54. He caught the attention of Bleacher Report, is now a paid writer for them.
  • Wild_eagle continued to scare people with his 48 fanposts.
  • d-jackfan10 launched a blog of his own, found here. His thorough posts here at BGN generated the most rec's, followed by the disturbing but awesome EvilBanner. d-jack averaged a ridiculous 144 comments per post.
  • People were afraid Joe_D would come to their homes and flex them into submission, so they rec'd a bunch of his posts simply out of fear.
  • JIBTA... What the hell, dude? 6 posts all year? Step it up, brother.
  • Golf clap for SGT Steve for running the "betting game." Lots of tedious work there, thanks for doing that.
  • Our resident closet Eagles fan Giants fan BigBlueIntervention even chipped in with 5 posts.
  • DSmith215 led all fanposters with 17.4 recs per post.
  • Bye Dawk :( 's remains still have not yet been found.

For an extended list of FanPosters, look at the tables below to see who the top 15 FanPosters of 2011 were, ranked by number of FanPosts, number of recommendations and number of comments (excluding the 28 NFC East threads).

(Much more after the jump)...

2011 No. Of Fanposts
MidwesternEaglesfan 54
wild_eagle 48
d-jackfan10 45
Eagladelphia 28
Joe_D 28
starship 007 26
SGTSteve 24
Gdog2009 23
number5 19
EvilBanner 18
moyer100 15
IggleGreen 14
GreenInBaltimore 13
j-man 13
Kevin888, The Pied Piper, TJC92 12
2011 Recommendations Received
FanPosts Rec's
d-jackfan10 45 367
EvilBanner 18 121
Joe_D 28 97
DSmith215 5 87
wild_eagle 48 80
Kevin M. 8 76
GreenInBaltimore 13 72
SGTSteve 24 61
The Pied Piper 12 55
number5 19 35
JIBTA 6 30
AnthroEagle 5 28
Route36 5 26
WarGeist 7 25
BigBlueIntervention 5 24
2011 FanPost Comments Generated
FanPosts Comments
d-jackfan10 45 6,469
wild_eagle 48 3,615
MidwesternEaglesfan 54 2,228
Joe_D 28 2,092
EvilBanner 18 1,426
SGTSteve 24 1,274
Eagladelphia 28 1,188
starship 007 26 1,135
GreenInBaltimore 13 812
number5 19 787
TJC92 12 745
Gdog2009 23 739
KByars 9 731
JIBTA 6 681
moyer100 15 655

As a measure of quality: Recommendations Per FanPost and Comments per FanPost (min. five posts to qualify, NFC East threads excluded).

2011 Rec's per FanPost
FanPosts RpFPs
DSmith215 5 17.4
Kevin M. 8 9.5
d-jackfan10 45 8.2
EvilBanner 18 6.7
AnthroEagle 5 5.6
GreenInBaltimore 13 5.5
Route36 5 5.2
JIBTA 6 5.0
BigBlueIntervention 5 4.8
The Pied Piper 12 4.6
WarGeist 7 3.6
Joe_D 28 3.5
birds'n'raiders 5 3.4
macjack09 7 3.1
EaglesandRavensFan 6 3.0
2011 Comments per FanPost
FanPosts CpFPs
d-jackfan10 45 144
Lip-Out 5 128
BigBlueIntervention 5 124
JIBTA 6 114
DSmith215 5 94
einman77 7 93
DeSean10 5 93
AnthroEagle 5 89
KByars 9 81
EvilBanner 18 79
wild_eagle 48 75
Joe_D 28 75
Qwest 8 72
theaction 9 68
Kevin M. 8 64

The BGN community is extremely knowledgeable, an perhaps the largest Eagles community out there. We thank you all for your contributions!

*and a special thanks for One.Cool.Customer from Blogging the Boys for providing me with these numbers.

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