Herm Edwards: Andy Reid A Future Hall Of Fame Coach

Aug 24, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid against Cleveland Browns in a preseason game at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire

Herm Edwards recently ranked every coach in the NFL from 1-32 in a piece for ESPN.com. He also split them up into tiers: Hall of Fame worthy, Elite, Ascending, Jury is still out and First year coaches.

Andy Reid ranked at #5 among his "Hall of Fame Worthy" coaches.

There are great expectations on this Eagles team, but it all hinges on whether QB Michael Vick can stay healthy. Reid knows that. He has created those expectations with success. Philly fans were calling for his head last season, but he had a group of good players who didn't have enough practice time because of the lockout; he didn't have a team. With a full offseason together, Reid will have these guys prepared, and he now knows how to use them. This year, he'll reward ownership's faith in him.

When its all said and done, Andy is going to have won a lot of games. He already owns every Eagles franchise record. He's well on his way to the hall of fame, but a Super Bowl win would really seal it.

But we all have our opinions on Andy Reid that we've all shared a billion times. What about everyone else? Herm had a few odd rankings that I wanted to address after the jump.

He has Mike Tomlin as "hall of fame worthy." He did win a Super Bowl, albiet with what was essentially Bill Cowher's team. He's only been a head coach 6 years and has less than half the wins of Herm's other elite coaches. He's certainly off to a great start, but it's probably premature to put him in Canton already. Especially when Herm has guys like Sean Payton & Mike McCarthy ranked in the elite category. Mike Tomlin is so much better than Payton & McCarthy that he's in another category? I just don't see that.

He has John Harbaugh as "elite." The ex Eagles assistant has done a really good job as Ravens coach, but elite? He inherited a very good team and so far has met expectations at best. His playoff record (5-4) is ok, but his team has been considered a Super Bowl favorite for years and he hasn't even gotten there. He doesn't control personnel, doesn't call offensive plays, doesn't run the defense. A good coach, but I just fail to see "elite."

Marvin Lewis is "elite" and has a losing record as a head coach. Nuff said.

He has Rex Ryan as "ascending." Two years ago that might have been true, but does anyone in the NFL believe Rex's career is on an upswing right now? It seems like if there was ever a guy perfect for "jury's still out," its Rex.

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