Quick NFC East Preview

Okay, so I'm no Michael Lombardi nor do I have a profound mathmatical the will literally blow your mind. I am not be one of the many experts at ESPN, but hey I'm bored and have some thoughts on our beloved/hated division.


EAGLES- So apparently the Eagles have become the hot team to rip on lately. Seems like everyone is picking agains them in the BEAST and no one expects them to win more than 10 games.

Quick history lesson: The Eagles won 10 games last year with a backup quarterback, a disaster at right cornerback, multiple starts including the playoffs by 7th round rooks at free safety and MIKE, no protection/blocking on the right side of the line, and a fading pass rush. The Eagles were the closest team to knocking off the Packers in the playoffs last season despite the fact their corners were horrendous outside of Asante Samuel(and Joselio Hanson).

The Eagles went out and got the best OL and DL coaches in the biz. They got guys to fit their systems as well. The Eagles got not one but two Pro Bowl corners to replace Patterson. They picked up a nice 4th receiver in Steve Smith. Vick is going into the season as the starter which will help a lot. They signed a very versatile Pro Bowl RB to back up McCoy in Ronnie Brown and a very promising rookie RB in Dion Lewis. My point is the Eagles have done a lot to improve their team. How does all this add to a lower or equal win total as last year? Chemistry? I don't buy that for a second. Don't blame it on the schedule. The Eagles play the NFC West along with Buffalo and Miami.

This is a good football team. No reason why they can't win at least 12 games. Injuries and more red zone woes could hold this team back, but I don't see how they don't win the East.


Eagles 12-4

Redskins- I want to completely write off this team, but something about them tells me they will overachieve. The defense will improve and the offense will at least have a solid runnin game. If they limit the turnovers this season I think they be in almost every single game.

I think the guys that are here want to play for Shanahan(good luck) and that will make a big difference as well.

An improved running game and a much better defense to go along with an conservative approach that will keep the score close will lead to a few more wins in 2010. No playoffs but won't be that far off.

Redskins 9-7

Cowboys- I like their skill players on offense. Felix Jones is going to breakout this season. Expect 10-15 runs and around 5 receptions a game. With less of a power running game it will force them to pass it more which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Tony Romo will throw a lot of TDs and a lot of INTs. The offensive line is a big question mark. 3 starters are gone, including at center. The line wasn't very good last season and it's hard to imagine how they get better with less talent and experience.

The defense is the same old story. They got Jay Ratliff. They got DeMarcus Ware. They got nothing else. Defensive coordinator is famous for two reasons: Rex Ryan and Buddy Ryan. I have never been impressed by Rob's defenses from the past at either Cleveland or Oakland. Maybe he and the 3 BULLIES will prove me wrong.

I wrote a post a month or two ago about how the Cowboys were really in rebuilding mode and with some of the recent cuts and limited activity in free agency it sounds like they are.

Cowboys 7-9

Giants- This isn't going to be a good year for the Giants. No one can survive this many injuries at key positions. Yeah the Packers had some but no one vital to their success. They still had Trammon Williams, Woodson, Rogers, all those wideouts and a good backup RB. The Giants have lost a ton.

Kevin Boss was lost in free agency and so was Steve Smith. They cut two of their starting OL from last season. They also lost Barry Coefield who was their best defensive player and replaced him with a rookie who is out for the season or at least most of it. Osi is recovering from surgery. Prince is out for most of the season and their most underrated player, Terrell Thomas is out for year.

They still have Eli, Nicks and Manningham but not much else. They will struggle early in the season but will improve as the season goes a long. I expect a bad start to be followed by a nice end to the season(usually the other way around for the Giants right).


Giants 5-11

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