Shut the fu** up PFT

If someone asked me what the word "smug" means, id point them in the direction of PFT and their ringleader Mike Florio. 

Him and his goons over there on PFT have taken this "dream team" thing too far. Its pissing me off. So i did some research. My findings are after the jump. But i have to say a few things first... 

Heres VY's exact "dream team" quote:

"Dream Team. From  Nnamdi to Cromartie, and from Babin to myself, I know they're going to do some more things. It's beautiful to see where we're trying to go. I'm all for it. Whatever they ask me to do, to be scout team quarterback or quarterback learning, do whatever it is. I just want to be here to help and be a part of a team. I'm just happy to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles."



Thats ONE time that someone on this roster ever said the words dream team, without being questioned about it. ONCE. I think it was VY's first day, he was probably excited, and said something that he maybe shouldnt have. 

Lets look at some quotes from people within the Eagles organization....

Andy Reid on the "dream team" chatter:

I don’t get into all of that," Reid said. "I think it’s important that you work hard and practice hard and study hard and do everything. I’m into the fundamentals of it and how you get yourself ready as a football team."


Jeffrey Lurie(Eagles Owner) on being labeled a "dream team":


"We’re about as far from the ‘Dream Team’ as you can be," Lurie said. "The only ‘Dream Team’ I know about is the Green Bay Packers. We dream of holding that trophy."


Kurt Coleman(Eagles starting SS):

"Media, stop building it up," safety Kurt Coleman told a reporter when he overhead a question about the team. "It ain't the Dream Team. It ain't the Miami Heat. We're out here to work."




"We're absolutely not 'The Dream Team,' but we are good, and this team could be pretty special," Asomugha said.

"If you want to talk about the real Dream Team from the '92 Olympics, you'd want that [label]. But you don't want [to be associated with] what happened recently."


Mike Vick: 

Vick said that the Eagles are "sick of the whole thing."  She also said that, before the game, Vick told her, "We have enough pressure.  We do not need to add any more."



Theres more. But you get the point.


Now take a look at some PFT posts...

It’s only fitting that the “Dream Team” have some recognizable guys that couldn’t make the team.

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken a big step toward getting the whole “dream team” together, with two of their wide receivers getting medically cleared for practice.

On Monday morning, MDS posted a blurb regarding the latest verbal faux pas from the would-be Dream Team.

Nothing can turn a Dream Team into a nightmare faster than injuries.

Although Harris isn’t the kind of big-name signing that has earned the Eagles the “Dream Team” label

The “Dream Team” continues to add recognizable names.

If the Eagles will indeed be a Dream Team in 2011, they won’t have on the roster a guy who was a YouTube phenom in high school.


Dream Team members get new numbers

Last year, things came easily for Vick, who had no pressure and no expectations.  This year, he’s the captain of the SS Dream Team.

When the starters were on the field, it was the Steelers who looked like a dream team, and the Eagles who stunk.

As MDS has pointed out, receiver Steve Smith, seemingly taken for granted by the Giants, has joined forces with the self-styled “Dream Team.”

With an ever-growing Dream Team in Philly, some of the guys who played there last year had to go.

the Eagles could be inclined to take care of Jackson if/when the Eagles conclude that the Dream Team could be missing the guy who is singlehandedly capable of delivering a knockout blow.




I didnt feel like digging deeper, but you get the picture, at least i hope you do. If PFT is doing it, so if, so is Yahoo Sports, so is ESPN(obviously), so is everyone else. 

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