Practice Squad

First of all I want to say I love the Eagles fan base. We are probably the only fan base in the NFL that actually gives a crap about our PS. 95% of cowboys fans probably don't even know they have a practice squad. First let's go over the rules.

You can't be on the same practice squad for more than two seasons and you aren't eligible for the squad if you have accrued 9 games on the active roster. IR isn't the practice squad.


Daniel Te'o-Nesheim- Only been active for one game as an Eagle. There is a chance someone else could sign him off our squad but probably hasn't shown enough at this point to warrant that type of an offer. Eagles may just want to cut their losses with this failed third round pick.


Jerrod Johnson- Always nice to have a developmental quarterback on your practice squad. Having a 4th QB on your PS gives you that emergency backup if/when something happens. VY has already gotten hurt and most people believe Vick will eventually get hurt due to his style of play. Of course if Johnson gets any time for us at QB this season we are screwed and it would probably make more sense just to put DeSean behind center and let him runa round similar to Denard Robinson.


Stanley Havili- Good potential as a pass catching fullback but not much as a blocker. Could develop into one in time. Would be our emergency RB as well if someone gets hurt.


Cornelius Ingram- When you only have 2 tight ends on your roster you need a 3rd on your PS in case on an injury. I still like his potential, although he will never be that explosive tight end people thought he was going into his senior season at Florida. His first year with us he tore his ACL and spent the year on IR. Last season he was in and out of our PS about 12 different times. One more go around to see if he can stay healthy and show us his upside people were raving about in the 5th round of the 2009 draft.


A.Q. Shipley- Would be an emergency center in case something happens to either Jackson or Kelce. Only has spent one year on our PS. Spent the 2009 season on the Steelers PS but that won't hurt his eligibility with ours.


Gerald Jones- Had a good preseason, especially late against the Steelers. Has some potential for us and could use a year in our system to learn the offense and have a better shot of making the team in 2012, esp with Steve Smith most likely gone.


Greg Lloyd Jr- Good physical midde linebacker that could really help us out down the road in obvious running situations. If he lasts on our PS all year I predict he wins the backup MIKE job in 2012. Others teams will have some interest in Lloyd though.


Graig Cooper- Another player who could work his way into the 53 man roster in 2012 behind Shady and Dion. Like his potential now that he is finally healthy again. Doesn't wow you like a Shady or Dion but a solid RB. Can play on special teams as well which is a must.

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