Are You *@!%#@***! Kidding Me?

Warning: Rage Post Below

The state of Hawaii has basically imploded along with my heart.

Are you kidding me Howie Roseman? Are you fucking kidding me?

You cut Daniel Te'o Nesheim?!?!?

He was YOUR third round pick. Have some pride and respect for your self! C'mon man, he is the sack leader for the University of Washington and after 1 year that you DON'T give a opportunity to you just cut him? What kind of magician are you?

You keep a shit like Parker, who plays the first three games of the season well, and plays like Albert Haynesworth in Washington. First of all the logic here doesn't make sense. 

1. He's over the age of 30? WTF, we get rid of those types of guys Howie!

2. Overpaid veteran, and so what he took a pay cut? Why not give Hanson a pay cut? Why not give Westbrook a pay cut? Hmmm? He's taking up space on the roster. Hell, if you gave his time to Te'o, you would have seen his ability!

You keep Trevor Laws? He's done less than Te'o has done in his career so far. Why didn't we cut him after his first year? Why didn't we cut him for two veterans that outperformed him in the pre-season? 

"Well I think for us, we just want to be true to the process. We don't want to keep guys on the roster just because of where they're drafted. We always talk about ‘let's make sure we get the players right.' So we don't care where we get them from; whether we get them from waivers, from trades, from the CFL, from the AFL, let's just make sure we have the players. If you let ego get in the way and you make a decision based on that instead of what's best for the team, I don't think that really helps your football team or your organization."

WTF! That dosen't apply to Laws vs Landri?Hargrove though? Laws is the peice of shit I make after eating Spam and Eggs in Hawai'i! (Look up Spam if you don't know what that is).



You keep Victor Abiamiri? That shit stain over Te'o? He wasn't even drafted by you and most men and women over the age of 85 have better knees than him! He's trash! Trash! And he sticks around over Te'o who has more potential and health? WTF!

You keep a fucking special teamer over Te'o? Colt Anderson is a beast at ONLY special teams. He is horrible on defense. Why keep a one dimensional guy? The kick-off rules not only killed returners jobs, but the defensive special teams as well, all you need is two knees to run down the field for the touchback over single play. Te'o can do that!

Fuck you EB! I know you kidnapped and impersonated the real Banner to help coax Howie the @magician@  to do this. What kind of magician falls for that? 

Eric Cartman - Screw You Guys I'm Going Home (via YldzKny)

*Gets off BGN, goes to corner and cries like this*

Best Cry Ever (via danike567)

Worst day ever....

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