A football life kinda review from an eagles fan point of view




What's up jabronis this is my first fanpost. I'm popping my cherry and i will be reviewing a football life; reggie white and jerome brown (if you already didn't know.) First a quick about me I'm a 21 year old living in southern california first in my family to follow football we're a soccer family. My first introduction to Eagles football was the 2004 playoffs when the Eagles went up agaisnt the falcons. That dominating defense is what made me follow the eagles I will always remember jumping out of my seat when dawkins just broke crumpler in half. And thats where my eagle fandom was born.

I wasn't even born during the beginning of the buddy era but I always love to learn of eagles past. So after just plain bad seasons under Marion Campbell (1983–1985) and Fred Bruney (1985) in comes buddy ryan. Hired after leading the bears defense to a superbowl victory. With him came the attitude that we are known for even today. So onto the review Reggie White met Jerome when he was still in Tennesee and Jerome was just in high school. That's when the relationship started and from that a great friendship was created.


I love how they both were almost polar opposites of each other off the field. Reggie was the silent, respectfull, caring, spiritual individual and Jerome was the wild I'm going to talk about kicking your ass right before I actually do it and make fun of you after the fact. But on the field they both were menacing monsters. Phil Simms talks about how reggie and jerome brought fear and demanded respect. It dawns on me that for all the crap we get about us being classless and all that we have always supported players with great morals and values. I wish they would be wearing the green in this time.I can really identify with Jerome how hes a big kid always laughing and learning things the hard way and just doesnt like authority.

Reggies wife doesn't look a day over 27 wich took me by surprise. Just watched Reggie chase down troy aikman and jerome just push people 3 feet up in the air and get the qb. They both left me just amazed at how dominating they were. They racked up 31 wins in 3 years behind that vaunted defense. FUCK THE FOG BOWL. Also fuck rich kotite. The interviews so far are great. Side note jerome held a kkk go away sign during a klan rally that's just bad ass. Willie Brown jeromes dad is balling like DRC with a big ass gold NFL logo chain not a necklace a chain get it right. And just as jerome was maturing and growing up jerome and his nephew lost control of a vehicle jerome was driving and both passed away. The interviews of jerome's sister and friend are just heart breaking.



Not afraid to admit this but when Reggie broke the news of Jeromes death at the Vet it brought tears to my eyes. It's just so heart wrenching watching the pain in reggies eyes. as they were laying Jerome to rest reggie followed by the rest of the team took off his tie and laid them on his casket because Jerome hated wearing ties. I hate the fact that we didnt won the superbowl in 92 during the bring it home for jerome campaign. This just makes me hate the cowbroads even more then i thought possible. During Reggies free agency his wife says they did not recieve an offer from norman braman but he says he made a 15 million dollar offer. I believe reggies side in this he was the leader of the defense why would he leave? it pains me to see him in a packers uniform but im glad he finally got his ring. On december 26th 2004 reggie white was pronounced dead 12 years after jerome died.


In eight seasons with the eagles reggie white accounted for 124 sacks becoming the eagles all time sack leader. Jerome brown racked up 29 sacks and 3 interceptions during his 5 years with the eagles. But they were much more then that to the city of philadelphia and eagles fans everywhere. They were icons whose friendship cultivated a dominant eagles defense. They helped bring a new era of eagles football a new attitude that said were not here to be pretty or flashy we are going to beat people into submission and enforce our will and we will make you fear us. These were two lives that were cut short but will forever live in every eagles fans hearts. this show just gave me a great view and newfound appreciation of these two people. I highly recommend this show to any football fan from any team.



Rest In Peace Reggie White and Jerome Brown.

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