The Pride (downfall) Of Andy Reid

Hello all, and especially all those Eagles fans out there. Whom I hope are the large majority of this reading group. Anyway, after realizing I'm the butt end of the boldest fan joke, (seemingly) I figured a good step into getting more active on the sight would be throwing a post out,  and hopefully getting a nice solid response, so here goes.


This post is mainly a little venting session about:


The Secretive Ring Leader


The Inept Ginger (of who's eerily lepercauny looking smirk brings a nasty desire to vomit upon every viewing, for me)

And Finally, This Bitch


Who was brought over to coach the Defense after coaching THESE GUYS

Makes a lot of sense right?


But does anything make sense really when it comes to Eagles football?

Andy Reid is an above average football coach, and probably a genius offensive mind. He has some evident flaws, such as clock management, and sustenance management, and this is a post to bash on one of his evident flaws, but it is neither of the previous mentioned. It is something that strikes many in charge of large groups of people, and something that strikes many men in general, pride. 

Here are some issues that stem from, lead to, or mask the evident pride that Andy possesses. 

Internally Unhealthy: The Eagles are an Internal Football team. Things stay in-house, and I love that, but if taken too deeply, it can be a bit problematic. In my speculative opinion, Andy Reid keeps things quiet for a reason, and it's to hide that he runs the show. Who is to say that Juan Castillo isn't some figurehead whom "runs the defense" only in the eyes of the audience? I mean, from what we know, it makes sense, right? He hired a guy whom he trusted with slim to none Defensive coaching experience. Maybe he's a living mannequin. I don't know, do you?

And sadly, the festering of this hiring has lead to an uberly talented defense that, so far, has performed somewhere on the scale between Urine and Shit. And not the clear urine where you have been drinking water all day, the mountain dew bright yellow urine.

Anyway, you bring in certain guys to coach up this Defense, and this is a dominant Defense, I firmly believe that.

Trust Beyond Ration: This applies strongly to the Castillo hiring as well, but I'd like to focus on another hiring. I get that being Jim Johnson's pupil makes you appear as though you are pretty capable, but it doesn't take a critic to realize Keannu Reeves can't act for doo-doo.

Here's a better way to put it. Want to trust your defense with this guy?

I sure as hell don't

All kidding aside, to see the scheme's and production that the talented Eagles defense produced on potentially Super-Bowl contending teams, never-the-less, was flat out embarrassing. With somebody that horrible, there absolutely had to be some sort of red flag that was missed before putting him up to running the defense.

I simply get the impression that Andy Reid thinks that the mighty Eagles can just bring up guys that are "in the system" and at least be as good as they were with more capable coaches before hand. It's just not rational.

I know Howard Mudd and Jim Washburn were brought in, great Andy, have some cookies, but he knew those guys, it brings change, but not un-commonality. Reid is afraid to take risks, and in doing so he's regressing the team, specifically the defense.

Anybody else think this? Anyway, I just see the state of this Eagles defense, with the talent it has, and the tree of coaches that have formulated, and it pisses me off that we look so garbage. It's week 3, but can you really justify looking like this for 3 weeks with the D you have on paper? C'mon man!

God bless, and rec it up like a tonka truck.

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