Lets Take a Look at All 32 Teams

Week 3 has just about come to a close and I though I'd evaluate all the teams based on their records and determine if their record portrays what their season is going to be, or if we shouldn't expect similar results for the rest of the year. Sort of like a contender or pretender article, but I'm focusing on the lower teams as well. Why do homework when I can talk football? Thus, we begin.

NFC East:


1. Redskins 2-0: I really don't feel that the Skins will win the division, but they won't be an easy win. I predict they slip out and end around the .500 mark come January.

2. Giants 2-1: The Giants team is full of injuries, and even though they stomped us yesterday, I don't think they have the depth to make a run.

3. Cowboys 1-1: I think Tony Romo has a lot to prove this year, and I think he leads the Cowboys to a playoff season, what they do there, I doubt is much.

4. Our Eagles 1-2: It's been a rough start but I'm keeping the faith. This team will come together towards the end of the October and really end the season strong. I predict we win the division and make a playoff run. Of course this all hinders on the health of #7.


NFC North:

1. Lions 3-0: I really like the Lions this year, I think it will be tough to beat the Packers in that division but I think they will clinch a wildcard spot. They cold be dangerous if Stafford stays healthy. Good for that front office for compiling a great team through the draft.

2. Packers 3-0: The defending champs look like the Dream Team to me, and i almost feel that they aren't being recognized. Maybe I'm just watching TV at the wrong times, but I think they're flying under the radar a bit. They could easily be back in the Super Bowl.

3. Bears 1-2: That offensive line is horrendous, no way they repeat what happened last year.

4. Vikings 0-3: McNabb continues to make the Eagles look smart. Too bad for Adrian Peterson that he is stuck on a bad team.  I see the Vikings in the cellar of that division for a few years.


NFC South:

1. Buccaneers 2-1: I really don't see them competing for anything. Last year they had such an easy schedule to pad their record, I can't see them being at the top come Week 9.

2. Saints 2-1: The Saints only loss was to a great Packers team in a shootout. They will win this division and be a threat to go far in the playoffs, barring a miraculous run by Marshawn Lynch.

3. Panthers 1-2: The Cam Newton Show will continue all season but the Panthers are still not much of a team. They have no running game, and Newton is still a rookie. They finish 4th.

4. Falcons 1-2: This team really should be 0-3, and they just don't seem to be that 13-3 team they were last year. Heck, I didn't think they were that 13-3 team last year. I don't see them for real as a team that comes away with a successful season.


NFC West: (This is still a division??)

1. 49ers 2-1: Honestly this division is up for grabs but I don't think Alex Smith leads this team to the playoffs.

2. Seahawks 1-2: Again, Tarvaris Jackson is not a QB I would trust to throw me the remote, and there is no way he leads this team to the playoffs.

3. Cardinals 1-2: Kevin Kolb will make the Eagles look silly this year by leading the Cardinals to a 10-6 season and the playoffs. I just think this team has the most potential.

4. Rams 0-3: With all the injuries this team has it isn't looking too good, but hey, it is the NFC West, they still have a chance.


AFC East:

1. Bills 3-0: The surprise team of the year, the Harvard man has led them to an undefeated start. I definitely think this team is for real and will compete for a playoff spot and ulimately clinch it, but via the wildcard. I don't think the Pats will lose this division, they are still dominant.

2. Patriots 2-1: This team is still one of the top in the NFL, and will win the division. Tom Brady will have a record breaking year.

3. Jets 2-1: I am not sure how the Jets have made it to the AFC Championship game two years in a row, but they won't be in the playoffs this year.

4. Dolphins 0-3: Ew.


AFC North:

1. Ravens 2-1: Big win against the Steelers and embarassing loss to the Titans, I'm not sure what this team is yet but I think they finally snatch this division title away from the Steelers.

2. Steelers 2-1: This team is a perennial power and I see them in the playoffs again this year, clinching a wildcard ahead of the Bills. The team still has weapons even if they're "old".

3. Browns 2-1: Wins against the Colts and Dolphins look good for their record but I don't see this team as a threat just yet, give them a year or two and i think they can compete.

4. Bengals 1-2: This team can't compete in this division.


AFC South:

1. Texans 2-1: This is finally the year the Texans can move away from the Peyton Manning's Team shadow and win the division. They have a great offensive line, plenty of weapons on offense, and a decent defense.

2. Titans 2-1: With Kenny Britt out for the season I don't think this team will make the playoffs, unless Chris Johnson puts da team on his back. They will end in 2nd.

3. Jaguars 1-2: I don't see Blaine Gabbert getting this team where it needs to be this year, but they won't finish in last.

4. Colts 0-3: Peyton Manning should win MVP this year.


AFC West:

1. Raiders 2-1: This team is great within the division, and they proved they can beat a real team in the Jets. Darren McFadden is a stud and I see this team winning the division. Surprise surprise.

2. Chargers 2-1:  A preseason favorite to win the division, I just want to go a different way then the media, I see a midseason collapse by the Chargers.

3. Broncos 1-2: I'm still not sure why fans want Tim Tebow, but he wouldn't help them any. This team doesn't have the firepower to compete, and their defense is less than stellar.

4. Chiefs: They've had two tough losses to injury, and even when those players were in they were being embarassed. First to worst.


So, I'm not really sure what this article became but I had fun writing it. Give me your opinions if you have any.


Go Eagles!

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